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  1. Scythe

    Atlanta Gladiators

    Today was the first day of Gladiators training camp. Pics not very good.. cheapo phone. Sean Bonar (bones) first two pics ... I'm guessing but I think the other goalies were prospect Braeden Ostepchuk and possibly Miroslav Svoboda ,o
  2. I was playing a pick up a long time ago at a rink that i didn't really trust with my valuables left unattended so i had put everything in a pouch and set it on top of the net. This guy in the warm up hits the pouch off the net and 3 dollar bills went flying up in the air... It was pretty hilarious.. they were all saying "money shot"
  3. I had a strange thing happen the other day. I blocked the shot high chest and some how the puck rolled up and ended up under the chin of my mask. I could feel it in there .. when i stuck my chin out the puck fell out. No dangler on my mask but do wear a Bauer bib .. won't play without it.
  4. i still use a Vector .. it's gotten pretty soft over the years. Had a couple stingers the other day .. granted that guy had a hard shot but still i'd rather not get the stingers..
  5. block is a blocker ... until i break a finger. Really though unless every guy i faced had a cannon shot I'd beef it up but for pick ups my Bauer RX6 Special Edition works fine Don't laugh it's actually not a bad blocker at all ... and for some reason, today, I blocked more shots than normal with it... flat rebounds
  6. Scythe


    yea those are good charts .. I've read them .. I going to look at the Wall's too. The 940X would be fine for what I do with hockey. i appreciate all the feedback from everybody... I wasn't being sarcastic , sometimes it's hard to tell how things are being said in type.
  7. Scythe


    I've been using a Fusion mask for a few years now. Very happy with it too. It looks like plastic on the outside but is layered with kevlar. The newer Fusions are layered up even more. It's a cool mask.. unique i'm just thinking maybe it's time to put it down. I was made in 2008, I've replaced rusted screws and put an Adams chin cup from a football helmet chinstrap into the mask. I like the feel of those kinds of chin cups more. I've priced getting the foams replaced/mask refurb but it's kind of pricey. I believe in Bauer.. they put out great products. My first pair of skates in 76 were a used pair of Bauer i found at a thrift store. Only thing I did not care for was when they got with Nike and put the swoosh over everything. I'm not playing tennis. Same goes for Reebok.
  8. Scythe


    That's not my thoughts on it at all. Thank you for caring.
  9. Scythe


    There's many more you can read if that's not technical enough for you.
  10. Scythe


    The outstanding strength CJ. This article and many more like them.
  11. Scythe


    this link should answer any questions about PC (polycarbonate). I wouldn't hesitate to use a PC mask and have been eyeing the Bauer 940X as my next purchase. https://www.creativemechanisms.com/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-polycarbonate-pc
  12. I placed an order about 3 weeks ago.. I ordered from their website. I don't know about the grips or wrong specs showing up but I did get what I ordered from the website and received a personal email from Rob Laurie to let me know he was out of town when I placed the order and that the sticks were being shipped. That's pretty good service I think. They got here nicely packed. Nice sticks ... super light.
  13. I got my new Northwood stick last week with what looks like a heel wedge. The blade looks crazy. Used it on Friday and it didn't take too long to get a feel for it. I can really lift the puck now. Played a dump in and got the puck high off the glass. Nice n lite .. foam core .. durable. Blocked a shot off the shaft and did not dent or anything.
  14. I use the black n red Bauer Vapor like the one above too. Love it .. compact, fits good and feels good around my butt cheeks. Don't double cup or anything .. don't face too many hard shooters
  15. Scythe

    Is CCM Gear Durable?

    LoL Awesome! 😅
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