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    ...and so it begins. My buddies call my garage the goalie gear museum. They're jealous.
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    After sleeve work done on both hands with same recipe except the additional flap on my left hand (cathcer) I moved to shoulder area. Previously I removed the cup as it interfered with the bicep plastic and pushed the whole thing down to my elbow and hindered the arm mobility badly. Now I was to replace that cup with something else. To make it simple and use what was available I took the shoulder flap (white) that was originally only including LD foam. Whats the use of that over a plastic? It should be under the hard plate to have effect. Unless it was only to lift the floaters outer edge. I added 3mm thick PE plastic in the flap and now it does protect. Afterwards I've been thinking of adding some HD foam into that flap too to make it thicker and lift that floater at the same time. But it'll wait for the motivation as it is not priority job. Then I had the bicep area ready and it was evident I needed to modify the original white string to be a lot wider and add some protection to it too to close up the gap between shoulder cup and bicep plate. So I opened the string to see whats in and it actually was very wide fabric and enough to be used in the new protector. Cut some 1mm PE for lightweight and flexibility, add some HD and LD foam for 15mm of total thickness and sew back together. I had to add some fabric underside the plate and got that from an old Koho Revolution C/A floater 😃 HQ materials! The plate is narrowed to the inside to prevent it from any possible effect into mobility. A little jump then to rib protection. While this is a tank the seam between front and side protection is a weak spot, nothing but multilayer of fabric there. This is familiar from many C/As and I had this issue with R/GT already. To give it a little extra and at the same time straighten the stomach area I added slides of MD foam covered with Vertex fabric. Slides are from 50x50mm cut into triangular shape. MD is a large cell but harder plastic foam. Kind of hard to describe but I'll take some pictures of what I use when I remember. These came out very nice, no additional feeling of them, front of the C/A is very straigth now and I don't think there will be any stingers through there.
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