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  1. Wiggling your glove around will work on lower-skill players, sometimes, but anyone that's gone pro or semi-pro will probably just exploit that.
  2. I'll poke my head in here to recommend that you wear a player cup underneath your goalie jock. The little bit of separation, and additional coverage underneath where the goalie jock normally covers, is something I greatly appreciate. It's saved me a great deal of undue pain more than once.
  3. It's also worth remembering that the point of balance on your stick is affected more by the length of stick you remove than by the weight. Weight savings will always be minimal when you cut your shaft down, but if you shorten it up by five or six inches the point of balance will shift quite dramatically. And, if you want to shift the point of balance back to where it was, you need to add significantly more weight than you removed in order to do so (which could be not much weight at all, if you're using a composite stick, but still). And modifications to the paddle can be... hairy. They won't change the point of balance much, if at all, but you'll almost always end up weakening the stick at the point where you make your modifications. All said and done, if you want a shorter stick you're probably better off buying a shorter stick; and if you want a hinky paddle mod, be aware that your stick is going to be weaker at the point of modification than it otherwise would be.
  4. Bauer got all pissy and sued STEP, so don't expect to see Bauer-compatible blades. Just another reason to switch over to CCM, honestly.
  5. It helps me a lot. Really gets my hands moving, my head turning to track the puck. Not sure how it'll work for you, though.
  6. Went from a Vaughn to a Passau. Feels great, mobile, protective, and it didn't murder my bank account.
  7. If you want Step Steel, you'll need to use CCM runners. Bauer sued, so you can't get Step Steel for their runners anymore.
  8. I wear a pair of player socks over my knee pads, and tuck the bottom cuff up underneath the bottom band on my knee pads. (I posted pictures somewhere on the site. [EDIT] Here!: https://www.thegoalnet.com/forums/topic/2748-goalie-jock-and-knee-pads-are-falling-down-how-to-fix-this/?tab=comments#comment-58007). Never had any slippage issues.
  9. Flopped and missed? Try watching that poke-check again. Paddle and arm extended between Draisaitl's body and the puck, to prevent him from dekeing. Body flush to the ice to prevent Draisaitl from shovelling the puck underneath him. Legs extended to the right and pads stacked to prevent Draisaitl from going around or over him. All executed in one brief moment when Draisaitl glanced down at the puck. Rittich successfully pulled off a great move against one of the most talented forwards in the game, in the home barn of a hated division rival, in a tightly contested playoff race, clinching the season series against them. But no, don't do anything to celebrate, that's embarrassing and douchey. Please. Like I said, guys don't celebrate more often because people shake their fingers and tut at the cameras about how "embarrassing" it is like they're a turn-of-the-century Victorian, particularly where goalies are concerned. If Draisaitl had scored the game winner in the SO and jumped into the boards, or done anything even remotely similar to what Rittich did, nobody would bat an eye. It's a stupid double-standard. And if this was football everyone would be crowing about what a great touchdown celebration it was. But this is neither baseball nor football. It's hockey. And if we want to grow the game people need to untwist their knickers and stop making mountains out of guys being exuberant.
  10. You want to know why everyone bitches and moans that hockey players don't show enough personality? It's because some people can't stand it when they do. The stick-flip was great. More of that, please.
  11. If you've got two people doing CPR, does it make sense to include breaths again? (reasoning being that two people would be able to do the breaths and resume compressions with much less lost time than if you had one person trying to do both)
  12. I seem to recall that the recommended CPR practice nowadays is, if you are performing it by yourself, not to bother with breaths and to just keep doing chest compression's. Is that true?
  13. I tap off of the post on the same side that the play is coming down before telescoping to cut down the angles. Specifically, I'll maintain contact on the post with the edge of my glove for as long as possible, while moving towards the puck; I figure I don't need to be any closer to the short-side post than that, because if I can touch the post with the edge of my glove I can always make the save, so that helps me maximize my coverage on the far-side. And, so far as I can tell, it works. When I do get burned far-side it's almost always on a play that's moved out of the corner (that I didn't respond to quickly enough), or one that moved across the top of my crease (and I overcommitted to the movement, putting myself out of position). The rest of the time is just me sucking, and not making the save when I should have. XD
  14. Is the puck coming out from behind the goal line before being shot? Or is it coming down on the wings and then sniping far side?
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