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  1. Next, you become an "Explorer". Better get yourself some good hiking boots.
  2. Does he? If you send all the horny people to horny jail, all you're doing is concentrating the horny in one place.
  3. The less said about the first period the better, but I came up big in the second and third and we eked out a 7-6 win.
  4. My brother came out and took pictures of my last game in net. Full photo dump? Or a select few that I particularly like?
  5. Make sure you're drinking lots of water before you hit the ice. Start the day before. Very good chance you struggle with the heat and water loss.
  6. Yeah, he dove in front of a firework mortar that had tipped over. Saved a lot of lives. Biggest save he ever made.
  7. Small update coming out of Kivlenieks memorial service today:
  8. Have you tried running the elastic bootstrap behind your skate, through the Lundy loop?
  9. Dunno. My FTK is the same as yours, and I've worn a 35" G3, currently wearing a 36" G4. I found myself landing off the top of the block fairly consistently in my 35s. Have you tried them on ice yet?
  10. Sad to see him go. Excited to see lots of Saros highlight packs over the next few years.
  11. CJ Boiss

    2021 Playoffs

    I have no goddamn clue what " who, if not people playing the same position, should know that if you are a dead closet, then you are just a dead closet, nothing more." means, but I'm going to start saying it and nodding sagely.
  12. CJ Boiss

    2021 Playoffs

    The Lightning aren't going to three-peat. Not when they'll have to ice a cap compliant team for the regular season.
  13. I don't get this reference.
  14. I'm talking less about gear that doesn't fit, or is uncomfortable, and more about gear that just... works differently. My S190s aren't "bad" skates, and while they aren't as comfortable as my AS1s I can wear them for two or three skates a day without issue, but my AS1s feel and play differently. In a way that, I feel, has immediately improved my game. Kinda like how some goalies love or hate particular glove breaks. A glove can be perfectly sized and comfortable when you're wearing it, but how it plays is another matter entirely.
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