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    Here is my current setup, Itech 961 restored by newimagegoaliemask, CCM extreme flex 2 pads, Vaughn Bibeau pro return ve8 chesty, reebok xlt blocker, Varlamov pro return catcher, which seems like a 5500 clone, CCM 12A pants, Bauer Supreme knee guards, Brown jock, Bauer Reactor 6000 with Howies laces and Step blades and a Senators jersey my brother gave me.
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    First new pads in 10ish years. Was going to get a custom set of G5s, but was convinced to check out how the newer gear fit before committing. The warrior 32+1.5 is about an inch taller than my 32+1 V4 pads, but my knee is in the middle of the block so I think it'll just take some getting used to. Also the first set wearing knee pads instead of thigh wraps. Waiting on a set of Prolaces as well. If only rinks were open to try them out
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    As there's so many trends right now in goaltending equipment and technology is becoming the biggest selling feature, I thought it would be interesting to track the OGs of a given technology. Here are my thoughts, agree or disagree? Hard rebounds: CCM Premier XLT Fast sliding: Bauer Supreme 1S Flat boot: CCM EFlex 1 - Not the first, but started the dialog on the topic Box style pad: Vaughn V1 - Not the first, but the first commercially successful Elastic Strapping: Brian's Sub Zero 1 Foam core pad: Heaton Helite II - Not the first, but the first commercially successful Solid core pad - RBK Premier II
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    Use a pocket stretcher for sure! Mine is a piece of 1x2 I had lying around. I angle cut the edges and covered that areas that will touch the glove with some old PadSkinz I had lying around to avoid tears. It's worked wonders on my GT2 and now my G5 glove. I alternate between stretching the glove and tying it tightly closed. Most gloves I switch every night, but Warriors have responded better to 2 nights of being held open followed by a single night of being tied shut.
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    After much anticipation, @TheGoalNet’s product is IN STORES. And yes, I took the picture TGN put on his story. Don’t worry I am humble and don’t need the credit😂
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    Average of my M1 Pro+ sticks is 632 grams with a 26" paddle. I've got 4-5 hours on the ice with them and have liked them so far. They're definitely softer than the V1 Pro+, but not quite as flexible as the EF4. Once I get some more time with them I'll go more in depth, but my initial impressions have been quite positive.
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    I think your comment was meant for the other thread. Unless Warrior Goal sticks terrify you.
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    Markstrom also in a super boing set of L20.1s
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    Christ Valarmov, get some style.
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    I was scrolling through pictures from last season and came across this I don’t know what it is about it but it’s without a doubt one of my favorite pictures from that season
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    Yea I was in the pro pack too and the old jersey fit fine, maybe a touch tight on the arms. Attached pic of me in the chest and pants
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    I think Rittich is wearing new Lefevre gear. L20.1's, looks like. Interesting, because he was in a CCM Eflex 4 before the stoppage. Maybe figured he might as well try a different style of pad since he's been off the ice for so long? (still got leather straps and lace toe ties, though)
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    Copley's testing out Lefevre
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    I'd love to pin this down, but super complicated to solve at the moment, haha
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    Agreed. This feels like something Brian's or Bauer would jump on board with.
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    1994 Helite 3 "Foam filled pad" Pro90z "Deer hair construction" 1998 Helite 5 replaces 90z "New polyfiber/foam pad design"
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    Did the Heaton II have a foam core in the way we think of it today? Or was it more of a foam stuffed pad. Vaughn Legacy pads were a wildly commercially successful foam stuffed pad that I'm pretty sure predates the the Heaton pad. Not to mention Coopers pad line went to foam back in 88 or 89. You can't really say Coopers gear wasn't a commercial success, their stuff was everywhere. Disclaimer, my memory of when the Heaton II was released is a bit fuzzy. There's also the Winlite/Aeroflex pad entry into the world of, but were they technically a commercial success?
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    I'm in a Medium but would probably benefit from a Medium body and small arms. My LT90 C/A before that was awesome as it had shorter cuffs than most brands.
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    Going to have to disagree with the flat boot one. That was a velocity staple for years before the eflex 1. It was a defining selling feature for the velocity series compared to the premier series so much so that when newer users on GSBB would come and ask about which pad to get, it was among the top listed specs. Along side toe taper and stuffed core.
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    From warrior yes, first custom set and I’m excited to try something newer and with more advanced technology. I’ve been rocking Simmons for a while and they are pretty simple. the classic look is the way to go!
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    Pads finally got to me today and so far I’m pretty impressed with the quality and how they feel. DEFINITELY going to be some major adjustments getting use to them vs my old pads but they are lighter and feel better and more streamlined. The glove closed right out of the box and the blocker felt like a blocker. One or two issues I have noticed and not sure If they are “issues” more gripes from me. The pads are a little warped but barely and probably due to shipping and getting smashed in a box. The other is there is foam coming out of one of the under parts of the Blocker where the fingers are you can see in the pictures my old Simmons pads with the same pressure put on them vs my new pads. The Simmons are 34+2 and the warriors are 34+1.5 and when propped up next to each other the warriors are actually a smidge taller
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    Can’t give any insight but at 34 my thoughts are with ya buddy. Hope you have success.
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    They do for different reasons! Sorry!
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    Have your parents dress you in the minivan. 🙃
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    Fifty Six, your healing has begun. I played in 24 games this past winter. I maintain that daily yoga and 3 times a week aqua fit class allowed me to play relatively pain free, still have osteoarthritis in my joints but the knee and hip are good. With most exercise facilities closed I tuned up my bicycle, pedalling my butt all over town. Our team is presenting a plan to the local Rec Dept with the hope we can resume playing come September. I will be ready. All the best in your rehab.
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    When I put on my pads, I make sure after I attach the Velcro ends of the toe-ties the skate lace loops are trapped under them (pinched between the Velcro tabs and the front of my arch). As long as I do that, I have never had a lace come loose.
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    Hi goalers: Hope everybody is staying safe. Bumping this topic. I had right total hip arthroplasty, anterior approach, on March 5, 2020 (just under the COVID-19 wire). Surgery went great. Feels fantastic. Unfortunately, my plan to hit the gym hard postoperatively was derailed by the pandemic (apologies, 1st world problems, I know). I'm hoping to skate 6 months postop, pandemic permitting. I appreciate everyone's input last autumn. Any updates or guidance are always appreciated. @Gregory Lee @Wonder35 @bc30
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    Varly in Lefevre. takeover continues
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    Here ya go, bud. I've picked up two, they ship direct from Adidas. https://revupsports.com/adidas-3-stripe-goalie-jersey-men-s-hockey
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    Hi everyone, During this extended period off the ice waiting to both watch and play hockey again, I put together a little end-of-year report to look at the performance of each of the goalie equipment brands present in the NHL and their respective athletes. I took performance statistics from NHL.com and manually assigned a primary gear manufacturer (must wear at least said brands pads) to every goaltender in order to compare each brand's weighted and aggregate statistics in a head to head manner. I did two sections: 1. The past 5 years of gear trends amongst each years top 50 goaltenders. Number of Goaltenders Wearing Brand Games Played by Brand Playoff Performance by Brand # of Gear Changes by Brand 2. The 2020 season in a more in depth manner. Win Percentage Marketing Value Marketing Effectiveness Conclusion and Recommendations If you're interested in the full results, please read the attached file or view this Google Doc links: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yNTHGFHf5hsb_oHYv3uYt4n-4aTLii9D/view?usp=sharing If you have any questions or concerns, I'd love to discuss! ziemc97 The 2020 Gear Report 1.3.pdf
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    The In Depth 2020 Season ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Full Results The table below shows the full results from the 2019-2020 season by brand. 1. Win Percentage Lefevre (52.1%) Brian's (50.2%) Vaughn (49.9%) CCM (47.5%) Bauer (44.7%) 2. Brand Representation The number and % of athletes wearing each brand. CCM (30) Vaughn (25) Bauer (18) Brian's (8) Lefevre (5) 3. Marketing Value Marketing Value Equation = (Team Market Value/Av Market Value) + (GP/Av GP) + (SV%/ Av SV%) + (Wins/ Av Wins) This equation factors in the 3 most important performance metrics used to compare goaltenders in terms of overall success. It also includes the value of the franchise relative to the mean; this was done to assess the second-hand marketing value that comes from the franchise promoting their players. Logically, a goaltender playing in Toronto will receive a promotional push with more capital backing and more viewers on whatever product the team pushes out. Similarly, a goaltender playing in Phoenix will innately be less valuable to a gear manufacturer as they, through no fault of their own, will have less of a following and capital backing. This was done to assess the marketing ‘value’ each goaltender brings to a brand, and how each brand is performing using the NHL platform. Cumulative MK Value Rankings: CCM (158) Bauer (77.3) Vaughn (75.7) Brian's (16.8) Lefevre (10.3) 4. Marketing Effectiveness Marketing Effectiveness Equation = (Brand Count/Average Count)+(Brand Total Wins/Average Wins)+(Brand GP/Average GP)+(Brand Sv%/Average Sv%)+(Brand Market Value/ Av. Market Value) This equation is the summation of the brand’s overall effectiveness in their athletes versus the average. A brand that, overall, had more wins, higher games played and SV% versus the industry average, and a cumulative market value of their athletes that’s greater than average, will have a higher number than those who do not. Results: CCM (0.96) Bauer (0.55) Vaughn (0.5) Brian's (0.25) Lefevre (0.24) END OF DATA
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    The past 5 years of gear trends amongst each year's top 50 goaltenders ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Number of Goaltenders Wearing Brand This is exactly what it sounds like- the number of goaltenders each year wearing each brand. Results: CCM (114 Cumulative) Vaughn (67 Cumulative) Bauer (36 Cumulative) Brian's (27 Cumulative) Lefevre* (3 Cumulative) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Games Played by Brand The cumulative and average number of games played by each brand over the last 5 years. Results: CCM (5123.5) Vaughn (2890) Bauer (1738) Brian's (1048) Lefevre* (65.5- Exact numbers for this season are unknown; used GP/2 as switches were roughly halfway through the year). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. Playoff Representation by Brand The cumulative and average number of goalies in the playoffs by each brand over the last 5 years (Some goaltenders counted up to 5 times over 5 years being summed). Results: CCM (50) Vaughn (32) Bauer (15) Brian's (6) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4. Playoff Games Played by Brand The cumulative and average number of playoff games played by each brand over the last 5 years. Results: CCM (287) Vaughn (207) Bauer (115) Brian's (34) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5. Gear Changes The number of goaltenders who have switched into, and out of, brands to have played in past 5 seasons. This doesn't mean they switched in the last 5 seasons, just that they played during this period, and have switched from another brand at some point, ie, Price used to wear Vaughn. Results: Lefevre (+7) Bauer (+5) CCM (-1) Vaughn (-11)
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    Depends on the kids age, skill level, growing patterns, etc. Luckily I won't need to think too much about it as any kids I have aren't becoming a fucking goalie.
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    There's two factors here: 1. Some Adults, mostly women, but even some men, don't have legs long enough that fit the Senior sizing of pads. For an example. I'm 5'10" but I have short enough legs that the only CCM pads that would fit me correctly would be 32's. That's an INT size. 2. Some kids do play high level for their age and are on the ice a lot. Prop pads do come with an increase in durability that will help the pads last longer over the period of a grueling season.
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    Do you double knot? Triple knot it.
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    I think it also has a foam insert (at least mine does) in a pocket inside. Perhaps that’s the practice palm (my first custom set).
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    Honestly, there is a tradeoff between mobility and protection. I'm willing to live with the occasional bruise to have the freedom of motion. After playing in one of these in high school, anything on the market feels like and improvement!
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    My pads finally came in!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on them.
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    picked up a jamie phillips 580 clone off sideline swap the other day. Nothing will dethroe my warrior gt2 but it feels pretty nice.
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    Definitely a big fan of using weave to break up the same color.
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    Agree I have posted this link before and here it comes again. Learn CPR. It's simple. It saves lives. Yes, find the location of the closest AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in your arena. It's simple to operate. It saves lives. Here's how I know. Steve Berry
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    Gilles Senn’s new mask 🔥🔥
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    That stance - while ridiculous - was super badass on a hockey card. Crouched down - focused.
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    The standard unit is equivalent to a pro in store, the pro pack is a package made for the high level goalie (college, NHL, KHL). In your case, I recommend the standard, the level of protection is more than enough for your level of play.
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    Been out of the loop around here, but back playing 3x per week after having both hips replaced. Had the right hip replaced in October 2018 and the left one done January 2019. Started skating (ten minutes) around St Patrick's Day and playing half a pickup around the beginning of June. Played seven times in the last two weeks (just got back from the rink), and I feel the best I have in five years. I turned 57 in June Find an ortho you trust, and find a surgeon you trust more. I got a lot of runaround from my original ortho, who didn't do anything beyond telling me to "take an extra aleve" - I eventually convinced his PA to at least give me a cortisone shot, which worked for about three weeks. A month later, I went to a different ortho who put the X-rays up on the screen and said "I can't help you, I don't do replacements" . I don't know if the prior guy could have done more, but it was a waste of two years That said, surgery was the best thing I could have done. It's awesome to just be regular sore after playing instead of being in excruciating pain and unable to walk upright for a day after skating. You can (and will) come back from this
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    As one of the last active mods on GSBB... I felt betrayed that there was no heads up that it was going to be killed.
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