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    Wish the board was stiffer
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    wish it was a little smaller actually. Can't believe people where another cup under it.

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  1. So the hal straps helped but did not solve the issue, Bauer originally said they didn't have any more straps so I purchased a used pair of x700's. The day those arrived bauer contacted me and said "hey we found one last pair of large crs straps". Tried the s29's with the hal straps and large crs straps. I don't know how anyone can feel comfortable in the supremes. I had to wear them so loose to get it to rotate back that they felt so sloppy. One time during a scramble the pad actually rotated fully around my leg to that my shin and knee was exposed until I could pull the pad back around. There was also so much play in my ankle that I sprained it slightly. So I am looking at unloading the s29's. That being said, the x700's felt like they were made just for me. They are beyond perfect for me. I absolutely love them. I am hoping they will last a year or two so that I can upgrade to 2x's when they go on sale. The first time I tried the x700's was a game that I was subbing for in one of the more advanced leagues in the area. Took about 2 minutes in the game to become comfortable. By the end of the 1st period I felt like I had worn the pads for years. The monster hal straps that @BadAngle41 hooked me up with work amazing with the x700s.Hoping I can save up enough money for a 2x glove and blocker by spring. On a side note, does anyone know of a helmet similar to the NXI Stealth? Tried doing some research but I am finding it hard to find any comparable helmets to it. Not sure of the Sportsmask Mage is similar or not? Unfortunately I have a fairly large head.
  2. Gotta love the Simpsons Quote
  3. I would look at amazon for micro fleece lined compression leggings and long sleeve shirts as well as a micro fleece lined hat thing (worn usually under snowmobile helmets and such). Can find this stuff pretty cheap if you don't mind not using non-name brand stuff. Should be able to get a full set for under $40. That's what I wore when I did rug and uniform delivery in Michigan. Had some -18 degree mornings in a truck with no heat. If needed I can find the links for things I used. Just let me know.
  4. Getting called for a trip when pokechecking and the guy literally just skates over your stick and falls. Yet when you are literally dragged out of the net by 3 plus feet by a player and they score yet there is no penalty. Or getting a penalty when the nets been off for over 30 live seconds of play for yelling at the refs that the nets off, by more than a couple feet.
  5. Was in a tourney over the summer where the refs called a shot a goal, and we never found the puck, ever. The refs literally spent 5 minutes right after looking for the puck, and I spent the rest of the game (14 minutes left in the 3rd) looking for it between whistles. Never found it. My team and I still maintain that it was not in fact a goal.
  6. The only way to “fix” that seems to be if you turned the last gold “A” black and made the next line that is white gold. Or take out that second line of black all together and just make it gold.
  7. Shout out to BadAngle41 for hooking me up with not one but 2 sets of hall straps. Truly appreciate it!
  8. Anyone know where you can get extra bauer supreme straps. Also is there a way to move the toe ties from a offset position to the normal middle. While the hal straps helped, they did not eliminate the issues I am having. I believe a) the straps I have are two small, being that I have "large" calves. b) I believe the offset two isn't creating enough tension and that is pulls it back to a "front" position that is still off by at least 30 degrees. Bauer told me that they currently didn't have any extra straps or outside knee cradle attachments. I checked perani's, source for sports, and goaliemonkey online, and no one seems to offer the supreme straps. I did try playing with only the lower strap, outside strap, and knee strap in price angel, but the pads practically fell off. Or should I give up on the supremes, and just save up for a new pair of pro vapors with regularly positioned toes? I am kinda inbetween small and medium heights, would like to order mediums, the s29's are smalls.
  9. My guess is that Anderson has seen the videos of guys using only Velcro having their pads come off and this strap is to prevent that. Wish I could remember where I saw it to post as a reverence but it had a player crashing the net, clipping the goalies right pad while down. This caused his entire pad to unstrap except the toe strap. .
  10. Is it just me or do ALL of the dave arts this year have literally the exact same basic design. Take out all the jazz and its the exact same paint job just different colors.Basically the same 2 (3) basic zones and styles. Not to bash him, I like some of his work a lot, just seems this year he is very blah, especially with adding "stickers".
  11. 32. Just started playing again this summer after taking 14 years off. Went to a FHL tryout over the weekend, did pretty well (asked to be emergency backup). but after 2 practices and 4 games between thurs-sun, and then a game mon and weds my right hip is definitely feeling it. Luckily for everything except last nights game I wore my old gear which is a lot more forgiving to the joints. Crazily my 36 epics are barely an inch taller than the s29 smalls. The s29s felt soooo incredibly weird. felt like i wasn't even really wearing anything, especially since the only elastic really was just around the bottom half of my calf.
  12. Thanks, much appreciated. I will give the elastic a try in the coming weeks. I hope to get knee pads as well when funds allow. Definitely different going from 12 to 11 inch pads with an incredibly harder knee block. My knees and hips really felt it last night and this morning. Appreciate the input guys. Love this forum!
  13. Wearing a cheaper version of a regular compression underarmor, so silky smooth. No boot strap. I will have to try and check out a video on how to replace the laces with elastic as the toe box doesn't have any exposed knots, all seem to be inside the pad and the toe box is a little loose. So elastic will help with the rotation back compared to a tight skate lace with no stretch?
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