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    G3, G4, GT1, and GT2, strapping kits are all identical G3,G4 glove palm liners are almost identical but are completely interchangeable. G3, G4, GT1, and GT2, Blocker liners are almost identical but are completely interchangeable. Warrior's website is pretty poor and does lag behind quite a bit when displaying their current line up. But their replacement parts list is pretty simple once you know they all share the same configuration.
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    Funny, we have just received the answer of the nhl and we must change something and after that, it will be certainly available.
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    I have a senior Helite 90Z junior; the saddest thing is that it could easily pass as a modern senior-sized glove. I am going to do a few upgrades including to the palm so I can take shots with modern sticks. I will most likely show pix later...
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    This makes me smile. I am so glad you are back in the nets.
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    So true. And so disappointing because as you stated, even though the board was no longer active I was still able to go there and search for anything and everything goalie equipment. Still cant believe I got the dreaded http 404 not found page when I was gonna search about these Heatons. :-(
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    Not recommended. That boot is very soft, I'm not sure you'll get enough support.
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    I love this. In one of my leagues, we have a goalie (I've never seen this ever, anywhere, ever), who goes full NHL every game. Puts on only his lower gear, including pads. Zips up a hoody and pulls it over his head. Headphones in. And just lunges over and over, behind the glass, so everyone can see him. It's such a try-hard move, and just wreaks of attention seeking. I am a full-on proponent of preparation, for any game or practice, at any level. But do it at home dude. I get in my gym, stretch, mobilize, get myself ready, head to the rink. Lots of guys do a few stretches in the crease, behind the net or at the side boards - that's ok too. I used to do the same. I prefer to use warm-ups to move around, get warm, track shots, feel shots, just get game ready. Mobility before I head out the door. Maybe I need to bring him a reward...
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    UPDATE Eighteen months after knee replacement surgery my Harrison and I are back in the game. A year ago I incorporated daily yoga along with aqua fit classes in order to keep this arthritic 70 year old body somewhat flexible. Fortunately the club I have played for over the past 14 seasons has both a 55+ and 70+ age divisions. I get into a few games here and there, a handful over each of the past 2 months. My BROWN gear has been sold but not my Grafs or my Harrison, not even to the chap on this board who offered me $450. for it ("...after all it needs to be resprayed ...."). I am wearing a set of 10 year old Battram all leather pads/gloves, picked up a used Vaughn V6 C/A and brought an old pair of Vaughn pants back to life. It feels like the latest set-up weighs 10-12 pounds more than my previous stuff. But hey I'M BACK IN THE GAME and even stopping a few. But best of all, no knee pain ....
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    My wife was at a rink and some beer league all star was bothering her. Bragging about beer league. She started texting me. I told her to ask him if his name was Tim McTryhard.
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    This immediately came to mind. As a fellow half-Brit (my pops is from Preston, bloody northerner), well done! It's as British as meat pies and mushy peas.
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