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  1. A close friend of mine just got his Gould pads a couple weeks ago. He really likes his set, and they look really good as well.
  2. I’m considering switching out of my Premier II 590 break to a Brian’s GNetik IV glove. Does anyone have any feedback? One of the things I’m wondering about is the protection with the “Game Ready” palm and how it compares to the CCM “game ready”. I heard the glove closure is amazing and I am wondering if the protection is up to par. Thanks in advance!
  3. big seven o

    JRZ gear

    They look a lot like OPTIKs. Maybe it's the flat face, S-Curve, or graphics, I don't know. Anyways, they look very interesting and I'm sure that with a few custom specs, these could be one heck of a pad. Can't wait to see/get more info on these!
  4. Yeah, plus 200 for Pro Custom. 700 is a lot of extra dough.
  5. big seven o

    2X Pro

    In my opinion that flip look looks too similar to popular EF4 designs, and I like it better stock
  6. big seven o

    2X Pro

    A good look at the Pro Bump option
  7. Alright sounds good. Thanks!
  8. Does anyone have any reviews/thoughts on them? I am in the process of ordering their professor strap kit and was wondering if I should pick up their toe ties while I'm at it. Thanks!
  9. Awesome! All you can control is your effort, attitude, and performance. It sounds like you took care of business. Hopefully the coach recognizes that and it works out for you. Best of luck! 👍🏻
  10. If there's one piece of equipment you don't want to go cheap on, it's the mask. For me, before I got my current mask there were times I honestly wasn't confident in my mask and was afraid of high shots hitting me in the head. It really started to affect my game. Despite not suffering any injuries, I still upgraded and couldn't be happier.
  11. I found your review. It was a great write up. Definitely gives me something to think about going forward. Thanks so much.
  12. Thanks for your insight, I agree with what you’re saying. The P2 is by no means a bad pad and it is a great option, however I am not completely in love with it.
  13. Ok, I will check them out. Thanks! How did they turn out? Do you like them?
  14. CCM's custom program is awesome, I have a set of custom EF3's currently. However, I am looking more towards an EFlex design with the hot rebounds of the P2. I will definitely look into Passau, thanks for the recommendation.
  15. Thanks for your reply! I have a set of P2 gloves currently. yes I do know the P2 would fit my needs and I was about to pull the trigger on a set, however I demoed a set and to be honest, I don’t know what it was, but they just didn’t feel right. They felt boxy I guess, and wearing them made me a little fatigued. I train 5 days a week though and am on the ice a lot.
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