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  1. Scythe

    Boddam gear

    I had a red black n white Boddam glove for awhile.. huge frying pan.. worked well though
  2. Scythe

    Hockey movies

    Watched the Russian Five today... pretty good... really good actually.. highly recommended. I'm not much into fighting but seeing Claude Lemieux get the bloody beatdown he deserved was good to see again...
  3. I looked at GM's stock today and picked out a blocker ... nothing spectacular but an extra 30% off the clearance price is pretty tempting.. and it worked on me. 😕 Hopefully it's still in their inventory... if not then that'll be ok .. i have "buyers guilt" buying myself something so close to Christmas 🤫
  4. I like the Black n Blues... Red Wings um not gonna go there lol
  5. I had a side release buckle break yesterday on the elastic strap for the thigh board. Don't know how or when it broke. Been thinking about just taking the boards off.. but kind of like having them .
  6. Waiting for the Burrito Supreme line. Hear they're tasty
  7. Scythe

    Jofa 388

    they look pretty good from a side angle. Is'nt JOFA pronounced YO-FA?
  8. i have never done any customizing at the paddle/shaft area.. but have thought about trying the trigger grip. My current stick has a round toe and I like it. My 2 previous sticks were square. The only thing and probably the most important thing is the curve on my new stick is pretty radical... it's like a wedge. Playing the puck gets tricky. I think it is Lundqvist ? that significantly cuts down the shaft of the stick. He said something about how it's easier to play pucks that end up around his skates or something like that.
  9. Was just looking it up on the database... Flyers from 81 to 83 and Whalers fir the 1982-83 season
  10. Were there other teams besides the Flyers that wore the Cooperalls?
  11. Wore the CCM AB Pro Medium yesterday for first time. Man i really dislike wearing brand new stuff. I was almost thinking before I left the house to bring my old one with me but i left without it. I gotta get into this new one now. It fits fine ... the arms feel weird. They aren't too long or short just stiff and a bit more bulky. I did notice cuff of catcher wasn't clearing around wrist all the way. My old one went fit nicely into cuff of glove. Movement took a little to get use to but after about a half hour it was feeling good. Neck gaurd seemed to be fine underneath it. I go untucked, untied and no suspenders over the top. Overall it seems like it will be a good addition to my arsenal but may need to tweak the arms a bit.
  12. Bauer Reactor 4000 skates. I bought them lightly used... maybe 1 or 2 times by previous owner. They either feel ok or like shit. Don't know what to expect whenever i put them on. TPS Summit red n black 32" pads. Sold those quick.
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