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    Well, since I'm an elitist, y'all are regulars to me.
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    Lefevre US pricing: $2,789.97 for a full set (not including shipping) Switching that back to CAD: $3879.31 Lefevre purchased through Goalie Crease: $2473.37 for a full set (shipping included) Switching that back to CAD: $3438.84 I saved over $450 CAD by buying through a retailer instead of direct (Thanks @BadAngle41)
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    Thanks for doing this! Huge discussion and love hearing from the artists/makers directly. IP issues aside, GMC has bothered me for a long time, even just as a fan. Most of the replicas simply don't look right. For example, they put a Marty paint job on a 961 ripoff shell. I just hate that the customer is getting a shitty quality shell, with a low quality replica paint job, but sold at a premium price point. It's really for the customer that doesn't know what they're getting. They are duping customers. And being worse to the artists. And the former players that autograph these replicas, man, they are really turning a blind eye to this! It's not even on their radar. Now about the IP part. I do have one issue with it. As a fan of the game, influenced by the big name goalies that came before me, if I want to get a Beezer replica mask to sit on a shelf and look cool in a man cave, am i just not supposed to do that? What if I found an old Armadilla - is Don the only one that could paint it for me? What if he doesn't want to do that, like how he doesn't want to make new masks anymore. The interview didn't really cover this. As a fan/customer looking to do the right thing, but wanting to (for example) add a beezer mask to my collection, what other choice do I have? It's a bit frustrating since there's no official channel. I would gladly pay Don to get something done (he seems like a great dude BTW), and if fact, pay more because it would be an authentic replica, but it's not even an option. I think the successful NHL mask makers (former and current) should band together and set up an eCommerce platform to take orders for actual authentic mask replicas and offer the painting through established, verified channels, or directly (if they paint). This has been going on for 30 years as Don mentions. I'm sure there are real dollars at stake. If they did this, they could also pool resources and be more aggressive on the legal side. Would love to see GMC go away.
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    I would drop-kick a small child for that ice.
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