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  1. The teeth missing from the skull on the top? I'm pretty sure those match Tanev's missing teeth.
  2. I fucking love this shit. Paint It Black EVERYTHING.
  3. Damn. My size and everything, but I hate the Quick curve. That's a solid deal though, someone'll want it.
  4. $200 for a decent condition 950 is a good deal; not what you were told, but still a good deal. Should leave a review on his profile, so other buyers know to be careful.
  5. The hockey I usually play is fast/skilled enough that I don't usually end up with that "unpredictable" hockey. Regular, mid-level Canadian rec, guys who played house league growing up but never went anywhere. I can keep a GAA of ~2.0 and a Sv% over .920 on my regular team without much trouble. The Whalers were in the Open Division, so guys who played high-level junior/major junior and the like. Players that are skilled enough, and shoot hard enough, that sometimes... you just get beat. Even if you play out of your mind. But for me, who only started playing net five-ish years ago, it's great to know that I can be a good - not necessarily fantastic - goalie against guys that have been playing that higher level hockey longer than I've even been goaltending.
  6. During the regular season I was the backup goalie for this team, and ended up starting all of the playoff games because the starter couldn't make any. A lot faster than I was used to, it took me a couple games to get acclimated. Such an amazing confidence boost though, knowing I can find success at higher levels.
  7. Being vaccinated makes you less likely to transmit to another person if you get infected; the period of time you're contagious is much shorter, and the viral load you carry while contagious is lower. Common sense prevention should still be taken, but if everyone got vaccinated and no other measures were taken then the R0 would still drop below zero and COVID would eventually burn out. Deciding what to have for dinner is a personal choice. Choosing to not get vaccinated, when you are able to, is very likely to kill or seriously injure someone, if not immediately then down the line. It's not comparable. Restricting the sorts of public activities a person is allowed to engage in, when they refuse to uphold their social responsibilities, is perfectly acceptable. Human society has been doing exactly that since the dawn of time.
  8. I have a simple drawstring bag that holds my towel and body wash.
  9. Saskatoon is a pretty nice city. Kinda revolves around the university. Both my folks grew up there, and I've still got some family in the area.
  10. They're both really excellent stories; if RPGs are your thing, they're definitely worth a second look.
  11. Mass Effect and Dragon Age have got to be my favourite game series. Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun trilogy is very nearly third place.
  12. You've got two console options for NHL games: PlayStation, and XBox. In terms of "bang for your buck" you get *far* more out of an XBox with a Game Pass subscription. $9.99USD per month, and you have access to Microsoft's entire game catalogue. If you don't care about PlayStation exclusive titles, there's not much reason to get a PlayStation.
  13. Is that a rigid or semi-rigid Lundy loop? Doesn't look like the usual fabric tab.
  14. Yeah, it's amazing the amount of work he put into it.
  15. Given what he did with Price's cyborg mask, there could be some really interesting choices in this one.
  16. Early look at Markstrom's new lid. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CSuKyuln1rF/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  17. Throwing a poke check before or as he receives the puck would be ideal, I suppose; deny him possession in the first place. Like coop said though, if you make the first move you'll probably get beat, so keeping your feet and reacting to his moves as he makes them is key. Moving to the left would be a terrible idea; it takes your body away from the puck and gives him an easy backhand to your right side if you do that. Adjusting *slightly* to your right would make you more square to the puck and take away some of his options, forcing him to try and stuff the puck under your pads or go around to your left side. The important thing here is keeping your feet, so that if he tries to fake you're not caught sliding away from the puck. Given how close to the net he is, and how comfortable you are playing inside your crease, backing up a little bit wouldn't be the worst idea. It would give you a bit more time to see what he's doing, so you're less likely to bite on a fake, but obviously it opens up more of the net to a shot. (not much, given how close he is to you, but some)
  18. Skates are the one piece of player gear you shouldn't skimp on. Everything else is personal preference.
  19. The Bauer S36 is less mid-range, more econo-beginner range. And yeah, it might be lighter, but it's also going to be extremely soft. I'd hang on to the CCMs, unless your replacements move up into the $400-500 range. (in which case, take a look at True's new non-custom player skates)
  20. With how accurate and fast shooters are these days, even average ones, I don't think we see a return to sub-6' goaltenders. Much smaller than that and you have to come too far out of the net to take away the top while butterflied, and any goalie who tried to play stand-up would get absolutely lit.
  21. Lucky for you, my brother took some pictures of me a few weeks ago. The first two images (3034/3057) should give you a look at the inside of my leg when I'm in a half-fly, the third and sixth images (3064/3106) should show how the pant sits on my trailing leg when I'm crouched off the post, and the fourth and five images show the pants when I'm down in a butterfly. (originals are quite hi-res, ~15MB each. If you want an original to zoom in for a closer look, I can zip and email them to you)
  22. I'm about your height, wearing a Warrior X2 Senior, size Large; I wear mine fairly high, about as tight as I can, no suspenders with an untucked chesty. They're great pants for a mobile goalie, and the inner belt is excellent if you don't wear suspenders; I've never felt like they interfered with my movements or interacted poorly with my pads. No experience with Bauer goalie pants.
  23. Huh? You've been able to strap the nylon buckle down to your calf since at least the G3s, and you can see the Kunlun Redstar goalie above did exactly that.
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