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  1. Had my second ice-time tonight. Much improved. I was tracking the puck better, moving through the crease better. Almost felt like I had my pre-COVID form. (and I didn't pass out!) My right hip felt a little tight. Need to stretch that out before I go to sleep.
  2. It was great. Then I passed out. Then it was even better.
  3. So I passed out halfway through my ice time tonight. XD Heat exhaustion (it's happened to me before. I recognized what was happening, got myself to the bench, got some of my gear off). I'm fine, damn body just forgot that it needs to sweat when I'm standing on my head. Other than that my ice time went great! Looking forward to next weekend
  4. Honestly, some of the most fun I've had playing hockey, as a skater and as a goalie, was 3-on-3 pond style.
  5. I'm not sure if I can eat it. Every time I try to feed a guy my blocker everyone gets upset. Sometimes I even get a penalty!
  6. CJ Boiss

    Warrior G5

    Interesting. I was wearing 35+1 Velocity V5s before I got my G3s, and was landing perfectly on the V5 stack without any bootstrap (just my lace toe ties, a calfstrap, and a knee strap)
  7. CJ Boiss

    Warrior G5

    Mhm. Without using the loop, my knee tends to land a little bit high of centre on the stack. I think, if I were to order a custom set from Warrior, I'd get 36+1.5 (currently in a 35+1.5). Maybe a 36+1.
  8. CJ Boiss

    Warrior G5

    The pad sitting higher up on your foot is due to the strap running through the Lundy Loop. I switched from strapping under my boot to through the loop for my last few skates before everything shutdown (G3s, not G5s), and really liked how it positioned my knee on the stack when I butterflied. Felt like the pad moved less when I skated out of my net, as* well.
  9. I mean, 15 minutes to clear the room means we can theoretically use the shower, but practically speaking? No. Especially if they're limiting it to one person at a time. I know that I'll be arriving and going home half-dressed, and using my own shower, because I hate racing against a clock to get my gear off.
  10. CJ Boiss

    Warrior G5

    I'd go for the bottom look
  11. Hockey is returning to Calgary as of June 19th. I got ice booked for that evening. These are the guidelines I got from the arena operator:
  12. Like I said, if you're not playing any time soon you might as well and try it yourself. If there's no place nearby that can do it for you, all the more reason.
  13. Any pro-shop that does basic gear repairs should be able re-lace your glove for you. Depends on what's open right now, though. Perimeter lacing is dead simple, if annoying/finicky to do. Pocket lacing might look complicated but it's basically three repeated motions. Might as well try doing it yourself if your rinks are closed.
  14. Global manufacturing and supply chains are all kinds of messed up right now.
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