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  1. 100% speculation on my part, but... If your neckguard only has a front then your chest protector will pull on it, and you'll feel that in your neck where it hangs from. If you've got fabric down the back as well then your chest protector will pull down on both sides, and you wont feel it in your neck as much.
  2. When you read what I post, do you just zone out and imagine what I said and then respond to that? Because it sure seems that way. LeBron is not the topic of this thread, and frankly discussion of his social media posts don't really have a place on an ice hockey goalie forum.
  3. "YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY" doesn't read, to me, as advocating for the murder of a cop; rather that the officer in question would be the next to be held legally accountable (given what had just happened in the Chauvin trial). Kinda weird that you're taking a bad faith interpretation of LeBron's tweet here, especially given that he subsequently clarified he wasn't advocating for violence. 'Cause, you know, murder isn't accountability, which is what he was demanding. But this is very much not the topic of the thread, and if that's where you want to take the conversation then it should pro
  4. The team is made up of guys that play all over the place, professionally; they're not together for him to make trouble in the locker room. And so what if it's top-down? GMs, and to a lesser extent coaches, decide on their rosters. Not players. And they don't owe us an explanation for cutting their back-up goalie.
  5. Guys don't make teams for being locker room problems all the time. That's no business of ours.
  6. The DEB doesn't have to give any reason for cutting Greiss, actually. Grubauer is better than him anyways.
  7. Again, you're making an incorrect assumption, because I make a distinction between Nazis of the 1945 era and the modern alt-right. As to your "how can he think Clinton is Hitler but also support Hitler's movement?" question, there are wrong-headed ideas about Hitler and the Nazi party more broadly as being socialists, which run particularly strong through alt-right ideologies that seek to distance themselves from being called "Nazis" without actually abandoning the ideas that make them Nazi adjacent. Particularly those alt-right strains which grew out of neo-fascists movements in America,
  8. I never said he was a Nazi, kindly don't put words in my mouth.
  9. German education vis a vis WWII and the Nazis is significantly different than anywhere else in the world. There is no chance he made a mistake by including S's that looked similar to SS bolts without realizing it.
  10. Why are you defending Greiss putting SS bolts on a mask? Guy doesnt need a Devil's advocate
  11. Have you ever got a mask painted and not been very specific about every element on it? The S's don't even match the rest of the font. They were clearly SS bolts, which is absolutely equivalent to a swastika or scrawling Hitler's name on there somewhere. Greiss grew up in Germany, dude knew exactly what he was doing with that.
  12. The topic is inherently political: a player being cut from a team for political things they've said. And Germany has specific laws which regulate speech vis a vis the Nazis and... just everything about them. Pure speculation, but I suspect that this has more to do with his Hitler comments than anything else. Apparently, he also used the SS logo on his Coyotes mask? Which... just... yikes man.
  13. As Chenner said, modern pads are designed to rotate fairly well, but if your strapping is really tight through the leg channel it might not have enough room to. I'd look at loosening up your channel strapping a little bit; realistically, you only need the pad to anchor well at your toe and knee, the rest is fairly extraneous in terms of keeping the pad square on your leg. If you want to keep the pad tightly anchored at your toes you can take some slack out of your laces or switch to elastic toe ties, as seagoal suggested. (personally, I wear my Vaughn pads very "sloppy" with my lace toe t
  14. It says "four piece construction", but I only see three pieces.
  15. No, airbags are not a resilient system. A hockey stick is a resilient system: it stores energy when you flex it, then releases that energy when you follow through, and reverts back to true after releasing that energy. Airbags absorb the impact energy of your body, which is released by dispersing gases, and do not revert back to true.
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