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    To my knowledge, Trav's specs are usually soft. He used a GNetik pad with Brian's. He also is on the ice 3-4 times a week minimum. He absolutely destroys his pads. That is one thing you cannot deny. He brutally tests his gear. NHL guys would give up on gear well before he does
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    Can’t speak to the RX2 line, but have had the Ritual X Seniors for about 2 years averaging just below 2 skates per week. From a durability standpoint, they’ve held up very well - some minor fraying along the bottom of the legs, but no rips or tears. Protection is really good. I skate mid-level beer league, but have had several skates with some really good shooters and have never had an issue with protection.
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    Thanks for the responses, guys! Pulling the trigger on the seniors now!
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    I've been in the LT88 pants for years now without issue for mid-high league beer league. I've never found that protection/durability to be an issue in any of the senior pant lines I've worn and is the only piece of equipment I don't have a pro version of. I generally don't think that the extra cash is worth it, but your mileage may vary.
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    I’m close - suspenders under, chesty untucked (but I do tie it; some shit just gotta be locked down in there...)
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    Suspenders over chestys all day!
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    I´m using Vaughn SLR chestie and pants and I tried wearing almost every option, that is possible. I realy love my pants to sit as high as posible, so now I uprgraded my suspenders - instead of the elastic I use nylon. So chestie over my pants. For me this is the best option, because suspenders over chestie push the chestie down.
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    Just an internal belt. Never felt comfortable wearing suspenders, or lacing my pants into my chestie.
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    Hey guys been putting up vids of my 3vs3 shinny with my group. I pretty much only wear the more pre lockout gear. Couple of newer pieces but it's rare.
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    A full right c/a? How long ago was that?
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