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  1. Half butterfly, huh? I have been doing a version of that with mediocre success but I didn't realize it was a "thing". I can only do it to the stick side side presently probably because I focus on trying to catch the puck if the play is to that side. I always considered my glove hand as my best asset and I've even been known to bait the shooter there from time to time. Paddle down I have not tried.
  2. That's a really good point Fullright, based on my limited experience and some of the youtube video's I have watched there seems to be much more passing which makes mobility a much more important skill. I've watched your videos and you are doing an amazing job of getting in front of the puck. You're playing at a lot higher level than I am
  3. Interesting discussion here! I am of the ancient , diminutive , and mobility challenged category and my game was always stand up. Now, coming back to play after 15 years I'm struggling with it a bit. I found when I first started shooters were always picking top corners until they realized that as a stand up with a decent glove hand I was going to gobble those up about 95% of the time. Then they started shooting low and they are blowing right by me because my "kick save" has evaporated due to lack of leg conditioning. Also, I don't find my new gear very conducive to that style of play. If I go down I'm not flexible enough to butterfly so one pad rotates and the other doesn't which is certainly not helpful. Now I see there are others like me and it gives me hope!
  4. I just found this thread last night and I have been watching with fascination as I am a left handed goalie as well and I play a similar style as you. I don't play at your level anymore as I am 63 and just coming back to it after a 15 year break. After watching these videos one thing is certain, there is no goaltending issue here! From what I could see most of the shots you identified as being misplayed were forced by the non-existent defense core. It's like a shooting gallery there and you are making saves that no team should expect from their goalie. I had a lot of fun watching and hope you will continue to post. And trust me... you are not the problem!
  5. Just bought a Coveted certified 906 in white with the straight line cage off the shelf at HockeyMonkey today. I recently started playing again after about 15 years and I noticed that my old Itec Profile 2000 didn't fit very well. While looking it over to see what adjustments could be made I found the born on date of the unit was 9 of 1998 so I figured it was time for an upgrade. Can't comment on the on-ice performance yet but it is a great fit and seems pretty comfortable. It feels pretty solid even though it"s a fair amount lighter than my Itech. I was looking at the Bauer 950 as well but Coveted seemed a bit more substantial than the Bauer and it fit better. Once I've had a chance to use it on ice I'll post back with my experiences and impressions as they apply to "beer league" hockey.
  6. Thanks guys! I'm having fun and that's what matters.
  7. LOL, no there were not tip ins or screens. At 63 years old with a 15 year layoff I'm afraid my reflexes are quite what the used to be. I was happy just to get a piece of it and keep it from going in. A few did get by me, those are what I call misses. 😉
  8. I don't understand exactly how it happened either. I am a stand up , positional style goalie so the glove was definitely fingers down. and there weren't any knuckleballs that I recall. Some went in the glove like they are supposed to, some hit other parts of the glove including a few off the front cuff, and some I missed with the glove or couldn't reach with the glove and they went off the arm but I believe the glove was facing forward at all times. An example of this would be a shot in close to my body where I need to keep my arm close to my chest to seal off the gap..
  9. Thanks for the link. Something like that is probably the easiest way to resolve this issue.
  10. I am a full right so the shot (actually there was more than one shot that went off the arm and not in the glove) would be striking the inside of my forearm. Thanks for the link, I may indeed try something like that.
  11. Well I wouldn't rule that out as a possibility. I put the chestie and glove on here at home and moved all around like I might during a save and I didn't see anything obvious but that's not a very good game simulation so I'll have to pay attention next time I play. I didn't notice one particular shot causing the damage at the time, either so that makes it harder to diagnose.
  12. That's a good point, I didn't consider the possibility of a gap opening up between the glove and arm pad. I'm pretty sure it's covered when I'm in ready stance but when I'm reaching to make the save it might have opened up.
  13. Yes, the unit is brand new and had about an hours use before that day. I had no issue with upper arms just the forearm on the glove side (full right). I checked for cracking etc but don't see any signs of damage. I do bruise pretty easy and there were two or three dozen shots to that area so maybe it was a cumulative thing. Played an hour and a half pick up game tonight with no protection issues so maybe it was just a fluke.
  14. Thanks! I'll check into that. $80 would be well worth it to me.
  15. I recently decided to return to the ice and play goal again after about 15 years. I replaced some of my gear including my chestiie and glove with Vaughn Velocity VE 8 Pro Carbon equipment. The other day I was at stick practice and a shooter was shooting slap shots from just inside the blue line and he was focused on glove side high. At the end of practice I took off my arm pad and had a large goose egg and bruise on my glove hand wrist. His shot was maybe 60 to 70 mph so I had little trouble following them and at least getting a piece of them so I don't understand why the bruising is so bad. Granted the shooter was a big dude and his shot was very heavy but surely they shoot much harder than that in the pros. I expected pro spec gear to offer more protection than that. When I look at the forearm section I see that the carbon fiber plate is good and solid but there is very little padding to back it up so the puck is slamming a carbon fiber plate into your arm. I can't see the pro goalies putting up with this. Anyone have any experience with this ? I have a high density foam pad in an elastic sleeve that's meant as a forearm pad for some other sport (soccer?) and I'm planning to wear this tomorrow night when I play in a pick up game but I don't expect to get peppered like that in a game situation (amateur over 50). I can't afford to replace it again since I had to replace my 30 year old skates last week and my leg pads are equally as ancient Other than this issue the gear is fantastic, by the way. Almost no breaking required , fits comfortably, and light weight.
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