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  1. fair enough! I love topics like this Just wanted to make sure we didn't mess with something too much when you're trying for college or what not
  2. I know you are looking at Axis. If you saw my recent IG post, it's coming in Axis 2. Given you are younger and playing very competitive hockey, any chance you are better off waiting for a more commercial solution to come on online?
  3. While you are in there, you could put some thin sheet plastic in the face? Might stiffen up an old pad Assuming this works, then what? are you going to wear these?
  4. This has NOTHING to do with the original Louisville. Someone is using the name. Wilcox is NOT part of it. With that said, someone please order the gear and let us know if it’s any good 😂
  5. I agree this is confusing I reached out to Bauer on other topics. I not sure if Hyperlite and Soft are Vapor build and Ultrasonic through XStiff are Supreme build? With that said, I don't see any downside to going with Stabiliflex. Bauer pads don't twist like some other brands, so I don't see an issue. Post integration is probably where you will notice the biggest difference.
  6. Bauer’s most flexible pad ever IMG_0259.MOV IMG_0258.MP4
  7. Basically... Old Supreme knee, jock, and neckgaurd = Pro Old Vapor = Elite And yes, on the knee pads, the "anchor strap" is gone. The did update the bottom strap and it's like the neoprene style from 1X
  8. I don't have a set of pads on hand with the mod. didn't do it to US and my 2X are on loan. It's a simple mod... Get some strong flexible glue, glue the toe bridge so the floating part is attached near the pad binding, and then clamp it over night In this pic, place glue from the white cord lacing until the green line, should look a traditionally mounted toe bridge when it's done? Bauer's mount location is offset back up the boot more
  9. It's chipped pretty quickly. Depends what your tolerance is for touch up $50 or so to get one air brushed locally, way easier!
  10. Same with accessory knee pads, skates, etc
  11. You can order a 580, a Potvin, or a Roy. When you put in your graphic request, you will need to ask for it or present a mock up. CCM is not planning on having a library of the retro graphics. @Chenner29 - Heaton / Koho / RBK / Reebok / CCM always owned the graphic piecces of it. All of Lefevre pieces are cut by a die and not a CNC. There is no issue I am aware of with Lefevre owning a graphic or file.
  12. I don't disagree that most of the naming is brutal. Also looks cheesy AF to have it embroidered on the gear at the store. #ProLogosWhenOrderingVaughn However, the number one thing people don't consider is why this stuff happens? The companies try to make sure that consumers walk into goalie monkey who know nothing about the gear and clean leave understanding why their product is better than the competitors. By naming the technology and labeling on the gear, they hope this helps the battle. The pad is the core. You can't see the core. It's hard to market the changes under the hood.
  13. Touched on this in the video 1. It's not isolated to the speed skin. Speed Skin works significantly better on Axis compared to P2 or EF4. The stiffness and shape of the materials under the material matter 2. Speed Skin is great on clean smooth ice. It does snow down on bad ice. The only brand that does not have this effect is Brian's. 3. In Axis though, the diminishing slide performance does not "stick". With EF4, I could see people saying they "stick".
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