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    Thought I’d share a recently-completed project. My other recreational hobby is longboarding, and I’ve been thinking about doing some sort of skate-inspired mask art for a while. I had a somewhat large collection (although it turned out to be not quite large enough...) of skate stickers, so I decided to attempt a “stickerbomb” look. This is commonly seen on skate decks, helmets, etc. and I haven’t seen a goalie mask done this way before. After some Google searching, I did see at least one stickerbombed lacrosse helmet and liked how it looked enough to give it a shot. My original idea was to use my stickers, then possibly send it off to a painter to recreate the look since it would be more durable behind clear coat, but now that its done I like the variety of finishes too. The process itself is pretty straight-forward, just start around the edges and fill in. You need a steady Xacto knife hand for sure! I ordered a vintage Bauer sticker for the logo, but it hasn’t come in yet. Here are some pics of the finished product and a timelapse video:
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    No Armadilla, No Hockey; so the stars aligned, 3 wise men pointed me to a manger and @Don Straus did his magic. Just want to get some pictures out there. This was a very special project and it was truly an honour to work with Don. Thanks to @TheGoalNet for putting us back together. Don made his first mask for me when I was 14; 25 years later, our paths have crossed once again.
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    My adult men's team was up 2-0 with around 1:30 left in the third when they pulled the goalie. Soon after they dumped the puck in right at me, I stopped it at top of my crease and took a shot. Perfect shot. Could try 1000 times and it wouldn't be that perfect. Got it high and hard over the forwards heads to land around far blueline. Their D were far enough to the sides that they couldn't reach it. Puck went in dead centre. My first ever goal. And a shut out to boot! Stick used: Warrior CR1. Normal shooting grip, not the new Turco style all the kids use! Very cool to score. I can't imagine ever scoring again. The chances are few and far between. And then to have the perfect shot to actually score... I'm shocked. 😎
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    Right here! lol A topic that is long overdue for a solution. I really wish that the mask industry put as much thought and effort into updating their wares as the pad/body armor folks have. The mask hasn’t changed much at all in over 30 years. It wasn’t up to the task then, and still isn’t. It isn’t about adding a ‘pinch of this’ and a ‘splash of that’ to the shell. There is way more to it than that. It’s the entire concept of the mask that needs rethinking. Just not sure everyone will be willing to step away from what their childhood vision of a goalie should be. The ‘sensor in a headform’ thing was done in the 90s and created some great data. Not sure why it wasn’t implemented into the testing/certification process. It is no secret what hazards have always been present for goaltenders. Doesn’t matter if the new stick technology helps propel a puck to 110mph as opposed to 80mph decades ago. Goalies and their masks have always been behind the curve since day one. It’s a real life game of ‘rock/paper/scissors’ with life altering consequences. This is certainly not a poke against all of the manufacturers. I have seen and admired that craftsmanship and care some have put into their work. Some gorgeous, well crafted products built by skilled hands. It’s time for a better mousetrap.
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    Very excited to show this off. Coveted mask painted by Erich - Resurection Custom Painting in Oshawa. I gave him a mock up of what I wanted and he ran with it and killed it. Can’t wait to get back on the ice one of these days. May have to wear old mask during warm ups though 😂
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    Latest setup: Bauer 2x (extra stiff) Vaughn Velocity 8 gloves chirp away, sluts.
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    Complete with Pooper branding!
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    Heres a project I recently completed. I put it on my Instagram but I might as well post it here too. I've been picking at it for the past few years. I love wearing old Jofas, but having a young family I worry about wearing 30 year old plastic on my 30+ year old head. Composite Jofa 282 replica (yep...a clone). Tried to stay as true to the original design as possible while removing anything I thought wasn't needed (logo, rivet holes, adjustment points) before creating the mold. Did the chin cup in black vinyl with a vertical stitch pattern. Cage is by OTNY I believe. Got it off eBay many years ago. This was a lot of work but overall I'm happy with how it came out
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    Hello - first post here. Kind of a gear collector but definitely use all of it too! Ventured into painting, sewing, heat pressing...all kinds of stuff to customize my stuff on my own! I also have a pretty decent collection of action shots because my uncle is a sideline photographer for the Eagles...and he comes to my games :) Anyway, enjoy!
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    Arrived today — black/orange/silver colour scheme (just in time for Halloween). We got a decent deal: $0 for the custom options, and 15% off the whole set because we bought three pieces of gear.
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    I'm back as a rep for Passau so, it was a good time to change my 5 years old set.
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    Finally had an early game today and some coworkers were able to come out and snap a few pics. Unfortunately, the on-ice photo is kinda choppy but it's a good stance shot.
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    My son is the goalie for January for his Novice team, so we got the club's gear over the holidays. Rented some discount ice, and worked him out a bit. The grin on this kid's face after... just priceless! I love that he's having so much fun with this. (BTW - club uses LAK colours, so all his gear will match for the games )
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    With the powers granted to me by the heritage of the GSBB in the prehistoric era of goaltending equipment admiration, here is the 2019-2020 NHL gear sitings thread we've all been waiting for! Can't wait to see what the industry will be coming out with this year! Here is a picture from B⭐️!! Nice graphic work as usual with the richness of sewn-on graphics! Lawa
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    Enough talk... 😎 Finished my pad refurb job. Sanded, used watered down paint as dye multiple times on worn areas. Painted over. Silicone water-guard spray then Snoseal beeswax layer. Method courtesy of CooperGoalie on YouTube. And before shots
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    My new Optik 2 set with Gnetik IV glove... Thanks to @TGC-Rance for coming thru with a Goalie Crease express slot.
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    I don't have a lot of extra cash for new or custom gear but I had the opportunity to do a trade with a friend who does helmet air brushing. he refurbished a helmet and did a custom paint job for a hand made axe. the lid turned out amazing. he did a memorial plate on the back for a great friend that passed and i think about every time I strap on the skates or strap into my sledge.
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    Just had them a week now and lovin' them! Gnetik IV in Black and Sport Gold Weave. Mask with the sport gold stitches to finish it off. Still planning on going with a black cage to round out the black out.
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    For my 16th Birthday my dad took me to pure goalie and i got some R/GT2 gloves!!
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    Picked up my custom 2X set yesterday. Mods: Powerlite (2S) stiffness, Square Knee-Block, Removable Knee Wing, HAL Strap, Skate-Lace Pocket, Colors (Navy, Royal, White, Sportgold) 10 Weeks is a nice turnaround time in Switzerland.
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    Yes- I signed in and answered about Factory Mad, so it is time to do an update. I kinda had a few mental health issues mainly from trying to figure out my place. I am not quite the grizzled veteran of playing goal or hockey, for that matter. Yes- I played hockey as a youth, advanced to Juniors, then got an injury and took 25 years off. I got my competitive rocks off from cycling and duathlon, was a recording musician for a spell, then returned to hockey 8 years ago. But I did what I wanted WHEN I wanted, which was threatened by Ulcerative Colitis. The past year and a half really tested that, as I figured out that I TRULY loved playing goal and THAT was in jeopardy. The confidence lost from a very messy colostomy transferred to many places in my life, including how I behaved online. I took things too far and too personally. A light in my life came when after four months, I finally got the pouching down where I was confident enough to play hockey once again. Of course scheduling got in the way. And I STILL had confidence issues due to some struggles with pouching. I did play hockey two weeks before my last surgery, which was a huge mental victory for me. I had my (hopefully) last surgery to close the loop ileostomy last Tuesday (2 April 2019). I am in for a LONG road ahead until I have the confidence that I can play hockey, but have faith that in typical bunnyman fashion, I WILL be regularly playing once again. I do not expect to be welcomed with open arms. During my snit, I burned a few bridges. I am still a work in progress. I will be contributing a bit more IF the moderators are keen, but I am keeping my behaviour in check. If anyone wants to take a peek into my life as an Ulcerative Colitis survivor, you can do so by following my Instagram @goalieostomate .
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    Mail day 😍😁😍 Pasquale pro return stick, matching pants are with Dennis at Factory Mad being repaired. Also, Michel is shipping my mask today and JF Aumais is wrapping it. Can't freakin' wait to hit the ice. I've never owned new matching equipment before, so this is pretty surreal.
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    Just an excuse to post my Potvin mask...
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    I frankensteined my chest protector a bit. Brian's subzero 2 chest, CCM Premier Pro arms and extra heart guard and there's part of a Simmons 996 beef up kit on the belly. So much cheaper than going out and buying a new one!
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    Hello There, Newbie on this Forum. I'm Oliver, from Marseille FRANCE. here my gear. Bauer all-in with Padskinz mod.
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    *Disclaimer: I am not in any way, shape or form an equipment guru. I have, however, been repairing my equipment since I started playing in goal as a kid for reasons of curiosity and economy. I've taken apart and reconstructed more pads, blockers, gloves, C/As, etc. than I care to remember. As a result, I have made a handful of observations that I believe are pertinent to this discussion* Before I go on to why I believe this is happening, I also suggest putting a puck or a stick or something in the base of the palm and wrap tightly. Some gentle heat will move things along quicker, but you should see lasting results in 2-3 days without any heat. I have always experienced a positive outcome with this method. - - - The migrating break/crease on a glove is very common, regardless of the price point. Most goalies either do not care or do not realize that some form of break migration is happening with their glove(s). Usually what I find is that the glove has broken down or malformed due to the relationship between the 'finger' plastic and the 'thumb' plastic creating a second crease in the break. This finger-portion plastic, along with the felt, foams and/or additional plastic attached to the finger-portion plastic, may or may not allow for a wave, bulge or belly along the crease of the break as seen in this photo that I lifted from InGoalMagazine.com (https://ingoalmag.com/gear/ccm-extreme-flex-3-glove-bigger-deeper-double-t-pocket/) : It looks like CCM attempted to mitigate this by creating more of recess in the break (EFlex 3 glove on the left). This was not a feature of 590-break gloves that I have owned in the past, nor is it a feature of the EF2 glove in the photo above. Also, it should be noted that the EF3 break is wider overall and extends further down to the palm (orange arrows on each). Also, it appears that the crease of the break on the EF2 glove is breaking down (orange lines) I'm not here to ruffle anyone's feathers, but the lack of little feature is what has distinguished Lefevre-designed gloves from almost every other glove. Vaughn and Brian's, for example, have (for a very long time) done one or more of the following: Used a wider, reinforced 'thumb plastic-to-finger plastic' gap -> (Brian's Sub Zero) Used a mid-break laced portion in this area -> (Vaughn T5500) Used a fully laced break -> (Brian's Optik 2 & Vaughn 7700) My theory is that, regardless of the manufacturer, break migration may be inevitable depending on the relationship between how you subconsciously close your catching hand and the design of the glove. The best example of this relationship that I have found is this Warrior Removable Liner graphic: Warrior is actually conceding a lot about how any glove, not just their own, will eventually break in and break down. Initially, the newness and tightness of the materials (and the position of the finger or palm break) will have an influence on how the glove breaks in and how your hand closes around the catching area. A glove is the passive mechanical device, the hand inside is the active device, so... As certain areas of the glove break down, the glove becomes more 'influenced' by how you close your hand -- which may not be exactly how the glove was designed to 'break'. My experience with gloves has been that the more a glove is like a baseball/45*/60*/590/600 index-to-thumb tip break angle, the more the break of the glove will vary as the glove breaks down. This, in my opinion, is why the Vaughn 5500-style glove (and most Vaughn gloves) has been viewed as a moving target for many goalies over many, many years - no two ever seem alike because no two goalies ever break their 5500-style glove in the same exact way. Try individually closing each finger to your thumb tip - it's almost as easy to close your index-to-thumb as it is your pinky-to-thumb. Now do the same thing 1000 times in a glove and see how it breaks in and breaks down. Conversely, the fingers-to-palm closure, which I would broadly categorize as 75-90*/580/Vaughn V1/most Brian's gloves, appear to break far more consistently across the palm and do not suffer the same fate. Try closing all four fingers to your palm. Notice your thumb is largely stationary; it isn't squeezing into your fingers as it would if you were closing fingers-to-thumb tip. Also notice that you will not have the same articulation (and therefore the variation) in how your fingers close towards your palm. Look at the 5500 photo above and ask yourself, "Where's the break?" Exactly. It's user-defined. The same can largely be said for 590 gloves I've owned. I gonna make the assumption that a 600 is likely similar in fate because it is even more '5500' like than a 590 glove. Again, this has been my experience. This is just something that I believe we all have to work with. It may simply be a sign that the glove you're using is kinda working against the natural way your hand closes when you catch a puck. I'm not approaching whether this means one glove design is better than another.
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    Some pics from my last game 😊
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    I ordered this set in September. They should be here around Christmas. I’ll post pictures when they get here.
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    Oh howdy I have these now:
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    Long post November 2nd 2015 a day that is forever etched into my mind. It seemed like a normal day. Got up loaded up the car and went to a pickup game at one of the local rinks for a 12 to 2 session. I remember feeling extra tired during the skate. I remember thinking my skates must need to be sharpened logic being i was working extra hard moving around on the dull blades. I didn't take a shower at the rink that day just packed up and drove home. Once home i got into the shower and when i was getting out it hit me, it felt like weight sitting on my chest, i couldn't breath normally, pain ... i thought it was just a cramp .. i was having a heart attack. I really don't think I'd be here telling this story if it wasn't for my girlfriend showing up moments after i got out of the shower and calling 911 as I was on the floor rolling around. Thank you Christa you truly are an angel. The FD got there quick the station was less than a mile away from the house. After they got my vitals i was put into the ambulance. Once wheeled into the ER it seemed like 20 people talking and moving fast all around cutting of my clothes. In the operating room the doctor placed a stent into the lower part of my heart through my wrist. There's been at least one study on the relationship of (recreational) ice hockey and heart attacks. The report I read said the short bursts of speed during a players shift then coming back to sit on the bench could have something to do with it. Especially if the player is not a professional athlete. They recommend a regular exercise regimen away from the rink. We all heard about Alan Thicke's incident. He was playing with his son the day he had a heart attack and later died at the hospital. I am trying to stick to a good diet and regular exercise. i can do better though. One of the first things i asked my doctor after telling him thank you for saving my life, was can I play hockey again. He said to do everything i was doing before. Not immediately of course but once he gave the ok. Just be mindful of it guys and gals. I know when were young we are invincible but know the warning signs of heart attacks. Ask your rinks to get AED's if they don't already. Familiar yourself with one. They're easy to work, some have spoken instructions when they're opened and learn hands only CPR. Have a good day everybody it's great to be here with you all.
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    July 27, 2014 - 3:30pm - Sunday. I was 43 years old. I was painting a bedroom. Had a Myocardial Infarction in the Front Left Descending artery of my heart. The Heart Attack I was to later learn is known as the "Widow Maker" 100% blockage of the biggest artery around your heart. If I had gone to lay down until I felt better, I would not be sitting here typing this today. Even with today's advancements, there is still a high mortality rate with this type of Heart Attack. Like you @Scythe , I felt that enormous weight on my chest, was losing use of my left arm. I went and changed out of my painting clothes, grabbed a phone, called 911, and went and sat on the front steps to my house waiting for the Ambulance. 911 stayed on the phone with me until the Ambulance arrived. They took me first to the Hospital closest to my house (4 minutes away) for the initial diagnosis, even though they knew from just looking at me what it was. They contacted the Interventional Cardiologist on call at the other major hospital in town, it specializes in Cardiology and is a major teaching hospital for Cardiac Care. Cardiologists from all over North America come here to learn. Back into the Ambulance, over to the other hospital and straight up into the Heart Cath Lab I went. Ironically, part of the job that my work team does, is calling in the Heart Cath Lab staff after hours and on weekends. So enroute, I knew that my colleagues were calling in the Team for ME! From the moment I called 911 to when I was sitting in my bed in the Coronary Care Unit after the stent had been put in, texting my parents to let them know what happened... total time elapsed. 3 hours. Pretty damn good for a Sunday afternoon. I still recall the moment laying on the table in the Cath Lab, the stent placed in via the small wrist incision, the EXACT moment the stent was inflated I felt INSTANTLY so much better, because well, blood was flowing in my heart again. At that time, it had been 17 years since I had played hockey. But, I was planning a return to the ice, and told my Cardiologist that was my goal. I was not out of shape when the Heart Attack happened. I had remained very active my whole life and always ate very well. In fact at that time, it had been 15 years since I had eaten anything deep fried. My Cardiologist told me I certainly did not look like a Heart Attack patient. All my cholesterol numbers were excellent. He said I was "a healthy guy, screwed by genetics". While in hospital I also found out I was Diabetic. Both my parents had a Cardiac History and both of them are Diabetic. 2 years ago this past April I returned to the ice. This past season I played sometimes 6 times per week, seems I still know how to stop a puck quite well, so I get many calls asking me to play for different teams. I workout using H.I.I.T. regimens and have altered my diet slightly. After initially being on 7 medications total upon release from the Hospital for both Cardiac and Diabetes (was on Insulin for 6 months) I now have it down to ONE heart medication (half dosage at that) and am off all Diabetic medications. It's hard work, and have to stay on top of it. But, it's worth the hard work, as I don't want to ever go down that road again. Sorry for the long winded novel, but this is a subject that certainly hits right at home for me.
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    Got a photographer to come out to one of my games finally.
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    You’re gonna blame arguably the most protective c/a on the market for your broken clavicle? Sorry not buying it. I feel for your injury, man, that fucking blows. This has to be due to improper sizing or something though. Was this custom sized to your body when you bought it?
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    Posted these on GGSU needed to post them here! 34+2 Vaughn V8 will be writing a initial review and more in depth review as I use them!
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    I don't think anyone has posted this yet (I'm sorry if it has been. Mike Vernon tribute
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    Here’s what I’m currently using Optik 33+2.5 fly 90 degree boot double T game ready palm Eddy protechsport clone luongo mold I am extremely happy with this set, every time I get on the ice they just get better, I am waiting for my True 2pc once I get the skates I can honestly say there’s nothing from head to toe I’d change
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