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  1. I was thinking about trying to sell some things there but don't like the 15% they take from new members sales. It's not much but still sort of bothers me. It's old and older stuff that would be a waste of time trying to sell anyway. Would be fine donating if I can find a good place or see what a PIAS would give me.
  2. I flew out of Medford a couple years ago.. the guy sitting next to me must've bonged out in the parking lot... 🙄
  3. Personally?.. no i never have. I mentioned mobility but meant restrictive. Something like that would probably be too restrictive . Oops sorry i thought you quoted me lol
  4. I'm thinking back to my hockey cards.. i think there was someone on the Blackhawks that wore one.
  5. How about some sort of Hans device that the race car drivers are wearing that goalies could wear or neck rolls. I wore neck rolls [80's] on my high school football shoulder pads and remember a couple NHL'ers in the 80's or early 90's that wore neck rolls. Would probably be too radical of an addition with mobility concerns in mind but could and probably would help with the whiplash effect.
  6. Is there a way to delete posts? Sometimes... well more often than i like to admit i post wrong information or misinformed information or just plain embarrassingly dumb posts .. Thank you
  7. How about a compression sock pad. Just slip it on and go... 😄
  8. Those seem like an option if you don't mind a little aramid on the paddle/blade.. square toe easy to find full right... inexpensive
  9. Are the Bauer Reactor 5000's wood shaft only?
  10. I still think there should be a shoot out/penalty shot line added to the layout. It could be 8ft wide and placed 4ft from the blue paint or somewhere within or beyond Wave off if crossed. And ban the lacrosse goal.
  11. The other day with the new c/a i put my sweater on the unit first then put the whole contraption on ... the arms are so stiff .. worked out good.... as far as headband ... yes!
  12. A couple months ago i installed this Adams football chin strap into my mask. The cup that came with the mask is like a hard styrofoam. I was wanting a tighter fit around the chin, more than what the blue styrofoam cup was giving me. It felt weird at first... i wasn't sure i wanted to feel like a chipmunk but after a few uses i kind of learned to like it. It does feel a lot more stable now around the chin. Much deeper cup. I don't know maybe it could be my imagination but shots to the mask felt different.. in a good way. Noticed that after the first one. Had to cut the strap that came with the Adams off to thread the mask strap through it. Nothing that will prevent concussions just something i wanted to try in that area.
  13. Scythe

    Tucker Tydan injury

    http://Check out @TuckerTynan1’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/TuckerTynan1/status/1205625222633795584?s=09 Don't think link is working but he says he's doing good and very thankful for all the well wishes.
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