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    Don't know why they'd make a curve after a recently deceased goalie.
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    Here is my freshly painted mask! Captain America theme even if I’m Canadian ahaha
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    Won my final championship last night. Retired after. Burning gear tonight.
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    New custom Brian’s Optik2 set came out killer. Can’t wait to get these on the ice. Special thanks to Brian’s and Jay Ward at The Goalie Crease.
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    I love the set Dennis did for me.
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    All that matters is that Canada remains #1. #KeepHockeyEhAgain
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    Thats paint. The clear coat is just spray bomb. Which has yellowed and cracked a bit. I'm assuming a 65 year old guy playing pickup in Gatineau isn't a huge Flyers fan, so we should at least throw a fresh coat of white paint on it. You pick up a Nash harness at your LHS and we'll call it a community effort 😉 Don't worry about money. If this guy is really in need I'm more than happy to donate the mask and my time. T'is the season after all
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    My team is the Maroons and last night we just won a huge game 7-3 against a team that is 2 division higher than ours 😁
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    Steve, For me, your posts are very relevant. Yes- I play the modern style in modern equipment. But the vintage stuff trips my trigger. I collect it, not to have wallets made from it, but because I truly love it. But it’s your stories that go along with those pix of your gear is what grabs me MOST. After all- I can find all sorts of pix of old gear; the stories are what I want to read ALONG with your vintage gear pix! Sir, you have MY vote, for what it’s worth. Please keep playing and showing your pix and telling your stories. Yours, Doug Rogers
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    There are times where I wonder if my photos and tales have any relevancy on this forum. My gear is not fashionable nor my goaltending style. As long as I don't become "that guy", an anachronism, out of time, out of place, then I shall continue to post the odd tidbit or question. I love this game, especially being a goalie, and have been blessed with good health (a few new parts along the way) and excellent team mates. Back in the early 80's a common dressing room conversation revolved around the then newly formed Oldtimers Hockey Association, age 35+. "Dang, aren't we lucky to be playing organized hockey at our age"? Yes girls and boys, we are. I have learned so much from so many fellow 'tenders on sites such as this, especially this one and the former GSBB. I thank you all. Steve Berry
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    Fantastic movies. Fun fact, my wife and I watched both of them the day before he was fired. To that end, I present to you the greatest 30 minutes of hockey highlights you'll ever see:
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    My son got his first shutout playing Juniors (U20)
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    Looks like his teammates are taking it in stride, they drew a chalk outline of where he dropped this morning at practice.
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    There are some catalogs uploaded (https://www.thegoalnet.com/files/category/1-files/) that might have what you're looking for. It only goes back a couple years though. I have bunch more, but I'm too lazy to upload them.
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    Game Ready. TGNs big on Game Ready breaks
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    Damnit... I gotta make sure no one on my Sunday team sees these. They’ll all ask me why I got some dumb faux vintage look when u could have had pads that look that good and match out team colors. Well done @cwarnar. Love the gold logos, black weave, and just the right amount of red peaking through on the leg pads.
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    Yes, cut proof/resistant socks are less breathable than regular socks, because part of the cut proofing/resistance is having a fabric with a tighter knit/weave. Kinda like how steel chain with smaller rings tolerates less penetration (i.e. is more protective) than steel chain with larger rings. There's more materials science that goes into making cut proof/resistant fabrics, but as a rule of thumb if a fabric is claiming to be cut proof/resistant, but it doesn't feel substantially thicker or stiffer or more tightly knit than a regular sock, it probably isn't any good.
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    Pickle juice is popular with hungover Russians...or so I hear
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    two piece gives you a bit more flexibility when stickhandling/shooting the puck. people say it’s not as good if you’re making a blocking save where the two piece is and you can get a stinger but i haven’t had issues with it. i love the added flexibility
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    10:30 pm... skate blade coming right at my neck... very fortunate I tucked my chin down. Guys on the bench said they were fully expecting to see a crease full of blood.
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    Believe me- I know ALL about what you speak. My family’s Dick Clark gene pooters out at about 50-ish; mine pootered out prematurely when I got ill. I looked to be about 12 until my mid thirties, in which then I still got carded to buy liquor until I stopped colouring my hair. Of course the last three years aged me a fair bit. I understand that I am many of the kids (working in the stores) dads’ age if not older. But don’t bullshit me for the sake of bull shit!
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suppose. I love a vintage look... but instead of cluttering it with printed faux straps etc... I kept it modern and minimal just like the pad itself. As for the goal cup... I haven't taken it apart... but the front cup is just an oversized cup and it does not provide any pelvic protection. The second cup on the goal unit does feel like a single molded piece just like the player cup. So I can't confirm 100% it's the same as a player's cup inside it does have the same shape... if a visual helps...
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    Do not EVER think that way!! I guarantee every single one of use, save for @MTH, hope we are doing what you are doing when we get to that age.
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    GGN is still denying that they're the same. Whether or not that's true is up for debate. I have a feeling CCM has their tendrils all over the slow release of this information and Bernier's pads are part of it. Hell, looks how quickly all the big goalie related social media accounts all released the same information on the Axis once those first few pictures were leaked. My skepticism on this pad is very high and a lot of it has to do with the "pre-marketing" that it's being coated with.
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    I've had a few. Category 2: Byronic Arts. I've had two done and they're terrific. Great conceptualization and execution. Figure around $850 (between $800 and $900). Absolutely beautiful works of art, and fast turnaround. Pedro Velasquez: in the $500-600 range. I came up with a basic design and he added some terrific design elements. High quality work, I caught him at a busy time so he was a little slower, but I was in no rush so it didn't matter. I'd go with him again in a heartbeat. (He's on both IG and the Facebook).
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    I've always worn one. Wire breakage isn't really a cat eye cage issue. Also, all those breaks were from NHL situations that I'm sure you're not in. Add in that there are guys who want the lighter cages that can make them more likely to break (also different alloys). All my cages bend and break over time. You have to change them when they bend (metal fatigue) or they can snap. The stick in the eye is a real concern though. So you have to weigh that vs. a certified cage. I've never had to wear a certified cage. All the goalies when I was a kid wore cat eyes in the NHL. So that's what the legit kids wore too playing. So that's why I've only worn them all these years later. I do like the Sportmask cat eye cage. I went through a few dozen Cooper/Bauer cages. But the last two Sportmask cages have taken a lot of abuse.
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    One can only wish to have the amazing life in net as Wonder. The gear, the teams... always enjoy your posts brother. Thanks.
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    Does anyone else have a team in your league that your team never shows up against, no matter how good they are? We did pretty well in our league (A/B division) this year with the exception of losing badly to one specific team every time we play them; which is annoying because they're not the best team in the league and we play competitive with every other team. But the last two times we've played this one team, we've been outshot 68-25 (first game) and 53-23 (second game) - I had a better save% than the opposing goalie, but it's pretty hard to chew through those shot differentials, and getting outshot in the first periods by 20+ against to less than 10 for us gets frustrating.
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    Ahh my mistake. I stand corrected. Good eye Peter and Puckstopper.
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    If the biggest problem is the length and the floaters being to big why don't you send it to someone to have them reduced? At least then you get to keep the unit and its protection.
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    It's only the third time I've ever done it. This time didn't feel so bad at the end though.
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    Condition. Yep- I tend to post in English, not North American LOL
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    That first picture, with the Summit Series jersey... and the mask... my heart is all a flutter! Lol! Out of curiosity, why “the Big M” jersey? Phenomenal player - but didn’t he pull out of the series? And Pete, well... that goal he scored in game 2 is still one of my top goals of all time!
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    Watched the Russian Five today... pretty good... really good actually.. highly recommended. I'm not much into fighting but seeing Claude Lemieux get the bloody beatdown he deserved was good to see again...
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    Absolutely, no question.
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    My new set of Brians gear, mid to late 80's. Yeah, it's a hokey pose when compared to a hockey pose.
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    my skate is an 8 I used a 9 holder I should have used an 8 would have been better and the steel is the same size. See previous post
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    Red Army is good... and the hockey is real. Documentary.
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    ‘Merica, obviously.
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    At this point it seems like manufacturers have exhausted any and all possible innovation imaginable. Warrior is quite ahead of the game. Bauer is the only one trailing behind. Brian's is trying hard to keep up and CCM just woke up. Factory Made, Mckenney, JRZ and a european brand that the name completely escapes me at the moment are working hard at being original despite their size.
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