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  1. Please share anything you can find? The study referenced above is new in 2019. I don't think anything relating to Hiller would be relevant anymore. The NHL would be silly to not test a combined helmet, shell, an cage combo. It would be interested to see them isolated, but the real value to the goalie is the assembled unit. Bauer, as example, makes all the helmets in the same factory. There is no "pro department" for helmets anymore. So if the NHL tests a 960 XPM and it does well, that's a great resource for the whole community.
  2. I am just trying to put this lehmans terms to make sure I am clear. So 50% less weight means 10% more energy transfer?
  3. I think Hank and Duby used 1-2 set each last season. That's really low for pro. So even each pro as a reference point is a snow flake.
  4. Is anyone here Charlie.1 Kristian.1 or Mac from the bracket challenge? @coopaloop1234 - Verification required. Don't try any mind tricks on me
  5. @CJ Boiss @Patrick - Thank you for taking the time to research these topics and summarize them. Given it's 151 pages, you saved us all a lot of work! One note though is that the NHL is testing masks as we speak. Their concern is the rise shot to the mask related concussions. It's interesting that the research in articles you sent is from 2015 or earlier. So did something with the masks, sticks, etc that caused a rise to shot related concussions or did the NHL get better at recognizing concussions from shots when in the past the focused on collision concussions https://www.tsn.ca/nhl-concerned-by-rise-in-goalie-concussions-1.1193829 "The big change seems to be an increase in the number of concussions resulting from shots off the mask. Of the 15 concussions last season, 10 were as a result of shots off the helmet, while two came from collisions. One came from a stick to the mask, one was a result of a backup being hit on the bench without a helmet, and one was unknown (Crawford). "
  6. By your calculations, you are saying a helmet that is 50% lighter gives up 10% energy absorption?
  7. Does that have a zipper? Can you replace it?
  8. Sounds like Brian’s is working well then. If you think the pads are too soft, order a custom set and get a stiffer thigh rise. I have a 4-1-1 in mine and they’re very stiff, but still flex when needed
  9. TheGoalNet

    R GT/2

    This Chocolate Brown talk actually just cleared up one of my curiosities in life. I always thought the bindingingless Warrior gloves looked different and I figured it was because of the no binding fingers. However, when I compared it to a CCM blockade, the blockade looks more like a traditional glove to me. The thumb is the piece that looks different to me. Staring at all these glove pictures cleared it up for me. The way the leather wraps over the thumb gives it the unique look. This has nothing to do with performance, just an observation that had me curious for sometime.
  10. TheGoalNet

    GDS Goalie Camps

    As it should be!
  11. TheGoalNet

    GDS Goalie Camps

    I am curious what his tie to Murray and Flower are. Did he work in Pittsburgh?
  12. This came up on IG. One of the goalie schools uses it regularly said it works just fine on a regular cage, but it was shaped around a cat eye for sure.
  13. I was hoping we would have hit this metric about 2 years ago... but better late than never... we hit 1000 members!
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