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  1. https://schinnydesigns.vistaprintdigital.com/ Local-(ish) artist, in Lethbridge, did my first mask as well. She's done a number of masks for uni/WHL/NCAA goalies.
  2. I love my Passau. Way better than the Vaughn I wore before, not even a contest.
  3. What kind of curve do you use? I have a pair of shinny paddles in a Quick curve, and a pair of game paddles in a Bishop curve. My passing is much more consistent with a Bishop curve. It doesn't let me do anything I can't with a Quick curve, but when I use my shinny paddles it's like you said, one play I send it up the glass and the next I biff it.
  4. CJ Boiss

    I Hate Politics

    I snarked at your dragging an old post out of an inactive thread to unnecessarily wag your Mod Finger. The conversation had moved on. If your concern is about broader posting behaviour in the forum then you'd be better off pinning a new thread and explaining your concerns and expectations to the community. If your concern was about me in particular then you should have DM'd me. What you did was performative and (mildly) antagonistic, and you did so in your capacity as a Moderator. That strikes me as somewhat unbecoming. In any event, you're never going to have political discussi
  5. CJ Boiss

    I Hate Politics

    So I can point out all the evidence that shows one party is trying to dismantle the American system of government/democratic norms/civil liberties/etc., but I can't tell people that they should (if they support democracy) vote against the party that is actively promoting a fascist, anti-democracy agenda. Because that makes so much fucking sense. Apropos of absolutely nothing, here's a neat video that people should watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83mtXbwPNkc Way to gravedig a month old comment in a thread that well and truly moved past it, and has gone untouched for three
  6. CJ Boiss

    I Hate Politics

    I'm not telling anyone what to believe. I'm saying that fascism is bad, and if any American residents here want a democratic-(ish) government then they need to vote against fascism. I don't think we're at the point where saying "fascism is bad, don't support fascists" is political bullshit. Are we?
  7. A 33+1 and a 32+2 will give you the same amount of coverage, but the 33+1 will have a longer shin and move the knee stack closer to your hip ("up" the pad), whereas a 32+2 would take an inch off of the shin and move the knee stack closer to your foot ("down" the pad). If you're currently landing in the centre of a 33+2, you'd probably be landing at the top of the stack in a 32+2. That said, if you're switching manufacturers, don't count on their sizes to be exactly the same. Ideally you'd try some on in a store before making a decision. There are manufacturer sizing comparison charts floati
  8. Why do you want a shorter pad? Is your knee not landing centre on the stack, or are you having issues with the tops of the pads catching on each other?
  9. I anticipate at least one person going with the obvious lightning bolt design.
  10. Ray Emery was not a public figure in life, and did not become one in death. Not publicly releasing the specific details of his death does not mean there is a "big secret". Nobody but his family has any right to know.
  11. CJ Boiss

    I Hate Politics

    If MTH actually didn't care about politics then he wouldn't have made the thread in the first place. He just wanted an opportunity to bitch and vent, which, you know, fair enough. But it's like I said before, everything in life is political. It only seems like politics are "taking over everything" because a lot of the rhetoric right now doesn't fit the status quo. If it did, nobody would think it's political or give it a second thought.
  12. CJ Boiss

    I Hate Politics

    And because it's too important to not say anything, any American here who gives even the slightest of shits about their country needs to get their ass to a voting booth ASAP, or mail-in their ballot right fucking now, for whichever Democrat candidate is available. "Whoa, what the fuck are you saying CJ?" you might very well be asking right now. "Fuck off, don't tell me who to vote for. Democrats in my county are terrible." Doesn't matter. Trump has said the quiet part out loud: he is actively and overtly sabotaging the United States Postal Service and mail-in voting. https://www
  13. It's surprisingly easy to drown in a large enough body of water, even if you are young and in shape
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