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  1. I have heard that Bauer and CCM are coming ut with new 2020 helmet lines but is there anymore information other than just pictures
  2. I agree that the speedskin is truly horrible. Other than that though I have found nothing wrong with them except for the elastic toe straps coming off the boot sometimes but with the gloves I personally prefer Vaughn.
  3. I'm looking for a new glove for the season and was hoping to find a nice comfortable glove with lots of protection.
  4. Yes I'm using a 2200 right now but i'm planning on either switching to a CCM extreme flex 4 of a Vaughn pve2
  5. which ccm extrem flex 4 glove would be the closest too a vaughn v6 2200 pro glove
  6. Is there any information ot about the Optik 2 Chest Protector
  7. The maximum for the hockey store I bought it at is a 1 month warranty so i"m stuck using a broken one
  8. Big H

    Vaughn PVE

    Is there any information about the difference in this glove than others on the market
  9. I bought an eflex 4 stick and it broke within about a month
  10. If you were to get and bungee toe lace would you need a boot strap?
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