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  1. if I correctly understood the essence of your question, this model is not very well protected. my glove is made by custom and there was another layer of thin HD foam, but that did not save me from the sting. I added a little 8mm LD foam. when I have time to refurbish this glove, I plan to replace the inner palm with felt in quarantine, I started a new project to create hard pads with an integrated 90-degree knee block as for ultrasonic. quarantine ended and I work again, so all projects were postponed indefinitely
  2. you are welcome. it’s best to use nash because this zone absorbs a lot of sweat
  3. interesting internally and its difference from Simmons / Vaughn
  4. try pasting it as a link to YouTube by copying it from the address bar of YouTube
  5. I also use this foam all the time. Thanks to the already applied glue, it is very convenient
  6. If you have such an opportunity, could you please make the same detailed report on the restoration of the Brians catcher that you showed above. It would be very interesting. Thank you
  7. the Vaughn I'm talking about is a different model and it’s really almost identical to your Simmons
  8. funny, but I have very similar damage on the V3. apparently, a design feature
  9. Good work. This glove is a clone of the Vaughn v3 glove. I have one and soon I will be engaged in its restoration
  10. thank. this is also my favorite blocker. I don’t have a sewing machine and everything that I do is done with my hands. pads, blocker, chest
  11. Welcome all. Hockey is my life and gear mods is my hobby). I recently finished restoring my old blocker. The palm was replaced, the shape of the side protection was changed, the protection of the fingers was increased and improved, the shape of the cuff was changed to improve the mobility of the hand. But most importantly, the profile and thickness of the board has been changed. Now it has become like a Bauer X2 board. The weight of the blocker has also decreased. The most recent photo shows the weight difference between the modified V3 and the standard Reebok P4 P. S. Sorry, it seems the pictures uploaded in the wrong order ((
  12. In isolation, I am working on my new project, "Home made pads." Rigid core with soft boot and integrated knee block ready
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