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  1. Whether is gives you a 1% advantage or a 50% advantage, why wouldn’t you want to take any advantages you can if it doesn’t cost you anything. If the cost is zero the benefit regardless of size will outweigh it. I am all for taking any advantage I can get. An advantage is an advantage regardless of degree.
  2. Forgot to introduce myself. I started playing when I was 8, skated out the first 3 years then switched to goal. Played travel/AAA until my junior year of High School when I started playing Juniors. Unfortunately for me I was on a team where the other goalies dad owned the rink and junior team. My senior year scouts from USHL and OHL started looking at me and the other goalies dad did not like that. Long story short, I get called into the office on an off day and told to clean out my locker out of the blue. Refused to trade me or release my contract. Unfortunately this was in Nov so even they High School teams had been picked. Left such a bitter taste in my mouth I couldn't even watch hockey for the next decade. I just started playing again after taking 14 years off. Did a lot of camps growing up Rick Heinz, Great Lakes Goaltending, Jim Park, Future Pro, and a Junior/Pro camp at GDI in 05 (Zach Parise was a shooter that year), also taught at Rick Heinz and Great Lake Goaltending. Just trying to get back into the swing of things now. Thinking of going to an FHL tryout I was invited to, but not sure if the hour plus drive is worth it.
  3. Haven’t worn a neck guard since midgets. But recently I have taken a few hard shoots off of my bare neck. I hate having anything around my neck, and I have a fairly large neck to begin with. Question is what have you guys found to be the largest neck guard out there. Scrolling through goaliemonkey I could o my find a few with measurements and they only fit a 17” neck or smaller. Any suggestions on finding one for +18.5” neck?
  4. kyledjean

    2X Pro

    Bummer, not being able to color those and only being able to choose between white and black “nylon” on the back seem to be kinda ridiculous this late into coloring gear. Even my epics were able to color the nylon whatever I wanted.
  5. kyledjean

    2X Pro

    Anyone know if you can get the little accent marks in the middle of the pad in different colors than the middle color zone? I heard a rumor that that may be an option.
  6. Unfortunately their company was picked up by the local news stations here in GR. A lot of non goalies like the shit. So frustrating. There are way to many goalie schools now a days as well, everyone thinks they can be an amazing coach/instructor. So many stupid useless drills that are just drills and don’t correlate into game situations. So damn annoying to see constantly on Instagram.
  7. Did this allow you to get more stretch so your toe can hit the ice. My biggest complaint when trying on the warrior pads was how tight those toe and ankle straps were and it felt like they had no give at all in them. Never used pro laces or a hal strap before (except trying on in store on carpet) only used skate lace so far. Did that make the pads more enjoyable?
  8. Can the toe strap be taken off and switched to pro laces?
  9. I went from a vaughn vision ca from aprox 2003 to a warrior gt and let me tell you I feel next to nothing with the new chesty. To be honest not feeling it has actually hindered me a couple times as I lost track of the puck. I have literally only had 1 stinger in the shoulder in the month I have had it. The new ca are amazing compared to the early 2000's. What Chesty are you using? Per Broduer, if you aren't evolving your game every 2-3 years you are becoming obsolete. Ingoal had a great podcast with him. Just from the time of 2005 to know the way goaltending is played has changed exponentially. If you are constantly updating your game you will inevitably fall behind your peers, regardless of league/skill. with that being said it doesn't hurt to have other tools in your bag, you never know when you need a two pad stack (seen a couple this year in the NHL actually). Also the poke check will never go out of style.
  10. Did you ever end up getting the G3's? Do you like them?
  11. I would also look at the statistics, if you can find any, of how often a goalie is injured in the nhl while wearing a cat eye. I mean I don’t even think it’s one incident a year. I mean is so rare. Yet pretty much every pro wears a non certified cat eye. I personally can only remember seeing any injury in the nhl with a cat eye maybe 5 times, now I am only 31. I have never ever seen anything happen with a cat eye in person. Only on tv. Of those I have only seen two sticks and maybe maybe 3 pucks. While the sticks did a little damage, nothing serious, the pucks didnt actually injure the goalie. Only had to stop play to get the puck back out and for the goalie to calm down.
  12. NXI Stealth. I love this helmet. I will be so sad when it finally gives up. It does have one tiny crack on the stage right side where the bolt connects, though it doesn’t effect performance. I was so pissed to see NXI went out of business.
  13. Also has to do with how you react and flex your legs when taking the shot. This actually used to be taught in the late 90’s early 2000’s in goalie camps. Was fairly effective at deadening the puck. Especially effective for standup. With “softer” pads you can actually deadened the puck with only your leg pads. It does take a lot of practice and timing though. With that being said the area that puck will kick out can still reach almost 5 feet. The tps Brock pads did infact deaden pucks significantly on their own. I remember when those were all the rage.
  14. I play pretty aggressively. I take a lot of pucks and the occasional stick to the face. As you can see by my latest dent the cat eye holds up to 80+ mph shots. Never ever had a problem and will never not wear a cat eye. If you do not routinely smell burning rubber from fast shots you definitely don’t need to worry about a puck getting into your mask. This is also a cat eye that was made 15 ish years ago. I can only imaging them being stronger now. FYI I have taken literally hundreds of shots to the face with this mask and cage.
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