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  1. Not a big fan of all the glitter, but the basic design is solid.
  2. Puck caught the edge of the T-bar, before hitting the pocket. Pushed it in. Happens to me as well, sometimes.
  3. I've been super abusive to my Warrior CR2s over the last year, and they feel the same as the first day I played with them. They're standing up much better than my buddy's Bauers.
  4. The authors of that article linked in the above post (http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= tested a variety of goalie masks, and provide data on their testing results. Their findings suggest that goalie masks with stiffer shells are universally better at protecting our heads than those with more flexible shells.
  5. Cannot overstate that. An unhappy goalie is never playing at their best. You need to find what gets you in The Zone, and The Zone is different for everyone. Some guys have a Zen-like Zone, playing their best when they're calm, cool, and collected; "loose and relaxed" is what I hear a lot. That's not me at all. I'm in The Zone when I'm aggressive on the play, forcing players to react to me as much as I am to them, thinking only about how I can get my mitts on that puck because it is MINE and I will FIGHT YOU FOR IT. Loose and relaxed? No, I need to be chomping at the bit, feeling that fire in my belly. It's easy to say "don't get caught up in your head", but that's really what it's all about. You just need to figure out what gets you in The Zone, living in the moment. And don't be afraid to try something new if your routine isn't working. Hell, I've taken to reading books before my games. I mean sitting in the locker room, everything on but my gloves and chestie, reading a paperback novel while the Zamboni does its thing. It clears out all the crap from my thoughts, like a reboot for my brain. It doesn't need to be what everyone else does, it doesn't need to make sense from the outside. The only thing that matters is whether or not it works for you.
  6. Definitely a Bauer P30.
  7. From a design perspective, the tessellating tree pattern is impressive. Especially on a curved and ridged surface. Aesthetically it's not for me, but on a technical level it's top tier.
  8. It's a meme thing. I would've gone with "spoopy", personally, but "spoky" was not a copy editing mistake.
  9. Kind've related to this, the new Ghostbusters movie is filming in and around Calgary right now.
  10. You're referring to an A-trap (Asymmetrical Trapezoid) hollow? Tried it before; didn't notice any huge difference in my shuffling, but it did feel less stable when I was skating outside of my crease. I prefer my regular 3/8 hollow.
  11. And the findings of the study would back that up. A knee to the head would be a "high compliant impact", i.e. low magnitude, long-duration accelerations from big squishy things, which goalie masks don't do a great job of protecting our heads against (compared to other kinds of impact).
  12. I'm given to understand that Bauer sticks tend to sacrifice durability for performance. I use Bauer sticks when I'm skating out, but a rapid unscheduled deconstruction is much less of an issue because I can leave the ice when it happens. I don't really want to get caught in net, broken goalie stick in the corner, while the other team cycles the puck in my end for a few minutes waiting for that perfect hole to open up. Not sure what CCMs are like. I've been using Warrior CR2s for the last two seasons, and am super pleased with them. Slightly heavier compared to a Bauer, but not enough for me to care, and I've yet to see any structural damage. I've heard they also lean towards the whippier side of things when playing the puck, which I like.
  13. Seeing those new pads next to his old ones, it looks like he had them designed to be a loose mimic. I appreciate the idea, even if I don't particularly like how the design turned out.
  14. Seconded. I'm interested to know if the lack of an outer roll results in more pucks rolling up and over your pads.
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