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  1. Bump. Still looking for a trade before giving up and selling.
  2. Any idea if/when Bauer will release a 2X knee pad? I recently got VE8s with the attached knee guards but it seems like the pad would function a bit better with knee pads. I struggle to adjust to new gear, especially anything bulky, so I went with the standard Brian's knee pads. Tonight will be my first time trying them out. The Bauer 2s knee pads seemed like the next best option for performance / minimalism. After checking out this thread, it seems like waiting on the 2X if/when it comes would be better, should I choose to switch from the Brian's for some reason.
  3. Hey guys, Just seeing if anyone out there is interested in trading for two 27" Pro Stock 2S Pro sticks. Got them at the University of Michigan gear sale thinking I would give the 27" paddle a try, but now I am leaning toward just looking for a trade depending on interest. I would ideally be looking to trade for Pro stock 26" 2s Pros, since I would like to try them / everyone seems to love them. I am open to other options, though. Hoping to find someone in the Chicago area, if possible. Not too big into the idea of trading via mail. Please see the pics below. Thanks!
  4. Any issues with puck pop out? I just ordered new VE8 pads and blocker and was planning to keep my Larceny glove because I love it. After seeing the new set, I feel like I have to have the matching glove. I love the angling on my Larceny and have a little finger curl to keep the glove from pancaking/flattening out. It looks like your glove has flattened significantly - do you think that causes pop outs? I understand some goalies prefer this in their gloves, but I can't stand it.
  5. Thanks! Yeah, they surprisingly felt really good considering they're way stiffer and much taller. Let me know your thoughts on those knee pads. My plan is to eventually try ditching the attached knee guards for knee pads. I'll be looking for some with very little bulk.
  6. My pads and blocker finally came in last Friday. I originally wanted to stick with my larceny glove because I love it so much, but may just order the matching glove after seeing these. Blocker is stock. Pad mods: - Quick Slide - Full SLR2 channel and strapping - All nylon leg channel - no air mesh - Attached knee guards I put them to work in my game the next day. It's a big adjustment coming from broken down V3s, but they felt about as good as new equipment can feel. The Quick Slide will definitely take some time to get used to.
  7. Right. That was next step. I’m in Chicago and hoping to find someone close. Was just curious if anyone had traded via mail before. Seems like an awful idea.
  8. I have two pro stock 27" Bauer 2S Pro sticks that I am hoping to trade. I picked them up thinking I would try to adjust to the longer paddle as I have previously used a 27". After giving it some more thought, I don't think I'm going to bother testing one and decreasing value. I am hoping to trade them for 26" paddles. So, I have 2 questions: 1. If anyone has completed a trade, how did you go about it? I would prefer to find someone in my area so we could just meet in person. 2. Anyone out there have some 26" sticks they would be willing to trade? I would be looking for pro stocks in return. Ideally, I would like to get 2S Pros or V1 Pro +'s in return.
  9. I think the strapping will be a bit different, but feel fairly confident it won't be too bad. I really only rely on the top calf strap and knee velcro on my V3s. I also thought the pad rotated wayyy better with the SLR2 strapping than with the VE8 strapping. I think the biggest adjustment for me will be how stiff the pads are. Even though its the velocity line, the V8s are way stiffer than my V3s were when I first got them and now they're obviously not stiff at all after years of abuse haha. Plus they'll have Quick Slide. Can't wait. One more month to go.
  10. Maybe that's where I'll end up. I'm already rocking my world with the switch from V3s with a tight leg channel to V8s with the SLR2 leg channel and strapping. Why not switch up the cuff too!
  11. This is a reason why I’m giving the one piece serious consideration. Seems like the rigidity of the one piece would be an improvement. I just wish Vaughn didn’t change the graphic for the one piece.
  12. I agree. I honestly didn't like it at all until I saw it in person and then I really started to love it. Also, update: I had scrambled brains from work and I realized I said Revoke and not LARCENY. So, I am looking to find a comp in Vaughn to my LARCENY glove. Not sure I can update the thread title... I feel shame...
  13. I think I'm just a creature of habit and that's what I know I like. I wouldn't say I would never choose the one piece, but I really do not like change when it comes to my gear (as evidenced by the fact that I am moving to VE8s from V3s). I also still wear the same Vaughn Legacy pants I've had for an eternity (but will soon be replaced because they're also falling apart, sadly).
  14. Thanks for the reply. I admit I am not super familiar with the CCM breaks, but judging off of what I've seen, I thought the 2-piece VE8 looked pretty close. I'll have to post a pic of my Revoke later. I think I would lean toward the 2 piece cuff because that is what I am familiar with, but I'd like to try on the one piece to compare. I thought about sticking with CCM, but if it's only a small adjustment I'd like to match my set. I do want to try the gloves on, though, as my last Vaughn glove was the V3 and I really didn't care for it after using it for about 3 years. I felt the palm "bubbled out" in a way and I had a lot of pucks popping out.
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