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    And so it begins...
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    Have a few extra sticks left, NEW never used Crawford 26 stick, Black and Red, $170 US shipping not included, shipping from Toronto, Canada. I also have a used one in great condition, no cracks, only paint chips selling for $100 (18 games used-ask for pictures). Get both and we can maybe work out a deal! This stick durability is amazing! Kindly PM me if interested, thank you!
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    I still have my Vaughn V7 Pro Carbons and have had no issues with them at all. I think that a difference that I've seen is that my V7 has an internal belt where the VE8 does not. I'm wearing an XL and don't tuck (for size reference I am 6'3" 225lbs), but I think that there would be plenty of room in them if needed. Honestly I got these pants and have never really thought about them again.
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    The packing sheet on my G5s stated that they came from Vietnam via air.
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    If the pads are completed in Thailand, and have to get to Canada, from a logistics standpoint, ocean transit time is 30-48 days, so add at least that time to get to the distribution center before they can ship to TGC (and if distribution comes from the U.S, then they need to be imported there first, then exported to Canada, before being re-imported to the U.S. if you live here.) Not likely to be shipped by air as that is a premium freight cost, and shouldn't be utilized by a manufacturer that needs to keep costs low. Warrior probably makes a bulk shipment once enough sets can be palletized for shipment. Assume that's, at minimum, at least 8-12 sets (not economical) all the way up to a half-container load (at least 64 sets). I'm assuming here on some of the stats, but wanted to try to help out with some understanding that shipping can be a beautiful thing and a logistical nightmare. They are more than likely not finishing each set and flying individually to their destination from Thailand, or they should hire me as their shipping manager.😉
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    With respect to the thigh rise, it looks like the plus 1 measures at 9 1/2 inches from the end of the knee stack (someone measured for me), my P2 plus 1 measures at close to 8 inches, lots of extra space on the Axis, if you are going more than 1 inch just be careful.
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    The only commonality with P2 is the strapping. In my opinion, this is more like a spin off from the EFlex than an updated P2. Basic concept: -stiff upper -stiff torsionally - soft boot - hard rebound - square inner edge - fast slide
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