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    For my 16th Birthday my dad took me to pure goalie and i got some R/GT2 gloves!!
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    Yes- I signed in and answered about Factory Mad, so it is time to do an update. I kinda had a few mental health issues mainly from trying to figure out my place. I am not quite the grizzled veteran of playing goal or hockey, for that matter. Yes- I played hockey as a youth, advanced to Juniors, then got an injury and took 25 years off. I got my competitive rocks off from cycling and duathlon, was a recording musician for a spell, then returned to hockey 8 years ago. But I did what I wanted WHEN I wanted, which was threatened by Ulcerative Colitis. The past year and a half really tested that, as I figured out that I TRULY loved playing goal and THAT was in jeopardy. The confidence lost from a very messy colostomy transferred to many places in my life, including how I behaved online. I took things too far and too personally. A light in my life came when after four months, I finally got the pouching down where I was confident enough to play hockey once again. Of course scheduling got in the way. And I STILL had confidence issues due to some struggles with pouching. I did play hockey two weeks before my last surgery, which was a huge mental victory for me. I had my (hopefully) last surgery to close the loop ileostomy last Tuesday (2 April 2019). I am in for a LONG road ahead until I have the confidence that I can play hockey, but have faith that in typical bunnyman fashion, I WILL be regularly playing once again. I do not expect to be welcomed with open arms. During my snit, I burned a few bridges. I am still a work in progress. I will be contributing a bit more IF the moderators are keen, but I am keeping my behaviour in check. If anyone wants to take a peek into my life as an Ulcerative Colitis survivor, you can do so by following my Instagram @goalieostomate .
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    You’re gonna blame arguably the most protective c/a on the market for your broken clavicle? Sorry not buying it. I feel for your injury, man, that fucking blows. This has to be due to improper sizing or something though. Was this custom sized to your body when you bought it?
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    I thought i would share a story about my experience with True. First of all, I had always wanted to try their skates. I just never got around to doing a scan, or a trace of my foot. I recently found a used pair online in Sideline Swap that were my size. When they arrived unfortunately the condition of the 1 piece carbon holder was not good on both skates which was not expected. I was disappointed, but that happens buying used gear online sometimes i guess. I contacted Kory at true, and he asked me to send pictures, and quoted me what i thought was a fair price to repair the skates. He sent me a pre paid label for 2 days shipping and said the repair would take 4-5 working days. I hadn’t heard anything from them but noticed a Fed ex tag on my door this evening. I went to pick the package up at the local Fed ex, i was worried with the quick turnaround there was nothing they could do, inside was a brand new pair of skates. I am shocked and speechless. Needless to say, this is a story that needed to be heard. Edit: I started a new thread regarding what happened a week or so after these skates were delivered.needless to say, the feel good story has a bad ending.
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    Here is my freshly painted mask! Captain America theme even if I’m Canadian ahaha
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    Received my order today. Now to find a summer skate to break'em in!!!
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    UPDATE... It was nearly impossible to find an artist to do such a simple paint job for me... Believe it or not. After a local guy fell thru, @Kayen mentioned that @Doobiesnaxwas doing a mask for him. After a brief exchange of PMs the deal was sealed. Here's a few teaser pics as the mask awaits clear coat:
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    I'll be posting more info on the unit in my topic linked at the bottom... but wanted to get some pictures of the new C/A out where those who don't frequent the Passau aisle can see... Delivered today... I snapped a few initial pics but more to come along with the obligatory weigh in. I've only had it on for about 3 minutes and some adjustments will be needed of course... but I can say that this is WAY more mobile than my Premier unit. Not to mention it looks SO GOOD. I still can't believe Passau forwent their initial push back on using their face type on the logo and kept it true to my final rendering. To say they nailed it is an understatement for sure!! Tech Specs: Large Body & Medium Arms Pro Pack Removable Side Protection Removable Belly Extension (2") Pants Strap No Outer Belly Tab Top Loop on Back for Hanging All White All Nylon Floaters "Stolz" Stitch on Floaters (@Punisher Goalie idea) Custom Patches w/ Embroidery Original Inspiration Final Rendering (Version 16) Images from Passau prior to shipment Images taken today upon delivery Close Ups of the Patches Right Arm (Stick Side) Left Arm (Glove Side) BadAngle41 Pro Pack Right Floater
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    New set arrived today. Thanks to Jay at the Goalie Crease for all the help! G-Netik 4 34+1.5 with a few mods: Anchor T +1" pocket Pro Palm extra Break in No outer break on outside roll Pre curved tops X-Still knee block
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    Those pads look like:
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    New sticks came today. Probably shouldn’t have held on so long to the old foam cores.
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    Interview with Factory Mad [Modification and Design] Dennis Dombrowski is one of the most quotable people that I ever met. He’s the type of guy that you want to have a beer with and listen to his stories. You are not reading this article to learn about Dennis person. You are reading to learn about Factory Mad, however, maybe we should care more about the people we are buying from. If we took that modern hipster approach to buying goalie equipment, like people do with milk or produce, Factory Mad would qualify as a great place to buy from. The categories of “buy local” and “supporting a company with cause” would be easily checked off. For the some odd 600,000 registered hockey players south of the boarder, his company is one of the only that could satisfy the buy American movement. If you want to know his cause, he’s a firm believer in 5th things; you shouldn’t have knee rolls, a glove should be thumb to fingers closure break, gear should be black, that his products are designed to be the best they can be, and he won’t miss a delivery date. As you may have guessed, he’s lightened up on Henry Ford’s idea that “you can have any color as long as it’s black”. He’s not concerned with selling to the entire market or a 2 yr product release cycle. If there’s a good idea, he will implement it tomorrow. If it’s been 2 years, he won’t can a good design for the sake releasing something new. So who is this guy and where did he come from? Dennis got his start with Vaughn at age 17 while still attending high school and working in restaurant. He is not a classically trained industrial designer, goalie fanatic, or equipment junkie. He is a true professional that cut his teeth the old fashioned way and attended Jay-Z’s School of Hard Knocks. He started at the bottom and worked his way up. He has now been a part of the industry for nearly 30 years. His company, Factory Mad, is having its 6 birthday this year and that’s no insignificant mile stone. For those of you who have not attended business 101 yet, 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. His goal in life is not be the biggest company, but to be a business that is well run and that his family can be proud of. This means that Factory Mad is here to stay and will a fill a niche for the right customer. . . Like legendary gear fanatic Tim Thomas. What does that 30 years’ experience mean and why should you consider Factory Mad for your next set of gear? Factory Mad has designed gear for Tim Thomas, Jeff Glass, Mike Houser, and CJ Motte. While at Vaughn, Dennis tweaked and customized gear for Ed Belfour, Ryan Miller, Evgeni Nabakov, and Chris Osgood. At least 2 tendys out of that group should end up in the hall of fame and that’s resume enough in itself. But, as a customer, he will also offer you some things that others will not. True bespoke equipment. His custom is not limited to custom sizes or custom graphics, it is made to match you. He will build you pads based on your foot, shin, and thigh size and not throw you into a typical 34+2 size. He builds all of his own tooling in house and will mold you the exact the thumb break design that you need in a catcher, as long as it’s not fingers only closure. For the future, we can expect a C&A. I can’t tell you when, but it is coming. It’s something that people have seen and want, but Dennis is not ready to release yet. Every piece of gear is built to order and you own the production slot until the build is complete. The glove mods you see on Instagram are done during the wee hours of the morning and never take away from his bespoke gear. When you order a set of gear, you are getting his all for 10 hours a day until it is done. The C&A will probably be amazing, but it won’t be released until the design is perfected and he can meet his existing demand for gloves, pads, and blockers. Dennis is always thinking about his next generation pad and follows a constant improvement plan. He is not saddled by the constraints of retail and/or making his gear graphics standout at your local retailer. His motto is that “everyone is a pro”. He will treat an 11 yr old with the same respect given to Tim Thomas. People that order his gear seek him out and know that it’s going to be a special experience. I can only image because my conversation with him was truly memorable. Thoughts? Questions? Leave them below. . .
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    You incorrectly spelled "sightings" correctly. (Its an inside joke that probably started when you were still in diapers, its ok if you don't get it)
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    As promised @MTH and @Doobiesnax... gear storage at my house... First we have sticks... Pretty simple. Kept out in the garage. I used Kobalt storage rails and 4 of their L hooks tie wrapped in pairs. Just so happened to fit the width of a stick perfectly and the knobs let them dangle. Before I talk about about the rest of my gear, let me say that I do have more than a touch of OCD, and that my wife has embraced that about me. When we built our house the architect initially had a sizable coat closet in the mud room. I nixed that real quick and said we needed to use that space for 2 closets... a smaller coat closet and a hockey closet. As the build went on I sent the carpenters dimensions for each shelf and made sure they threw in a vet fan wired to a timer. Now when I get home I don't have to lug my stuff up and down stairs... racking my bag against a wall and marking it up... just empty my gear in the closet... set the timer... close the door and head to bed. This setup keeps the gear inside where it belongs... and without any adverse odors. It's really a win for the whole family. Only thing I might be changing over the winter is throwing in some wire shelving instead of the solid wood. Provide more more airflow. What do you guys think? Anyone have a nice setup they'd like to share?
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    You'll understand the reference, depending on your age
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    I write "Thanks, D&T" under the top part of blockers. I've been doing it since I started playing in net. D&T are my parents' initials, and they were so wonderfully supportive of my random whim to play goalie when I was a kid. I'll indulge in a sentimental (but cool) story: My father took me to a Devils-Sabres game in December of 1996, and we had some amazing seats he'd purchased from a business client, a few rows behind the visitor's net for two periods. It was Brodeur vs. Hasek, and it was the only 0-0 tie in Devils history... both guys played out of their minds, each making 37 saves, each more spectacular than the last. I later learned that they cut the puck in half and each took a half home. Anyway, after a whole game of those two diving and flailing and flopping right in front of me, I was thoroughly convinced that playing goalie must be the funnest, coolest thing on the planet. I began some "learn to play hockey" clinic ~1997. I wanted to jump in the nets right away so badly, but my folks (rightfully so) wanted to see if my interest in learning to skate and play hockey was a fleeting whim before they were ready to talk about me playing goalie. Plus, I was kinda shy about asking them. But I did have street hockey goalie pads, and they saw how obsessed I was, running home after school every day to put on my pads and force my friends to shoot on me in our driveway. For my 10th birthday, my folks gave me a Heaton Helite IV stick, and told me that they'd talked to my clinic coaches, and that they'd given me the thumbs up to play in goal. I just wore my street hockey gear over my player stuff (I think I added a street hockey belly pad...), but you couldn't have told me that I didn't look like a cool, real goalie. I was so excited. One week later, my dad's car was stolen out of our driveway, with my hockey bag inside (funny, auto-theft wasn't exactly a concern in my hometown). The car was recovered, but all the gear was gone. I was heartbroken, but my dad sat me down and told me that insurance would take care of everything. He said, "Okay, this was unexpected, but now you have a choice to make... do you want to be a shooter, or are you serious about being a goalie?" I probably said "GOALIE" before the word 'or' was out of his mouth. He said okay, and he talked to me a bit about how it would mean more pressure, getting blamed for goals, how it was more of a solitary position, etc. I told him I was not only okay with that, but that I thought that was the fun part (I had a good 'attitude model' in Brodeur, after all). He took me to our local hockey shop (it later became Sports Section, run by the Devils ex-equipment manager Dave Nichols, for any Jersey folk reading this), and I got suited up in my first set of gear: black Bauer skates, some used blue-and-white Cooper pads, black Bauer Reactor gloves, and a "real" goalie helmet from Itech. And of course, another Heaton stick. I'm really not trying to sound like Tiny Tim here or anything, but I've always had some weird guilt about receiving gifts (it's not admirable, really, it's truly weird...). Anyway, I remember crying the whole way home, I was just so touched and overwhelmed that my parents were making my dream come true. I'd seen that shot of Roy's blocker in that great VHS, "NHL Masked Men", where he had "Be a winner!" written on the underside of his blocker, so when we got home I grabbed a silver paint-pen, and wrote "Thanks D&T" on the underside of my blocker (writing Thanks Mom and Dad must have been too embarrassing). Anyway, it's something I kept doing in middle school and high school. At that point, it was just a reminder to work hard... if I was tired, or playing lazy at the end of a practice, I'd try to look at the little message, and remind myself how privileged I was to be out there, and to not take it for granted. It's been many years since my parents paid for my gear or for me to play hockey, but I still write a "Thanks D&T" on each blocker, just to remind myself how fortunate I am to be healthy and playing the position I love... all thanks to my parents.
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    So Brians really nailed them. They got into the shop at TGC yesterday, can't wait to have them shipped home. I really like how they turned out. Have a nice day boys!
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    I really enjoy open communication. Especially verbally berating my team for not being in shape and hacking too many darts. That's my favourite.
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    So here is an old one from a few years ago when I was with my former team. I screenshotted a ton of pictures but I won't overload the thread all at once.
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    My custom 3 pack of R/V1 Pro+ sticks showed up today and all I can say is WOW! The Holy Smoke clear coat on the paddle and shaft look fantastic and a great alternative to just leaving the paddle black or going with paint if you want to save a few grams but have your stick stand out from the crowd a bit. The balance feels fantastic and the stick is noticeably lighter than my CR/1, just as promised. Mine are 27.5" and weighed in at 667g (almost perfect for ol' @bunnyman666). When picking them up I got to compare them side by side with the new CCM EF4 and Bauer 2S Pro. They're right there with the EF4 for weight and of course are slightly behind the 2S Pro. Next time I work at the LHS I'll try to take in my scale and get some actual side by side numbers. My next ice time is 10 days off, so I'll update with impressions after I get them out on the ice and follow up with a full review some time in May/June. Edit: Big props to @Kirk3190 and the team at Warrior. The promised turn around time was 6 to 8 weeks and these showed up 4 days before the earliest possible day I had marked on my calendar. If the pads show up similarly early I'll get the rare privilege of breaking them in between sessions of competitive play. Fingers crossed!
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    Raanta's new Optik 2, Burke inspired retro set:
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    Pads were delivered today and about to try them for the first time! Shout out to @Rance at the GoalieCrease for all his help and amazing customer service!!
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    Thing about communities is that they're better when members are willing to participate and foster that sense of community. Joe Messina has done nothing but utilize this webpage as another tool to use for free advertising space without actually contributing to TGN. While we have industry reps all over the place here, they do answer questions and participate from time to time to integrate into what we have here. Joe Messina has done none of that and it's transparent as hell. I don't disagree with Jeff da goalie or other members for rolling their eyes at this product. He isn't using this site for it's intended purpose and is essentially abusing it by constantly spamming his advertisements. Couple that with the questionable community interactions in other hockey communities, I think it's more than fair game to question his motives and pick apart how he chooses to interact with us.
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    A live look-in with Saros in a Preds home jersey:
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    Corey Crawford appreciation post. He got run into last night, and he bashed his head on the crossbar pretty badly. Given his recent difficult recovery and his general history, I think it's very possible that this could be the end of the line for him. I hope I'm mistaken. He was a goalie who I wrote as an un-athletic guy who was just riding his teams' coattails early on in his career. I was very mistaken -- if anything, I came to realize how underrated he was, and how critical he was to Chicago's success. Anyway, as far as gear appreciation goes, Corey had some decent sets over the years, particularly considering some of the boring/unappealing graphics Reebok/CCM has trotted out over the last decade. It was nice to see him gravitate towards black-based gear in recent years.
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    The problem I have with this situation that seems to come up with EVERY independent goalie gear/niche goalie parts manufacturer that finds itself struggling with shipments. In almost every case where one of these niche companies can't meet deadlines or delivery dates, some truly awful tragedy strikes them that gives them an excuse for not completing orders. Since the days of the very first post that ever hit the GSBB these events were always the primary excuse for not delivering. Countless companies have come and gone, some still operating and oddly every one of them is cursed with an unimaginable tragedy that gets in the way of business. I truly hope this is exactly that, an excuse to draw sympathy towards the situation allowing the company to continue to miss deadlines or catch-up because I don't wish that hell his family may be going through on anyone. For a company that has obliterated trust with customers and suppliers alike, I have an incredibly hard time allowing myself to trust them to tell the truth about anything. I do wish the family all the best in a very trying time. I know this post will come across as crass and to some completely cold and dispassionate but as I'm sure other members that have been around on other old/new gear forums can attest to just how prevalent these types of situations are in this industry.
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    Sudbury Wolves Set up. Being born & raised in Sudbury,Ontario , I could not forget my roots & How great that city loves hockey . Just did my own vinyl graphics in my Basement last week & Voila. Cost about $10.00 from a Local Auto & Sign Wrap store. They sold me some scrap pieces that we're left around on the cutting table. Always will remember my years as a kid in Sudbury.
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    Hangnail. Brutal pain. Survived final period with it. Had to be helped off ice by teammates. There's a plaque at the rink for me from that game.
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    Go stand in front of your local Wal-Mart and have a fundraiser coin drop for 'hockey'. Wear your jersey. You'll make an easy $1k. Cash. Buy new pads you want.
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    just picked these beautys up yesterday, brians did em in 8 weeks(which includes the 2 week shutdown) extreamly happy with everything i cant wait to try em out, 36+1 fly core
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    I guess I will get it going. This mask is, wow, almost 5 years old already. This is a copy of the first post I made on GSBB when I received finished pictures. Its a Pro's Choice Vapor painted by Ron Slater and as you can tell it is based off of the mask of the legend himself, Mike Richter, but with a bit of a personal touch to it. As I describe what each part means it will really bring the whole story together and show how each piece of art relates to each other. I hope you guys appreciate it as much as I cherish it... This side is a tribute to the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11. On the left is the famous picture of 3 firefighters raising a flag at Ground Zero. This picture is often compared to the famous WWII picture of the Marines and Navy Corpsman raising the flag on Iwo Jima, Japan. Next to that is obviously the twin towers. This side is a tribute to my time and love for the Marine Corps. It features the flag raising on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, Japan from WWII. It is also the scene depicted in the Marine War Memorial. Next to that is two Warrior Memorials. When a Marine is killed in combat, it is a memorial constructed to honor the sacrifice he made. It is made up of a kevlar helmet perched on top of an M-16 rifle standing behind a pair of combat boots. Two Marines from my company were killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting these brave men but the Marines who did know them do a great job of keeping their memories alive and passing stories of their heroism to the Marines who have joined the company since their passing. The chin features a yellow ribbon which is for support of our Armed Forces. The back plate shows one of my favorite quotes. It is an excerpt from a speech President Bush gave after 9/11 prior to our invasion of Afghanistan.
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    Been using the BPM 150 on and off for about 12 months Given some of the other sticks I’ve had the opportunity to test and some of the other gear, I haven’t had the band width to post much about this stick... If you’re not aware, it’s the only stick on the market that’s lighter than 1S. To put this into context, if Bauer didn’t discontinue 1S at retail, it would have the lightest 2 sticks on the market with 1S and 2S Pro. What am I getting at? Sher-Wood is really the only company close to Bauer right now in weight and that’s saying something The stick also uses Graphene which is the strongest material ever tested ( Wikipedia ). From my day job, I know lots of industrial companies use it or talk about it and that it’s not marketing BS. It’s durable. Also, this stick gives crazy hot rebounds. Pucks fly into the glass and out of play. It’s something that really stands out compared to other sticks I’ve tested. I’m surprised this is a topic we don’t talk about more with composite sticks... instead of making them trying to feel like foam cores, why don’t they engineer them to work better and do things foam cores can’t... like rocket pucks into the stands? My only downside is that it doesn’t come with a rubberized grip. I added a spray on plasti grip and it’s worked okay so far. Anyway... I owe this stick an apology. It’s about $75 less than a 2S Pro and should be on your list if you’re looking at CCM P2 or CR1 #BlackTapeBandits
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    New mitt is here and I love it. It has an amazing snap and pop right out of the box and it feels game ready and broken in...first time I've ever felt this from a Vaughn glove out of the box. The internal straps are perfect for my hands and the pocket on this thing is enormous. Super impressed with this glove and very excited about pick-up tomorrow night. Unfortunately I can't post videos but I wish I could show you the snap and how easy it is to scoop a puck off the floor already. Oh yeah...these too .
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    I have been playing around with sewing my own bungee toes since a playoff game where a knot pulled out of my original Monsters. These are probably closer to the 5th or 6th generation, and I really like how the updates are working. Are they any better than anyone else's? Probably not, bungee is bungee after all. Updates: 1. Webbing is sewn into the bungee, so no knots to pull through. 2. D-ring tied in with a water knot so it will not pull out. 3. Single pull back piece of webbing with both the male and female velcro. Review - 20 games in and they still work like new. Any questions or comments are welcome! -steve
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    Some of us are still waiting for the Tilt-Fly pads to make an appearance... 🙊 🙈
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    Now that I’m a “suspenders guy” again, decided to try out a set of @KovaGoalie. Build quality is outstanding and they arrived much faster than expected. I was particularly drawn to the design with the adjustment slides in back because I like to tuck the suspenders straps between the clavicle area and the should floater. Only downside I can see is that I’ll need to spend time dialing the fit in at home because locker room adjustment seems like it would be difficult.
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    Who says Johnny Quick is the only rubberband man? (@seagoal) 26CD19C2-AD77-4CA6-A20D-CCBB7830B640.mov
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    Here’s mine from RPM Designs Chrome, red chrome, and gold chrome
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    Gear is clearly expensive and I am as picky as anyone. I 1000% respect loving what you buy... but a logo outline is stopping you from switching to a composite? That seems a little short sighted? Couldn’t the potential shooting benefits or durability outweigh the logo issue? Bauer offers steep shoulders on their new customizers. Minimum order is only 1 if that helps. I ordered a V1+ today
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    It's called virtual seduction. It worked on @SaveByRichter35 now I'm trying it on you. I'll eventually conquer the Eastern states.
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    Here are some photos of my Jonas Hiller pro return Set
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    OR... @IPv6Freely this could be less weird if you don’t announce turning over a new leaf and maybe you just do it. Post. Converse. Whatever. Door is clearly open. I fell like this is where you are at now...
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    Weight no clue... Price will likely around $700 Canadian. They haven't officially released it to the public yet. Mike Howard did a post on their FB page in the spring. They're going to be releasing a new website as well.
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