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  1. Have you check out ours? Our's is made using patented Auxetic foam (XPF) with a 1.5" high neck collar one that is 2" high. I do believe our model is cheaper than the Roughneck and Eco foam. Our outside fabric is a durable poly/spandex mix and so far has held up during a few hundred washings in the washing machine. We also do offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, if you buy it and it doesn't fit or you don't like it for whatever reason, simply send it back for a full refund (minus shipping). Size wise, it's 12" across the top wide, and another 11 1/2" inches from very top to the bottom point, and 6" from the bottom of the neck to the bottom point, so it should fit. It also features an adjustable elastic strap in the back as well for a custom fit every time. All the best, Josh www.sentryhockey.com
  2. Our neck guards are designed in the back so you can replace the elastic/soft part of the velcro for when it eventually wears out. Our's are made with 1/2" auxetic foam, which from the feedback I've gotten guys like better than the stiff maltese neck guard. I haven't seen the Ecopro unit so cannot comment on that.... www.sentryhockey.com
  3. I'm working on a version now that'll be skate proof, but there's no timetable. There's a type of thermoplastic we'll be experimenting with in chest protectors, that's used by the military for ballistics. There's a possibility we'll use that or a kevlar type of material. When it's available I'll post it here. Josh
  4. Thanks for the input guys and replies. To answer some questions: The slider is to help fine tune the fit. Also so the Velcro can easily be replaced after it wears out. We have 3 different sizes, small medium and large. The collar height is 1.5” high and a 2” is available on the large. We can do that on any size it’s just built to order and takes about 3 weeks turn around time. Everything else is shipped out in 1-2 days. This is not cut/skate proof as the foam does cut easily. The outside would have to be a ballistic nylon to be skate proof. It is not BNQ certified at the moment mainly due to the cost of the certification process. All prices are in USD. Josh
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to toss my hat into the ring of neck guards. We're a new brand new company offering (right now) neck gaurds and prototyping a mask re-pad kit. The main difference between our units and everyone else is the foam used. Sentry Hockey uses cutting edge patented auxetic foam technology. It's the only open cell, lightweight and breathable foam on the market that becomes more dense upon impact, and when stretched becomes thicker and wider. Our foam is very flexible, yet incredibly shock absorbent. We're waiting on some other samples, but we plan on doing comparative testing between our XPF auxetic foam and everything else I can get our hands on. The outside covering material is a spandex-poly mix that has 4-way stretch and is water resistant. It can also be dye sublimated, we're working out the final details with that now. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask! Josh www.sentryhockey.com
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