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    My son needed some thing to help him move in the crease in the butterfly, especially since he's a little undersized....here's what I built:. The plates are made from the same plastic that roller fly uses but without the ball bearings. I cut them to fit his pads with my scroll saw and beveled the edges with a belt sander to keep from catching on sport court, then attached them with industrial Velcro to keep from damaging the pad. I'm going to make a set for myself also as he slides as well with these as I do with roller fly.
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    Uhhh, you know that goaltending is 82.5% aesthetics right? If the graphic sucks, so does your play.
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    Here’s some pictures of my latest homemade ball hockey pads. The all black set were inspired by G3s and Optiks. They are ballistic and 420D nylon. Used a combination of HD and LD Eva foam for the core. Kept them simple as I wanted them to be light, they are 3.5 lbs. I use hook velcro to make them slide on hardwood and have uhmw sliders that Velcro on for other surfaces. I have a sail loft in my house with a couple industrial sewing machines so it’s not that hard to make them however l just do it for fun.
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    But isn't it convenient that all the larger instagram goalie accounts all released preliminary images at the same time?
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    Loving this thread. Fuhr's old school masks are beauties. I wish I had some pictures to share of when he was in juniors, but my dad only has stories I can't put into pictures. I'll have to ask some time and transcribe. The only anecdote I can recall is that he would specifically never take off his mask, allegedly for race reasons so people would be less likely to know he wasn't white.
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    Haha. I'm a right knee face down left leg up goalie in photos.
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    Nice work with the shutouts and nice work on the showoff pose in that second pic. "Look what I can do, this looks natural right?"
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    Saw the end of the game against the Phantoms, looked like a pretty wild ending. Your gear looked good!
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    Didn’t get a ton of pictures from the tournament this weekend in Tampa but here they are. We finished with a record of 3-2-0. Not bad for a winless team. I got two shutouts
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    We should get a “show off your action VIDEOS” forum going so we get to see these setups in action all in one place
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    If weight is a factor for you then do what I do with my sticks. Use a heavier foam core for warm ups and keep the composites for the game. I know last night in text you said you don't like to change like that before a game but think of it as a batter using a donut on their bats in the on deck circle. If you can get one or two Warrior Swagger foam cores(which are on a really good sale price right now on GM) with the same curve that you get in your composite stick it will be basically the same exact stick but heavier. There isn't much of a transition. It will make your composite game stick feel that much lighter.
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    These are in the Hall of Fame room at Rogers in Edmonton. Notice the orange leather has been changed out to nylon.
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    Scorekeeper just had a stroke while hitting the shots on goal button.
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    Purely speculation on my part, but from the release pictures, the material texture looks just like speedskin to me. The Eflex customizer also recently changed and now they only offer 5 colours in weave/traditional jenpro (whereas as of last month it was choice between 5 weave colours and virtually the same amount of jenpro/speedskin colours).
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