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  1. Sorry to hijack your thread, but are there any reviews out there about these knee pads?
  2. I have been in a Passau pro pack for the last three years it’s a really great unit. I ordered a SLR2 pro unit the first of the month not because I really needed it, but I wanted to try something new.
  3. Shady80

    Using puck marks

    So I was wondering how many people look at there gear periodically to get a gauge on where there making contact with pucks? Now not every shot will leave a mark, but I have definitely been able to check and make adjustments to improve my rebounds.
  4. Just as an FYI I am in no way qualified to be critical of anyone’s style, these are just a few observations And advice that has helped me out. Firstly every chance you get skate skate skate that might seem obvious but a lot of goalies overlook really working on there movement in the crease. As far as the video itself goes I felt like a couple time you might have been too wide in your stance and it would cause your feet to be locked in place if the play shifted laterally. Also when the play goes behind the net a few times it looked like you lost view of the puck and got caught by suprise. All and all you should be very proud you played solid and it takes a lot of balls to be willing to accept advice.
  5. Shady80

    G4 Thread

    I live in North Carolina so I have to order almost everything off the internet, I thought about talking to warrior but after some time passed I didn’t see any negative effects so I just went with it.
  6. Ive heard these would be out sometime in January just curious if anyone has heard anything else. I have cash in hand to order one but every store I’ve talked to has turned me away from even preorder.
  7. Shady80

    G4 Thread

    Sorry for the late reply didnt check the thread, as far as the gap it is still there I’ve tried different levels of loose or tight strapping and switched to tgn spec toe ties but nothing changed it even slightly. It’s almost like The thigh rise has a taper like old school pads “except they don’t”. in any case I haven’t noticed it affect my play, it just looks ugly in random photos people have taken.
  8. I currently wear Cam Ward vaughn pro returns, and they are great for not tucking. The way the pants are cut they can be worn a little snug at the waist to avoid interference with the C/A but don’t give up any coverage.
  9. This is my pro pack with enlarged floaters, been using it for almost 3 years.
  10. T-4000 I got from a buddy about 5 years ago, I have used it a few times but mostly keep it to compare how much bigger old spec stuff was.
  11. Shady80

    G4 Thread

    I appreciate the help and pictures, I will be getting ahold or warrior today to see if they have any remedies.
  12. Shady80

    G4 Thread

    Yes the smaller model paw kneepads
  13. Shady80

    G4 Thread

    This is the best I could do the gap that is between them is caused by the knee blocks touching, the only way to make them flat against the other is by pressing them together.
  14. Shady80

    G4 Thread

    If I lean back it does make it much worse because of it pulling on the pad, but in that picture i was in line. I am not gonna say I don’t drop my waist during play, but I noticed the gap when they arrived in the mail, I haven’t noticed there being any twist in the pads or the gap changing over time.
  15. Shady80

    G4 Thread

    I have skates on along with all the equipment I wear from the waist down.
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