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  1. I remember) I saw your message about this in one of the topics)
  2. ser33

    pz revoke vs premier 4

    many thanks to all for the answers)
  3. I never had problems closing 5 holes and shots in my knee. I use knee protection solely to soften the blow they receive when my 90 kilograms fall on them in butterfly. I also added soft foam to my Bauer to soften this. You made a good mod
  4. hi. please tell me the main differences between Reebok Premier 4 and Reebok pz revoke pads. thank
  5. On January 1 of this year, in a friendly game, I was knocked down when I was sitting in a bow tie and pushed into the goal. It was very tough. Fortunately, there were no injuries
  6. ser33

    Is CCM Gear Durable?

    I’m still repairing and modifying my gear. It’s certainly difficult to call Prime P4 modern))) but nothing has changed much since it was released. With the exception of new skin materials that improve sliding. cores now all of ordinary polystyrene foam
  7. ser33

    Is CCM Gear Durable?

    I didn’t mean exactly the planned obsolescence) rather, the fact that manufacturers are abandoning "excessive durability". perhaps this is due to the current trend of making gears as light as possible. using other or thinner materials, both in the casing and in the core. Perhaps for this reason the modern gear has become less durable. And it's not about the number of stitches and the thickness of the threads) I agree with you that longevity is an important factor for consumers, but what do we have now? seldom what senior-level pads serve 5 or more years without complete destruction. not to mention the initial level. I owned Itech GW 4.8 pads for 6-7 years, who saw ice 3-4 times a week all year round. the only thing that happened to them was the paint on the chart and the skin on the slip points were erased. look what happens to the same Bauer S150, S 170 in a year or two. they completely die. remember how Lundquist changed a lot of pairs of 1S pads per season. And it's not just about breaking up a new revolutionary skin. The core itself is also breaking down on this model. And this is a level model. what then to talk about entry-level pads? this is exactly what I meant.
  8. ser33

    Is CCM Gear Durable?

    the longer your product lasts, the fewer people will buy a new one. this is the law of modern business and can’t get anywhere else, unfortunately. This trend is very noticeable in the automotive industry and now has reached goalkeeper outfits. each new generation of gears becomes “better”, it’s more technologically advanced and more expensive. At the same time, it crumbles after a year or two of use. at any level. And people are forced to update their equipment more and more often, thereby stimulating sales and the development of a new gear. IMHO
  9. ser33

    CCM EF4

    I have a P4 which has the same leather straps in the harness. I installed instead of them elastic straps on the Velcro. maybe you will be interested in my experience
  10. man just wanted to make me pleased by appreciating my work in my native language. Unfortunately, this word does not have a direct translation into English
  11. it's a little obscene words, but it was cool))
  12. Having completely disassembled the defender, I found that inside he was completely destroyed. Then I used the air mesh fabric for the inner lining, made 3 cm thick protective blocks from Itech HD pads and the new LD foam and sewed it all together. I glued foam 4mm and 8mm on the floats of the shoulders. Made the new rib protection thicker and larger. And ended up as a new defender of the abdomen like that of Vaughn. Thanks to the use of foam instead of plastic, the weight of the entire unit is 2.4 kg, which is very good for such a serious level of protection. Today I had the first ice with a new unit and it is excellent. Lightweight, mobile, cool and super secure. I am pleased with the work done.
  13. Привет всем. Я уже оставил краткий обзор моего защитника груди Bauer S170 на этом форуме. Как и любое оборудование начального уровня, оно имеет два основных недостатка. Слабая защита краевого края и очень низкое качество материала. Однажды пришло время, когда я начал чувствовать все больше и больше болезненных уколов. Как потом выяснилось, внутренняя структура рухнула. Я играю в хоккей три раза в неделю в течение всего года и долгое время не имела возможности починить свой блок. Поэтому я просто пришил к нему дополнительную защиту груди и живота от старых игровых штанов и защиту ребер от моего протектора Reebok 6k. Я назвал это Evolution 1) Получился настоящий танк. Моя версия русская Spec)) Very sheltered, but voluminous and hot. Also quite heavy. The total weight was approximately 2.7 kilograms. I used this Evolution 1 for about six months and it proved to be very reliable. At the end of June, I was injured and, along with treatment, I had time for a more serious rebuilding of my defender. I will talk about Evolution 2 in the next post. Pictures
  14. My experience says the opposite. But I have seen broken composite masks more than once. But everyone has the right to their opinion. And I respect your opinion
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