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  1. Scythe

    2021 Playoffs

    Will the long flights have any affect on the teams performances? Could the ice be a lot different in Vegas vs Centre Bell?
  2. Good topic.. my Itech 4.8 X Wing catcher white navy sliver is worth mentioning here .. I've had more protective gloves but this glove is light and closes really good too. Probably because it has less beef in it. The occasional stinger is expected and will happen sooner or later but really hasn't been a problem from the harder shots. Always preferred double t's and it has that too. They're cheap and can still be found lightly used or brand new if you're lucky. The one I have now was brand new when I got it a few months back. Itech started making them with single t's which kind of sucks because I know where a brand new one is right now but it's an X WIng Prodigy X Factor or whatever they started calling them with a single T for $50.
  3. Scythe

    2021 Playoffs

    Well Carolina might be toast this week so I'd love to see a Montreal NY final.
  4. I was all set to watch the Islanders n B's last night.. made tacos before the game and had salsa n chips for while watching it... fell asleep before 8 and woke up at 10:38 ☹. Getting up at 3am for a 5am to 1:30pm work schedule tends to do these things.
  5. Scythe

    2021 Playoffs

    Wanting Islanders or Hurricanes in this whole thing.
  6. Scythe

    Vegas set

    The King
  7. Scythe

    2021 Playoffs

    Fitting.. dude better watch his back How about that goal by Marchand a couple nights ago.. what an angle to find that corner. Somewhat of a tool but dudes always scoring
  8. Take a look at the Tron jerseys too.. they also have all kinds of colors and can be customized.. mine fits tight but stretchy over my CCM AB PRO c/a. I use mine on ice. DJ 80 series Pros.. super super lightweight.. cool in temperature and you can literally throw this on over your chesty with one hand.. no lie. Washes well. Cons.. thin fabric is somewhat prone to damage from high caliber shots. https://hockeytron.com/collections/custom-hockey-jerseys
  9. Stick manufacturers should just make trigger grip a standard on their sticks and make no trigger a custom order. The Montreal sticks from some years back had the longest shafts I've ever seen.. they seemed really balanced uncut.
  10. 😥 bye Bauer I use to only use your skates ... until about a couple months ago when I jumped on board the CCM boat! Best move eva! 😃
  11. The earlier post wasn't too accurate.. I hurt myself May 3rd and when i said i was feeling 80% .. , well at that time of that post it was more like 60% .. I now feel 90% better.. with the help of stretching and getting up and moving.. working actually. Unfortunately I've had to work through all this. I tried holding off on taking any kind of drug but broke down and bought a small bottle of Aleve Back and Muscle Pain. I took 1 tablet a couple days ago and it seemed to really help. If any of you are thinking about an otc medication for back pain you may want to try it. The best part of this is I'm getting excited about seeing the rink again and playing. Check with your Doctor before taking any medications
  12. North Carolina obviously knows something
  13. Last time I got some they had them sized as senior and junior.. senior being 55" or something like that.. I wear them under the c/a , bought the Bauer senior ones and they were still pretty short and I'm not even that tall 5'9". Had to tape the ends up to prevent them from slipping out of the clips.
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