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    I love the set Dennis did for me.
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    My new Optik 2 set with Gnetik IV glove... Thanks to @TGC-Rance for coming thru with a Goalie Crease express slot.
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    There are some catalogs uploaded (https://www.thegoalnet.com/files/category/1-files/) that might have what you're looking for. It only goes back a couple years though. I have bunch more, but I'm too lazy to upload them.
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    I was at a goalie shop a couple years ago trying on pads and the Vaughn rep happened to walk in. It was just before the VE8’s were released and he said he had a demo pair in his trunk and asked if I wanted to try them on. Once I had them on he said they were the pair Martin Brodeur wore in the McDonalds commercial. I felt like such a kid and couldn’t believe I was wearing pads that Brodeur wore. It was pretty cool!
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    New custom optik2 arrived..... 35+1.5 max core no boot strap thin blue line embroidery unused graphic zones removed GNetik4 knee cradle mesh graphic zones changed to gray jenpro offset slimmed down toe bridge full primo on inside boot skate landing game ready palm anchor 1” deeper reenforced t extra time on break in machine lexan face on blocker primo around finger trim areas
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    Fantastic movies. Fun fact, my wife and I watched both of them the day before he was fired. To that end, I present to you the greatest 30 minutes of hockey highlights you'll ever see:
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