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  1. I acknowledge that this young woman is considered conventionally attractive by the vast majority of the population; a "smokeshow", a "rocket", a "swipey snipey", if you will. That said: not really my type.
  2. Even if it isn't strictly "removable", it's easy enough to take out with a knife, and sew back up with a needle and thread.
  3. If there's more material on the inside of your thigh, then yes, that might keep you from pulling your knees together to close your five hole. Should be fairly easy to pull that out if you don't want it there, though.
  4. CJ Boiss

    G4 Sr. Sizing

    Pretty much. It's not really something you can mod into your skates, some goalies like to use them, and there's no drawbacks to having them there if you don't want to use them, so they're the default for most skates.
  5. CJ Boiss

    G4 Sr. Sizing

    I was having a similar issue with my G3s; after feeding the elastic bootstrap behind my ankle (through the Lundy loop on my skate) the issue was solved.
  6. Not just their chesties, Passau has put a lot of equipment on sale and clearance, pads and gloves included: https://passauhockey.com/en/product-category/equipements/
  7. It should download to your computer. Check your Downloads folder. Also, check if your browser is blocking downloads.
  8. They also have the non-Pro customizer, if you want senior-level Bauer pads that don't look like crap. Though they'll charge you through the nose for it, and you'll probably end up spending as much as you would for custom Pro pads from another manufacturer. Only if you're willing to shell out a bunch of extra cash. Over 3K USD for a set of Vapor 2X Pro with custom graphics (over $4300 CAD right now). I could get a custom set of Warrior gear and save a thousand bucks. Custom sets from Mckenney and Passau are ~$2500 CAD. And honestly? I have serious doubts about the durability of Bauer gear these days. Four grand just to get a custom graphic on some pads that will probably last me half as long as a set from Warrior, Mckenney, or Passau? Not a chance.
  9. I hate companies that try to manipulate their customers into spending more by withholding product improvements that cost them nothing. Toxic business practices. And the graphics they have look like crap. Can't do anything interesting with them.
  10. The point around which your knee bends, to be specific. Move your leg forward and backward while you have the tape measure there, you'll find it pretty quick.
  11. Digitally printed graphics, and all they give on the face of the pad is three colour zones. I don't know who thought that was a good idea, but it wasn't.
  12. They have: white (also in weave) black (also in weave) navy "Toronto" blue (also in weave) baby blue purple "Shark" teal "Vancouver" green red (also in weave) maroon "Philly" orange "Boston" gold "Sweden" yellow "Edmonton" copper silver (really more of a grey) "Vegas" gold
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