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    Wish the board was stiffer
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    wish it was a little smaller actually. Can't believe people where another cup under it.

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  1. Lol, what type of musical gear? I play the violin. Let me tell you just for a decent teaching instrument they run between 18,000-80,000. Found an awesome one in Ann Arbor, MI made in 1870 in Hungary , but it was 22,000.
  2. For reference in 2005 my epics were 999.99 for the legs, which was top of the line then, Mckenneys were around 599.99 at the time. Epics glove and blocker set were 499.99. Today Goaliemonkey current Vaughn combo is 2669.97. 100 in 2005 is equivalent to 131.58 today, according to google. That means the vaughn pads today would cost 1973.67 without tax. Gear today is truly 35% more expensive than it was 15 years ago dollar for dollar. The epics were brand new and top of the line when I bought them. I agree prices are ridiculous today for literally everything, not just goalie gear. 500 for a glove is just stupid.
  3. I mean if you zoom in you can see there is a white line running through the puck marks where the discoloration begins. To me, not having the pads in front of me, this looks like the boot area, above and below the break, have new “leather” added there. I would ask your client about that.
  4. When you had the pads did you run your hand over the line where the discoloration is? Just from the pictures and how crisp that line is, top and bottom, on both pads, almost identical, it appears that that area has almost a second layer on it. When I first glanced it looked like the pad had been repaired or had pad wrap added by the boot break, where the discoloration is. Not only is the red different but also the white and black are as well. And you can clearly see a line all the way across the pad, which is visual on any pad I have held in stores.
  5. Had a similar experience at Battle Creek this year. Pretty fun couple days for me. Unfortunately they didn't have anyone who knew anything about goalies evaluating the goalies in Battle Creek. Wonder who else in the forum has gone to minor pro tryouts?
  6. After another concussion the following monday I had to get a mask very quickly. Went to perani's in flint and tried all all their masks, didn't care for the majority. Met up with Joe from masked marvels at a local tourny, tried on a few of his and landed on the Assault model. Asked how quickly I could get the mask from him and he said 6 weeks at the earliest, but he had sold a bunch to some retail shops around. Only had to drive about an hour away to pick up the new lid. Played in it that night, ironically the very first shot I took was right to the dome. Didn't even feel it. The Assault held up like a tank. Asked Joe about a chin sling and he said he would install one for me. Dropped it off on monday night while he was coaching and picked it up tuesday night while he was coaching. Say what you want about the second string leather co, but Joe has amazing customer service. Talked to me all in all probably for 3 hours, did the chin sling in a day turn around, FOR FREE. Best fitting mask i have ever had or tried on. Love the chin sling with chin strap. If you are in Michigan and aren't looking to get a custom fitted mask from Warwick (probably the Master of Mask Makers currently) then definitely hit up Masked Marvels. Joe will treat you right and is a very nice guy. Didn't even get the mask from him directly and he still hooked me up. Mroy31: I believe Joe actually mentioned to me about your mask having an extended shell when I met with him. Thanks everyone for the advice. I appreciate everyone in this forum and what they do for fellow goalies.
  7. Thats pretty awesome actually, now if they made a couple different foams to choose from, added some garter straps to it and added cut resistant calf/ankles, it would be perfect for the modern goalie. Ability to customize foams, have an area to attach socks, and attach protective knee pads.
  8. A) I would love it if Bauer continued to make them, but unfortunately they discontinued them. So super hard to find pairs in the states, and the $70 is pretty ridiculous. B) Competition drives innovation, I think if more companies were allowed access to that type of foam we would see significantly better products that last longer. The problem is Bauer is the only one allowed to use that material in hockey gear and they quit making them. I would honestly love to see a compression pant utilize the way we hold cups in place through a pocket, and translate that into knee pads that can be taken in and out of the pant but are secure so there is no slippage, and can be removed for washing. Then you can have a different line of foams, hard-soft that can be slipped in.
  9. I have the Bauer knee sleeves that I was wearing under my Warrior knee pads, but one slipped down during a game and i tried to pull it up and tore it right where the foam is sown in. They are awesome knee pads, you just have to be extremely careful as they aren't the toughest material, especial at the point where the foam meets the compression material. I wish Bauer would give up their rights to that foam because its amazing.
  10. Thanks, good to know. Not sure if I can wait that long though. Unless I find a cheap substitute for the time being.
  11. So got a concussion on Monday from a clapper below the hash marks on a break away to the dome. Felt like my bottom lip exploded. Never had a shot hit my so square before. Popped a weld on my cat eye, and I don't even remember the shot hitting my cage. Took about 20 minutes to feel "normal", still played though. And Tuesday sucked pretty much at work. So got the ok from the wife to spend a "little more" on a mask. I think I have narrowed it down to either Otny X1 Eco Pro, and the Masked Marvels Assault. Both come out being pretty close in price and have the same dimensions and seem to have the same fitting. Looks totally different from my Stealth. Never used a chin sling before but really interested. I have never been one to be able to lift my mask up like I see most do, as I keep my mask pretty tight. Definitely time to get a new mask though as I can flex the chin a bit pretty easy, and just getting a new cage is around $135 so why not just get a whole new helmet. Just can't see what one mask has over the other.
  12. How was the experience working with Masked Marvels? Might I ask what was the cost of your mask (ball park) and how much was the skinfx? Are you please with the wrap? Have you had any ear rings since? If you had to purchase another mask would you go back to masked marvels?
  13. I am unable to find any info on Protechsports can you help me with a link?
  14. Not so much a time factor as a price factor. Do you guys think a lightly used (15x) otny x1 eco elite is worth $400? They look like they retail around $650 plus tax. I am actually in the same city as masked marvels (they run their camps on the south side of town) but not sure I could scrape together $800 before 2021.
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