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  1. I'd bet that the Flames equipment sale still has Hiller's old gloves. Guys almost never buy the full-right stuff, and there were three or four sets there a few years ago.
  2. I've been using a Passau chest protector for about a year now? Very mobile, but much more protective than my old Vaughn was. Only took a couple skates to break in.
  3. I find that seeing the game from a different angle benefits my play in net. Plus, it's fun to score goals and frustrate guys when I'm playing D or forward. ('course, I grew up skating out so I'm pretty biased)
  4. It's worth remembering that you can a better attack angle at the heel of your skate than at the toe. I know some people will point out that you can't get a full extension through your ankle if you finish your push off the heel, and while they are correct most of your power should be coming through the extension of your leg, not your foot. I've had scrambles around my crease where I can't freeze the puck, and I need to just barely keep my feet in case the puck squirts out to the side; engaging the heel of my blade lets me do that better than the toe. There are also times where I'm dow
  5. Full replacement of the aortic root, aortic valve, and ascending aorta; so, yeah, full-on open heart surgery. Most of the recovery apparently takes place in 4-6 weeks, 28-42 days, but to be back on the ice in 47 days? Extremely impressive.
  6. I only ever undo the velcro on one side of my ribs, which helps a lot in keeping everything consistent.
  7. Yeah, I loved how upbeat he was about goaltending. Like a Bob Ross vibe.
  8. Never compared it to LS5 blades, and I don't have it in front of me, but I think they're the same height.
  9. I am. 4mm Step, never had a pop-out. Had something like three or four with my stock steel.
  10. That happened to me every once in a while when I was wearing a V3 Velocity, and I don't bruise easy. No issues with my Passau, though.
  11. Markstrom sporting different pads than he used during camp. Still a white base, but he's using colourways on the face now.
  12. There's a point where the shaft can be too long, though. If your top hand is above your shoulder when you're handling the puck then you won't be able to keep that hand below your shoulder when you pass or shoot, and you'll lose power.
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