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  1. ser33

    Soft pads user

    Of course I'm not old enough. I'm only 44 lol. evolution of my pads - itech 4.8, V3, bauer one 90, reebok P4))) is the trend clear?)))
  2. ser33

    Soft pads user

    you are undoubtedly right. maybe I'm not old enough yet and my hips can still do something (laughs), so I didn't feel any tangible difference for myself either in the one.90, or in V3, or in P4.
  3. ser33

    Soft pads user

    The physical meaning of twisting a pad is that your foot pivots with the toe of your pad causing it to twist. Hard pads don't allow this, so you put unnecessary stress on your legs. Send your laces or install elastic bungees and in any pads you will no longer have the problem of sore legs and the need for a torsion flex pad
  4. ser33

    Soft pads user

    The "softness" and "hardness" of the pads does not affect the load on the hips in any way, and even more so on the closure of the 5th hole. the larger the S curve of the pads, the better and easier they perform. this can be on both "soft" and "hard" pads. Previously, your 5th hole was covered with a strap on the instep of the thigh, now it is the shape of the pad. the presence of internal breaks does not affect this in any way, since there is no mechanism for bending the upper part of the pads in the form of straps, as on the old pads
  5. my Optik has a Fly core and is similar in flexibility above and below the knee stack to the P4 with a double internal break I had before
  6. ser33

    Lefevre going solo

    https://www.geargeek.com/position/goalie statistics which brands are used by nhl goalkeepers. you can select any part of the gear to find out the statistics
  7. waiting for your comparison on ice. As far as I understand, Lefebvre 20.1 is a further development of the Premier concept. until recently I owned P4 pads, now I own Opt1k. and the comparison on ice is far from favoring P4.
  8. ser33

    Lefevre going solo

    I do not speak English and my browser automatically translates all the text into Russian. therefore, while I copy the text written via google translator, the browser has already translated your message into Russian))) but your version about "Adidas track suit and black leather dress shoes" I also really liked)))
  9. ser33

    Lefevre going solo

    it has been said many times that Vaughn is a good manufacturer but very poor marketing. IMHO, the popularity of outdated Lefebvre models is nothing more than excellent marketing tied to professionals and the NHL. I myself played Premier 4 until recently and yes they are good. were about 5 years ago
  10. ser33

    Lefevre going solo

    Lefebvre most innovative brand? are they serious? lol
  11. if I correctly understood the essence of your question, this model is not very well protected. my glove is made by custom and there was another layer of thin HD foam, but that did not save me from the sting. I added a little 8mm LD foam. when I have time to refurbish this glove, I plan to replace the inner palm with felt in quarantine, I started a new project to create hard pads with an integrated 90-degree knee block as for ultrasonic. quarantine ended and I work again, so all projects were postponed indefinitely
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