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  1. My point wasn’t about making a goalie better in ability by wearing white gear, obviously that would be ridiculous. It’s that shooters consciously or unconsciously have a slightly harder time picking out the goalie’s position peripherally. And I’m sorry but I know players of all ages and ability will burry their heads and shoot without looking at the net...especially under pressure. And this is coming from someone who isn’t a fan on all white gear. My favorite set I owned was navy based. If you sit in a chair looking at your phone, say in a coffee shop with people moving around yo
  2. So I never really thought white gear gave any advantage in net. “It’s all in the goalies head”. I guess for a position that depends heavily on your mental strength maybe in itself that validates it as an advantage if the goalie believes it. I’m saving for a new set of pads and trying to decide on colours. The one thing I like best about dark pads is the ability to hide puck marks and keep the equipment looking clean. I did some reading on whether white pad theory is true or not. Well pretty much for every opinion that says it is there’s an opinion that say there isn’t. For beer
  3. Excellent info. Thanks ZeroGravitas
  4. So the exterior material is different? That was one of the things he told me was the same because they made improvements on it.
  5. I was at a hockey store recently and was looking at the vapor 2X pro pads. Big price tag $1900. The young guy working there told me, I could consider the senior level pad vapor 2X at a price tag of $1000. He told me they were very similar and the senior was almost as good as the pro. When I asked him for more details on the difference between the two, he could really tell be other than to say the internal foams were probably different. Does that really explain the $900 price difference? I could not find anything on line to explain the differences. Anyone have any information of the
  6. I understand that some are fitting their pads in. I haven’t tried, as that makes it too heavy to comfortably carry for me.
  7. It definitely seems well put together. I definitely like it for the price a I paid. I wanted a backpack goalie bag and the only other one I’m aware of is the Passau one (which is likely a similar price point to what this one will be...my guess). I like it better than Passau’s. The U opening is much more desirable. The size I like better. It appears to be durable material but not as physically heavy as Passau’s material. I like all the pockets inside. I haven’t been asked to give feedback yet to Pacific Rink. There are a few minor things I would suggest. Would I pay full price for one, I migh
  8. The Hockey Shop. 20% off today only, online only.
  9. I have 3 subzero gloves (one subzero 2 & two subzero 3). All pro palm. I have no issue with closure once broken in...and I’m female with small hands. I did have to break them in, just like the “old” days. Work the closure, tie them up, straight out play with them for awhile. The reason I bought pro palms is that I wanted them to last. I don’t want them broken down in a year. If I’m going to pay $500+ for a glove I want to get several years out of it. Two of them snap shut no issues, third one is still a work in progress but I’ve put it to the side for now (only purchased it because I he
  10. Nope, just the glove. That’s all the seller had. Pads would be too big anyway.
  11. It is a Halak pro return but it says it’s a Subzero 3. Feels like the same break as my stock Subzero 3. Has a few differences though with the shape of the cuff and how the back of it Velcro’s. ..now you’ve made me wonder. Perhaps it’s a hybrid.
  12. I’m not sure what their price will be. Their website still shows the prototype pricing. Full retail pricing will likely be around $200US since that’s where their player bag is priced. The two shoulder straps do come and are held together with the padded flap with snaps, for over the shoulder carrying. For the prototype, they did offer two strapping options, the one I got and the one that’s on their current player’s bag which is a top set of shoulder straps and hidden backpack straps underneath the bag. Their website has some videos that demonstrates this. https://www.pacific
  13. It is double stitched right where it anchors and then the edge of the red strap is stitched all the way around to the other side (seems like seat belt type material). I have seen straps attached with more reinforced stitching then this...will have to wait and see how durable the stitching is.
  14. The internals... First thing to note, is this bag has a U-shape opening....In my opinion all bags should open this way...so nice. So with the equipment out, you will see there’s a lot going on inside. If you like organization, you’ll like this. There is a centre divider that I actually do use. I can fit my chest protector (Brown 2400...so one of the bulkier units out there) and pants on one side, keeping mask, glove, blocker, knees pads,...on the other. The divider can be made to lie flat, if you prefer a more open bag (pic 3). There are skate pockets (removable if you don’
  15. I was able to snag one of these first run goalie bags from Pacific Rink. They produced a limited amount to have some of us tested them out and give feedback before going full run with them. Background: my preference is a carry bag. I have owned a wheeled bag but found it more of a nuisance and heavy if you get one with a good frame in it to lift in/out of the car. I carry my pads separate over the shoulder. I did purchase the Passau goalie backpack but didn’t find it worked for me. All my equipment plus pads made the bag too heavy for my 5’4” frame. I always felt like I was going
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