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  1. I'm constantly talking (shouting) to my team during plays. I'll let them know if they've got time or are being pressured when retrieving a puck, I'll yell "CLEAR" or "BOARDS" or "ICE IT" if we're getting hemmed into our zone, "CHIP" and "CHASE" if they're getting stood up on zone entries, and "POINT" or "CYCLE" when they're in the offensive zone. (And lots of other things, just so long as you can clearly enunciate it in one or two syllables. Like "PLAY HIM" if I want them to take the shooter on a 2-on-1, or "PASS" if I want them to take the pass away). It makes a big difference. Seriously. Lots of career rec-leaguers kinda stop thinking when they're on the ice, and little bit of in-the-moment guidance (even if you're at the other end of the ice) can make them aware of potential plays that, in their tunnel vision, they don't see.
  2. I was having general trouble making saves with my glove and blocker for the longest time, so during warm-up I started butterflying on the goal line while my teammates shoot on me, and that helped a lot. Lots of AAA goalies I've seen do something similar, where they'll have a guy just focus on shooting pucks at their glove and blocker for a while during warm-up.
  3. Smith saw what was happening, but too late. No time to get his body across, glove was the best he could do.
  4. I mean, baseball catchers never have to worry about getting cranked on the side of the head. Goalies do. I'm sure those springs do a great job at absorbing impacts that hit the cage square on the front, but how would they stand up to a shot from the side? I'm saving up to buy a new helmet when I see the grommets start to go. Debating between an Otny, Coveted, or Protechsport (leaning towards the Protech, because their full Kevlar helmet is >$700 CAD).
  5. I bought a C2 when I first started goaltending three years ago. Gone through two cages since, and taken some bombs right between the eyes, but it's done its job extremely well. The hardest shots I've taken left me with a bit of ringing, but even the worst of those had faded by the start of the next face-off. Got it on sale for $350CAD, I think? Great deal. Disappointed when I heard that Bauer doesn't have replacement hardware kits for those rubber grommets.
  6. If he had fixed straps on those pads? The rotation of the stick against the post would've dragged him out of the crease. I knew, before I even bought my first pads, I'd never feel comfortable wearing something without a leather or nylon strap, for exactly this reason; just don't trust velcro (or elastics, to an extent) to keep my pads where I want them.
  7. CJ Boiss

    Lefevre going solo

    I'm sure they've got actual promotional material shot. It's a matter of seconds to take that material, throw it into an image editor, and turn it into a silhouette. Why go to the trouble of using a different silhouette when making one using your already existing images would take under a minute?
  8. CJ Boiss

    Lefevre going solo

    Makes no sense to throw up random silhouettes.
  9. CJ Boiss

    Lefevre going solo

    L12.1 has a double outer break.
  10. Especially with something like a pad. I kind've understand (though still disagree) with not blowing the play dead if a goalie loses his helmet: some guys wear their helmet real loose, and can throw their lid off with a quick sharp movement of their head, and if they can do that to stop a scoring opportunity then they will (I say, if a goalie has a habit of losing his helmet then give him delay of game penalties until he straps it up more tightly). But if that's why plays aren't immediately whistled dead when a goalie loses their helmet, it makes no sense to treat losing gloves or pads in the same manner. No goalie ever intentionally loses their gloves or pads, and if they've been ripped away by a player, regardless of what team the player is on, then the play should be whistled dead. Same as if the net got knocked off.
  11. But can you paint the force fields?
  12. I played a 3v3 tourney on a full sheet over the holidays, and it was the most fun I've ever had at a tournament. The games were only 16 minutes long (8 minute halves), with six player teams, so the games were fast-paced and over before everyone got completely bagged. Really great time.
  13. CJ Boiss

    Lefevre going solo

    Given how most every other manufacturer has only two lines of pads, I'm interested to see how Lefebvre's four lines will be differentiated from each other.
  14. This is good to know; while I like my G3's I do kinda miss the double break that my V5's have (though, as mentioned above, the profile lock does help a little bit if you want a more pronounced curve).
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