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  1. Not sure what your cell phone situation is, but the iPhone has a stronger camera than the iPad. It totally depends what you're doing with the footage. The upside of an iPad is a coach can show a guy what he's seeing right there, on the ice, on a 10" screen. But if you're uploading the footy to your channel and already have an iPhone (and a good case)? I might not bother.
  2. I've got a round-toe on order with these guys. I went through their Facebook page as well (look for AGSticks). Dmitrii is quick to respond to my questions (even on a Sunday!) and the whole ordering process was an email answering a couple questions. He responded with a quote. The pricing matched what he listed on the Facebook page. I'm close enough to do local pickup, so no shipping charges. I'll use it for a couple skates and also message back with my thoughts. Hopefully I have a new stick supplier. Update: Stick is in hand. I've got a couple ice times this weekend, and I'll be using this stick exclusively. I'll update again with my opinions on it. Specs I ordered a 25" round toe (CCM-style), black, with P31 curve (only option). No logos, names, or grips on my order. Weight: ~870g Length (peak of heel to end of shaft): ~57" First Impressions My experience with the CCM Extreme Flex e3.9 (on which this stick is based) is extremely limited, so I can only evaluate this on its own merits, rather than as a comparison. The stick feels solid and light. I'm by no means a perfectionist, but if you are, I should point out there are some blemishes in the finishing. The multi-laminate shaft looks like it has a staple scar that didn't get wood filler (see photo). More important to me, many of the sticks I handled at their office had what appears to be a drip of epoxy at the toe (see photo). It's hard to tell, but I believe Dr.J's stick in the photos above also have the drip. It might not matter to you, though, and it's a simple enough fix with a chisel, which I'll be doing before taping. Customer Service I live close enough to the manufacturing facility that local pickup was an option. I arranged with Dmitrii to pick up my stick this afternoon, but as he was out of the office this week, there was some confusion picking up my order. After a few minutes waiting in their showroom, a salesman walked me through their plant floor to where the sticks are inventoried in a separate building. From there, we tracked down my stick from the inventory shelf, and the salesman offered to deliver any future orders to my house since we actually live pretty close to one another. Long way of saying, an order number or bill of sale would've helped my particular case of local pickup, but otherwise the customer service was excellent. Dmitrii answered all my questions quickly, especially his being out of office. My experience might've been an oddity, but it wouldn't prevent me from ordering again.
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