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  1. I've never really experimented with sticks, I've had my current Bauer Reactor stick for a few years now and when I bought it I just kinda grabbed it, moves with it a bit and said "seems right". It's a 26½" and sometimes I wonder if a 25" might be better for my lower stance. I don't really play the puck much, so I'm not too worried about changing curves. The sticks I'm looking at are Bauer Vapor 2.9 and CCM Premier 2.9 (Price)
  2. Hey everyone! There's currently a sale at Pro Hockey Life, buy one goalie stick get the 2nd half off, and I wanted try out a new brand and size. But I can't decide if it would be better to: A) buy a brand and size that I know I like, just to be safe, and buy a 2nd stick that is a different brand and different size Or B) buy the familiar brand in a different size and the new brand in a familiar size
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