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    I reorganized the basement. I’ve been drumming (poorly)... set up the old Wii... Painting... and here are our children...
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    https://mckenneyhockey.com/design-your-own-pads-contest/ Check it out fellas. Design your pads, enter the design, (hopefully) win those pads. May help with the cabin fever.
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    Here is the gear I use to GoPro all my hockey games. Hope this is helpful. If you have any questions let me know.
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    They have: white (also in weave) black (also in weave) navy "Toronto" blue (also in weave) baby blue purple "Shark" teal "Vancouver" green red (also in weave) maroon "Philly" orange "Boston" gold "Sweden" yellow "Edmonton" copper silver (really more of a grey) "Vegas" gold
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    Tough choice... leaning towards #3
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    Didn't stray too far from my current setup, color-wise:
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    carey price x max27 collab🥵
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    I would just put a thin layer of shoe goop there.
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    Always fun messing about with pad makers.
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    Thanks. Been losing my mind at home.
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    I have Ritual Pro X and using them for 5 years now - 2/3 times a week. The reason I bought Pro version over senior was materials used. Especially outher shell. The kind of nylon or whatever that is felt so much better on Pro version. I'm still going to use them as they hold up very well. There are small areas where I've got some tears - like from my C/A - but other than that it's great pair of pants even after 5 years.
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    To my knowledge, Trav's specs are usually soft. He used a GNetik pad with Brian's. He also is on the ice 3-4 times a week minimum. He absolutely destroys his pads. That is one thing you cannot deny. He brutally tests his gear. NHL guys would give up on gear well before he does
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    Your gear doesn't match your jersey, looks dumb.
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    That's the one I purchased, and feel it's the better of the two. I really like the white with black spots on it. The idea is your eye actually tracks the black circles and, believe it or not, the ball almost seems to slow down when your eyes lock on to it. I got my $26 worth out of it for sure.
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