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  1. This topic is actually quite interesting in the topic of waste and going green. There's so many gloves that need some TLC and could be "like new" for $150?
  2. I think they should be well qualified to do this. I would def go the Bauer route if you're worried about durability.
  3. The ads are handled by a 3rd party company. This has been much smoother than me doing with Google. I will ask.
  4. The interesting thing is that my AS3s are stock! Will be interesting to go "back in time" and compare them. I have a Tacks foot, so I am not too worried
  5. A retailer can make you a full custom based off the foot scan. As mentioned below, I am not 100% sure if all retailers offer this. Are you located near any major hockey shops? What is your metro area? Other than size, any other issues driving you toward custom?
  6. For Warrior users, who like the stock toe ties? This seems like a common request year after year?
  7. I am confused, why are you shopping for cage skinz if you already have a 960 with paint?
  8. I don't think so? The glove itself is different
  9. I used the previous generation Sher-Woods. They are very durable and light. The rebounds are super hot too. The only downside is that they are stiff.
  10. From memory, I don't think 90% of goalies knew the Lefevre split was coming? Bernier's pad had nothing to do with Axis, just coincidence they looked similar. Lefevre and CCM were already going their own separate ways by the time that pad was built. Bernier's pads were literally a EFlex without at the knee rolls, the X Stiff (pro only core), and, I believe. Max rebound foam. They didn't have the new core material of the Axis, they didn't have the hardened inner edge, they didn't have the molded calf wrap, they didn't have the new face material.
  11. This is correct. They wanted to firm up that area for faster sliding. I also believe it's as simple as most pro guys are gravitating to the flat inner edge, like EFlex
  12. Yes, I imagine each team must have a surplus. The pro guys say they have the perfect balance between hold and flexibility. Kova is slowly nipping at this market.
  13. TheGoalNet

    Warrior G5

    I am sure it's posted earlier, but these are the Sr or the Pro?
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