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    I just may have recruited a new member to our ranks. My daughter's U-7 hockey skills program set up an exhibition game with another club, and asked if anybody wanted to play goalie. My daughter said yes right away! Gear was brand new, supplied by the club. Took the picture of her all dressed up before going onto the ice (Pro tip: always take a pic before they get on the ice, and are still smiling because they have no idea how hard it will be, or how badly it can go - lol!) It actually went really, really well! She might be a natural - and she certainly outshone her old man!
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    Here are some more little ones playing on a lake this year. Oldest one has played goalie for a few years and wants to play out now. Younger one wants to play goalie as he is moving up to Novice next season (I have been slowly acquiring items on the cheap for him for times like this). In mahgs I have to constantly remind him that he needs to be skating and not standing just in front of the net. This was his first time being completely suited up on the ice in his gear. Usually it is just him messing around in the house with his pads and gloves. Littler one's first time on the ice with skates. She had more fun running on the ice that was covered with snow than skating.
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    Happy, healthy and home after a 50 day hospital stay. Raised my GAA the past couple of games...
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    So awesome! I got my 5 y/o out on the backyard rink last month, but he didn't love it πŸ˜” We'll see how his younger brothers turn out, hopefully one of em picks it up.
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    Did some shopping in the last 2 weeks on Sideline and through Instagram πŸ™‚. Sold my Halak pads, gloves, chest protector and pants. Honestly I used Brian's for long time but after using Bauer 2s pads last year I wanted to go back to Bauer as I liked there stuff alot. Also I wanted to try the V1 pro+ sticks and the prices where pretty good pass up, both are pro returns, one is Rinnie and the other a NCAA goalie. The base layer I figure I would give them a shot, am not getting any younger and the extra padding in the knees will help. With getting the pro return 1s chest protector, I decided to get the shirt too and have the matching set. The only thing I loved to find is pair of xxl ccm or reebok pro returned pants. They are a little harder to find, but until then I will use my Brown pants.
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    The knee block is integrated into the core for a one piece design. I slid around in a set when we had our trade show and I liked them. The new knee block system is very nice. Also like the strapping on them way more!
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    I have some gloves that are growing some kinds of viruses.
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    42 games. 4 wins. 2 shutouts. 1000+ shots. Oh well. I had one hell of a good time and went through quite the transformation in gear and style of play
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    Oh, wow - I didn't see that at first, but that just makes it even more awesome!! Love it! I'm going to have to show that one to my daughter after school! Congrats again, brother!
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    Shes sitting in the pocket of the trapper. I her glove saved her when mom wasn't looking.
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    Sorry for the late reply, @RichMan - but Colander is correct; I have a loop. I can take a pic when I get home if you want
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    This is from Saturday night movie night This is a fresh pour for lunch today on my day off haha
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    I saw him once at a GoalieMonkey vendor event. He came to peddle his skate blade pouches and soakers. I legit thought he was an angry Filipino woman - he walked in all in a huff because he was late. The wispy bits of hair left from his receding hairline were flapping around in the air conditioning like a little mane. Careful, he's gonna throw some lumpia at you
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    Can you confirm if @Max27 was used as the core? This actually explains why he's been so quiet on here recently
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    I own this exact model in black instead of red. I've been super impressed with the mobility and the protection. HIGHLY recommend!
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    Me too. Unfortunately I'm going to have to wait until at least tomorrow evening to get up there and retrieve it. Oh well, I've got to wait at least another week before I can get back on the ice, so I guess I can wait a day to see the gear I'll be wearing when I come back.
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    Yeah, noticed the double clip, but didn't see any goals against you - pics or it didn't happen - man if it were only that easy...
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    To quote the great Roger Murtaugh... "I'm getting to old for this shit." I'm not skating nearly as much as I'd like, family and kids stuff is more important and I prefer to walk away on my own terms now, rather than other circumstances later.
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    The description definitely sounds like a winner. I picked up a few strawberry cream, etc, IPAs from Other Half that even my wife loves. I had to go back to the bev and get a few more since she liked the one I posted earlier in the thread but they were out by the time she tried it. Didn't wanna chance her missing out on these too lol. We got the kids to bed somewhat early saturday night, ordered some delicious Peruvian take out, kicked back and had a few beers together. They hit nice too at 8% ABV.
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    So I wore the c/a last night over my pants and suspenders (cause my pants are XL and I don't have a ghetto booty) and it felt weird but good at the same time (like bad sex πŸ˜‹ loll). I would love to get my hands on smaller pants and see how that goes with how the belly and sides fall. Amazing how light and mobile it is. Not too hot as well.
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    "What's in a pad?" I was gonna say money...?
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    There isn't unless you're a mod. I just edit my post to say "deleted" and report it as spam for mods to delete.
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    110% agreed w/ everything @Mroy31 posted. One aspect you have to remember is that you likely don't get time to practice the craft... you're always playing games. You're making adjustments to how you play during games. That's a lot to ask of yourself to do w/o getting good reps and creating that muscle memory many of us end up taking for granted... something I know I rely on a lot. The ability to turn off the noise around you or inside your head... trust yourself... and just do. For me a good portion of the mental side also comes down to perspective... which in some cases comes with experience. You're beating yourself up after a loss about a goal or two while you're drinking the same beer with the same guys you would have had those shots not gone in and you won. Also, I doubt the rest of the guys in the room are beating themselves up for that missed that shot on a wide open net... or when they threw a pass into a guy's feet when he could have had a breakaway. My point is yes we all want to stop everything... and while understanding what you could maybe do differently to save a that same shot next time is import... it's just as important to note what you did do well and what was out of your control... times when you did your job. What matters most in beer league is having fun. No matter what level anyone on the ice played before... you're all on the same sheet now. So after one goes in and you look to center ice where they're dropping the puck... take a split second and look down... you're in the crease... playing goalie... doing what you dreamed of... and while you may not be blessed with a bright white French Canadian set of teeth... smile.
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