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  1. Here’s some comparison pics with the 2X Pro Both pads are a size L
  2. Will be the most remembered set from this season
  3. To my knowledge, Trav's specs are usually soft. He used a GNetik pad with Brian's. He also is on the ice 3-4 times a week minimum. He absolutely destroys his pads. That is one thing you cannot deny. He brutally tests his gear. NHL guys would give up on gear well before he does
  4. I communicated with "Philly Mike" on IG. He knows the owner and is helping him? Apparently, they have safety data and they will release it. This is exactly what the industry needs. Don't say "it's better because it has more surface area". Say "in impact testing, we had good results because of feature X and here is the data". Interestingly enough, there's generally a correlation between weight and safety. The heavier the helmet is, the more impact is can absorb. why? Because generally speaking, density = absorption. Things that are dense are usually heavy. My first question to Philly Mike was about the weight. He said it's not heavier than any other other maks and feels it's very light. Fascinated to see how this plays out. To me? Best case scenario is that Onezee sells / licenses the design to a big player who can couple this with an engineered liner.
  5. I do personally, but that is a matter of preference. If you are comfortable wearing a dangler, you should wear one. More protection is always betters
  6. TheGoalNet

    Warrior G5

    @TGC-Rance is able to sell these super cheap with a launch special. Give them a call if you are thinking about ordering. Phone: +1 905-773-9273
  7. Crazy. The visual between those two is very deceiving. Appreciate the pics!
  8. I am not calling anything intermediate, I am just curious why those two pads look so differently size wise. Is optical illusion or is the GT2 when they had a sizing issue. Again, this is not meant to knock Warrior. Bauer was under sized at one point too.
  9. TheGoalNet

    Warrior G5

    Black and white done right
  10. Masks are complicated in this fashion. Generally speaking weight and protection can battle each other here. Sometimes when a lighter material is used, it can compromise protection. Unfortunately, without testing each and every model, I cannot say which masks have the proper combination of lightweight and ample safety. I do believe though, a full kevlar mask is not an ideal construction. Maybe @Don Straus could come on with a more technical response?
  11. I will fully admit, I don't follow Warrior gear as closely as other brands. I primarily look at their sticks and accessories. I did not know that got corrected with G4. Unfortunately, there's only so much bandwidth to "cover" so many brands. That's why this website is so valuable. Great Warrior resource for the fans. However, I think my eyes are correct then? GT/2 would be when the pads were under width and the current pads are 11".
  12. New pads look wider I believe Warrior had less than 11" at one point. Can we get a tape measure on each pad please?
  13. Thanks for getting this up so fast. Shared the link on Insta
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