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  1. Good news: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canada-vaccine-doses-end-july-1.6071473 Hopefully Ontario opens up this summer, and you can get some skates in before the winter season.
  2. Even the steel release really isn't that big of a deal. Everyone should have a small screwdriver in their bag, and that works fine for popping the catch. If it lowers the risk of my steel popping out when a puck hits it (a la Bauer) that's a worthwhile trade to my mind.
  3. All of V1 sticks appear to be on clearance in my neck of the woods. I've got some CRs and an M1 Snr stick, wondering if I shouldn't grab some of these as well...
  4. Coop probably has the best advice. Your top priority needs to be your health, and school. If you neglect your health then it doesn't matter what else you're doing, you won't be at your peak; and most guys, even if they end up playing hockey professionally, will end up doing other things after their career is over. Your education will be vitally important later in life, and shouldn't be overlooked. Health and school are the foundation for the rest of your life, and sacrificing either for a low-level retail job or hockey (much as we all might love it) is a bad idea. Since you really want to pursue hockey as much as you can, it seem like you've already decided it's more important than your retail job, the catch being that it's also necessary to fund your hockey. Ideally, there should be people and support systems in your life that allow you to pursue your passions without worrying about money constantly. Obviously, that isn't a reality for lots of people, and there's no easy answers here. We don't know the specifics of your financial situation, so any advice we can offer on that front would be limited at best. (speaking very generally, I'd recommend seeing if there are any areas in your monthly budgeting that you can cut back in to save money, and also talking to your boss at work about changing your hours to better accommodate your school and hockey)
  5. Con confirm. I use a pair of Quick curve twigs for shinnies and I can't play the puck nearly as well as the Bishop curve twigs I use for games. Like, I can get the same amount of power, loft, etc. out of a Quick curve, most of the time, but not reliably. And about 10% of the time whatever I'm doing just fails horribly. The performance isn't as reliable as my Bishop curve.
  6. CJ Boiss

    2021 Playoffs

    Fuck Tampa. All my homies hate Tampa.
  7. Normally I'm one of those "I'd rather win Bronze than lose for Silver" type people, but I genuinely don't care this year. Gold or Silver, it's a win I'll be happy with.
  8. Mangiapane leading Team Canada to the promised land.
  9. CJ Boiss

    2021 Playoffs

    I'd like to see the league use "for the rest of the series" suspensions. Guys don't get paid for playoff games, so there's no reason they can't provide an undetermined suspension like that. That said, I feel 4 games is about right. I'd've done 5, because that way he only comes back in the event of a Game 7, and a series deciding game is far too important to be singling out any one individual for retribution. But 4 is fine, and appropriate for a guy with no history.
  10. CJ Boiss

    2021 Playoffs

    Dangerous and predatory. Sheifele could have made a play for the puck, probably would have saved the goal if he did, but once he hit the top of the circles and started gliding he'd decided that he wanted to absolutely bulldoze a kid as he came out from behind the net. Gutless thing to do.
  11. CJ Boiss

    2021 Playoffs

    Regular season ended on the 13th. Calgary/Vancouver were the last game of the night, and it was a reschedule, so I count it as post-season [EDIT] that would make Edmonton the first team in NHL history to go 0-5 after the end of the regular season. XD
  12. CJ Boiss

    2021 Playoffs

    Calgary and Vancouver had 4 games after the regular season ended. Calgary won 3.
  13. CJ Boiss

    2021 Playoffs

    Calgary had as many wins during the post-season as the Leafs, and they weren't even in the playoffs.
  14. The Breadboi! Fuckin' love Mangiapane, guy has no quit.
  15. If it's not too personal, who's your cousin?
  16. I've got a pair of 35+1 Vaughn V5s, if you need a stop-gap.
  17. Hockey is back in my province June 10th. Not sure what restrictions there will be (if any), but everyone is able to get their first vaccine dose now (some people on their second), so I'm not super concerned on that front.
  18. 100% speculation on my part, but... If your neckguard only has a front then your chest protector will pull on it, and you'll feel that in your neck where it hangs from. If you've got fabric down the back as well then your chest protector will pull down on both sides, and you wont feel it in your neck as much.
  19. When you read what I post, do you just zone out and imagine what I said and then respond to that? Because it sure seems that way. LeBron is not the topic of this thread, and frankly discussion of his social media posts don't really have a place on an ice hockey goalie forum.
  20. "YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY" doesn't read, to me, as advocating for the murder of a cop; rather that the officer in question would be the next to be held legally accountable (given what had just happened in the Chauvin trial). Kinda weird that you're taking a bad faith interpretation of LeBron's tweet here, especially given that he subsequently clarified he wasn't advocating for violence. 'Cause, you know, murder isn't accountability, which is what he was demanding. But this is very much not the topic of the thread, and if that's where you want to take the conversation then it should probably be closed.
  21. The team is made up of guys that play all over the place, professionally; they're not together for him to make trouble in the locker room. And so what if it's top-down? GMs, and to a lesser extent coaches, decide on their rosters. Not players. And they don't owe us an explanation for cutting their back-up goalie.
  22. Guys don't make teams for being locker room problems all the time. That's no business of ours.
  23. The DEB doesn't have to give any reason for cutting Greiss, actually. Grubauer is better than him anyways.
  24. Again, you're making an incorrect assumption, because I make a distinction between Nazis of the 1945 era and the modern alt-right. As to your "how can he think Clinton is Hitler but also support Hitler's movement?" question, there are wrong-headed ideas about Hitler and the Nazi party more broadly as being socialists, which run particularly strong through alt-right ideologies that seek to distance themselves from being called "Nazis" without actually abandoning the ideas that make them Nazi adjacent. Particularly those alt-right strains which grew out of neo-fascists movements in America, because distancing themselves from socialism and German Nazism was extremely important post-WWII. People who legitimately drink the Kool-aid will say, and believe, "Clinton is a socialist like Hitler" while supporting the SS because "they were the real strength of Germany, and they got stabbed in the back by the socialist Nazis", or some such nonsense.
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