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  1. reserved for ice experiences
  2. ending after installing the core in the casing, the place for the knee block was marked and the excess was cut off then trimmed with braid after which it was time to build. I often read here that the pads are loosely tightened and retightening can get a few inches of loose cord. my pads weren't very tight either, but that didn't give me a lot of cord headroom. due to a slight increase in the thickness of the core in the lower leg area, the cord was not enough. had to look for a new one the knee block was also tied with a cord along with everything else after which th
  3. gluing the inner break in an inverted position with the load gave an unexpected and pleasant bonus - an increase in the S-curve. now the 5th hole will be closed even better oops! it seems it was a spoiler))) yes, last weekend the pad work was finished
  4. Thank you! really appreciate it!
  5. I (and not only me), always believed that the elastic band passing through the knee block holds the knee on the block much better, and it was just more comfortable for me therefore, I decided to leave its location and abandoned the Bauer mount option thus, it was decided to completely leave the inner flap in its place. but as I experimented with the position of the elastic, a new hole was cut in the inner flap. I eventually gave up on this position, but the hole remained. I had to correct my mistakes first the flap was removed from its place and the unnecessary holes were
  6. Well, my new episode is coming to the end of season 8. spoiler: nobody died)) today there will be a story about the cherry on the cake, for the sake of which everything was started in order to create a new block, it is quite logical to disassemble the past inside the stock block there were two pieces of MD foam not fastened to each other the total thickness of which was about 3 cm I'm not a big proponent of soft foam in the knee block. Moreover, after 2 years of using these pads, the foam has already begun to deform and lose its shape. therefore, for the integrated kne
  7. today I will try to answer the main question - why? over the past 20 years, the design of the knee block has not radically changed. it's still a few pieces of foam held together by Velcro and sewn on or tied to the pad lack of rigid integration with the pad, allows the knee block to do like this which negatively affects the stability of the pad and its responsiveness what the integrated knee block gives - it is better to ask @TGN, he tried out the new products from Bauer and will tell you about it better than me. in my opinion, the hard connection allows the pad to lie more
  8. sorry, I do not speak English and did not quite understand what you meant
  9. What is the overall thickness of the protective foam for the palm and finger?
  10. now it's time to talk about the concept of an integrated knee block and how to build my first prototype pad with an integrated knee block in early spring 2020, on this forum I read about the new Bauer model with an integrated knee block. there was little information then and how all this was implemented by Bauer, I did not know a few days before the shops closed for quarantine, I managed to buy 2 sheets of extruded polystyrene foam used in construction for insulation for my project, I did not repeat the Bauer shape, because I always dreamed of Brians, I liked their design.
  11. earlier in the series ... using these pads after Premier 4 I never got used to the narrower foot channel. so I removed one inner shin wrap that held the velcro for the knee and shin bands, added the velcro to the outer wrap, and moved the shin band to the inner edge of the pads
  12. Thank you! I postponed all the fun until the end of the season so subscribe, sit back and enjoy watching!
  13. while the parts of the core were glued together, I was sewing changed the height of the outer wing of the lower leg. initially it did not reach the seam under the knee by 1.5 cm.separated it and sewn it again higher part of the boot is nylon, Primo is located only in the middle. as a result, scuffs are formed there I do not wear a boot strap and do not plan to do so, so I cut the boot strap attachment pocket and sewed on the damaged place also I have no plans to strap the knee guard to the pad. therefore the valve with the Velcro over the knee was removed next, I
  14. from the experience of using them for half a year with 2-3 pieces of ice a week, I realized that I wanted a little more stiffness and stronger rebounds. as you know, the harder the core, the stronger the rebound will be. this was demonstrated by Bauer on the 1s Odin, whose core was made of solid foam thus the direction of Opt1k modification has been determined disassembly the core was composed of several types of foams glued together in places the glue crumbled and the foams peeled off, which also did not contribute to the overall rigidity of the pad and in
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