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  1. TheGoalNet

    Optik 2

    Yes, they will do it. I would contact @TGC-Rance. That 400 CAD seems high to me for that.
  2. Ha, I am not a fan of that graphic and I was thinking this is a cool use of the VE8
  3. This is interesting. If you ask CCM, I think they would rank 580 last for puck handling. This also came up when ordering my 90 deg Optik 2.
  4. What do you mean by flex range? Max will be the stiffest core offered by Brian’s to date
  5. It’s new to me in Brian’s, but a break I used for 10 years and currently have in my EF4. It’s like a homecoming
  6. No, anything listed above a request... other than the boot angle, nothing is stock. A rotation strap is what I’ve done with the past two TGN Specs adding a professor strap
  7. How many people would order TGN Specs? Ill ask about a quick promo code for the website
  8. Axis will absolutely be pushed as the high tech line. For CCM, this feels like their biggest launch in awhile. To the best of my knowledge, your guesses about the Lefebvre range or EF5 not having knee rolls are not things I anticipate im sorry I can’t share more, but I love the enthusiasm around guesses and will share what I can
  9. It’s not Axis or EF5 or anything we can expect to be at retail.
  10. This is exactly why I’ve been wear the McDavid knee pads. Companies are over looking this. I don’t know if pro knees are conditioned, but I don’t know how this doesn’t come up more
  11. TheGoalNet

    Optik 2

    Just aesthetic to my knowledge
  12. Optik 2 35+1.5 • Max Core • Softest Boot • 84 Deg boot • Rotation Strap • Offset & minimized toe bridge (only 1 attachment point for laces) • No outer knee flap • No knee cradle on the back face of pad • GNetik IV SBA/Nash knee landing • triple foam or thicker soft foam inside GNetik IV knee landing • Hard knee block • No boot strap • No heat transfer logos • TGN Spec Logo on inside thigh rise Glove Optik 2 • 90 Deg Break • Anchor T • Black nash inside palm • Black nash inside T • black Skate lace pocket • No heat transfer logos • TGN Spec logo on back of glove cuff Blocker Optik 2 • Triple Anderson padding in front of the blocker glove and behind back side of blocker board • SBA Grip on backhand area in blocker glove (not sure if that is stock or not?) • Lexan inside the blocker • No heat transfer logos • TGN Spec logo on backside of wrist
  13. I’m able to confirm... Not an Axis, not a future EFlex, and not a Premier... it’s killing me not to share what this is with you, but hopefully it’s clear soon
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