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  1. Very interesting, I love your project and looking forward to next update!
  2. I had simillar problem with my 2S. I´m using pro laces or my version of it. Firstly I attached boot strap and removed calf strap - it helped a lot. Elastic boot strap help to straiten the pad on your leg. Additionally I sewed inner calf wrap to the outer to make more space for skates aroud the ankle - calf wrap was hitting the edge of the skate. My second option which i´m using right now is this: boot strap remove and attach it as proffesor strap. Next remove the main CRS strap and I use only "that one, which is attached to the outer calf wrap" - sorry I don´t know how to describe it. Any
  3. I can´t speak about pro models, I have used only semi-pro models: CCM e3.9 - not bad rebounds but it felt slighty heavy on my hand Vaughn SLR Pro - good and predictable rebounds, better than e3.9 (quallity looked better than CCM) Bauer s29 - the best blocker of these 3 in case of weight and speed of rebounds (for the price - quallity is good, not as good as the vaughn, but the rebounds are really hot and it matters )
  4. I had simillar issue on my 2S and started to use boot strap. It helped a little bit. But additionally i sewed the inner wrap (right one on your picture) to the outer wrap on the bottom of the wrap. Now I tried to add the professor strap, so i hope, that the boot strap will not be necessary
  5. I have ftk 19,5 and I am wearing Bauer M. I think, that sr S will be pretty good for you👍
  6. I´m just beer-leaguer, but the Rey company says, that the fiberglass is the most popular option. I have mask which is fiberglass copy of Bauer NME 10 with carbon fiber on chin and forehead and I love it. It is made also in the Czech Republic by one skillfull guy. Anyway, I mean, that the fiberglass is the material I would choose if I was you.
  7. I don´t have Bosport mask, but only Bosport cage. It is the best cage i had in my life. I´ve had it for 2 seasons (play 3 times a week) and no damages or bent wires. However, the Rey company is very famous here in the Czech Republic and lot of semipro and pro goalies wears this brand. It is said, that the fiberglass is more durable than carbon fibre. I had the fiberglass Rey mask (low cost - about $200) for 4 seasons. Material was ok and for beer league it was sufficient. I think, that the better quallity of fiberglass is really good mask for the price.
  8. I had CCM Premier II in 34+2 and it was a bit big for me, now I have Bauer 2S in Medium and it fit perfectly. For you I recommend Large in Bauer
  9. I´m using Vaughn SLR chestie and pants and I tried wearing almost every option, that is possible. I realy love my pants to sit as high as posible, so now I uprgraded my suspenders - instead of the elastic I use nylon. So chestie over my pants. For me this is the best option, because suspenders over chestie push the chestie down.
  10. kohula

    Warrior G5

    I´m in love😍
  11. just "shave" it with your razor, it will be almost like new😉
  12. I had the same idea. Yesterday I have bought one set with 50 % discount, today on ice and I love them One issue is the inner calf wrap, because it fights with my skates. I´m using ProLaces and no boot strap. I´m going to add the boot strap and I hope, it could help.
  13. Sorry.. I´m here for a while, but I ussually don´t write on forums, but I like to watch I have found this photo few days back and I wanted to share it with you. It is not my photo. For me, it reminds me Bauer´s supreme pads with no break, I´m curious about internal materials.
  14. Hello, anyone have seen this photo? I´m not sure, but it don´t look like P2 od EF4 skined diferently. No more info, only this photo. I hope that you are as curious as me fom more info
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