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  1. Desert Tendy

    JRZ Pads

    I would also check with Kenesky. How much is JRZ charging you?
  2. Wow that was quick. Was the lead time a week?
  3. The raised edges are not legal. Just keep in mind unless your getting an NHL spec chesty you won’t be legal any way.
  4. Out of curiosity what was the price of the base chest protector. I heard Brown raised his prices.
  5. Brown hands down. It’s custom sizing and bomb proof. I’m surprised you still have issues with your Vaughn after it was beefed up. If you wanna sell your medium chesty I’ll buy it.
  6. Yup, nothing stamped. You would think this would be standard but who knows.
  7. Last question…I have custom true skates and I either have a 6.5 or 7. What size is the holder? It’s not on the holder or the steel? This is the nut and screw holder.
  8. Awesome, thank you! I should have clarified I was looking for 3mm on the ice. Number 1, I believe fits that bill so I’m going to order it.
  9. Does anyone make a 3mm blade for the true goalie skates with the old style holder?
  10. Anyone know if true is making knee pads for next years new product line up?
  11. How much did it cost for the 2nd shoulder cap?
  12. Any feedback on the XPG1 chest? I have a Vaughn VE8 pro carbon ths spec that the arm protection is lacking. Im hoping to replace it with a Mckenney or Brown. I’m liking the arm design for Mckenney with a pad “spacer”. Take a look.
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