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  1. Changing front rotors yesterday and snapped a caliper mounting bolt 😡. Break is flush with bracket.. both ends.. anybody have exp drilling out bolts? Any tips thx ... don't really want to buy a new caliper and the car i drive that are at the junkyards are robbed of anything meaningful Had a torque wrench on the bolt and was waiting for the click... it clicked and snapped at the same freakin time 🤬
  2. Here is another refurbisher that i learned of a couple weeks ago. May send my Fusion to him to do. Matt Garland [Pro Masque]
  3. I'm using the Bauer Reactor 4000's in 7.5 size.. not sure which ones are in the pic above... but man i was lost on them for awhile ... the height and the rocker.. at least they felt rockered to me. Love them now. They get more comfortable after every use. As far as the pushes go... I'm not the best at it but they seem to work pretty good when I try to. I don't think i could go any taller.
  4. if boards advertising was done away with like directly behind the net in the trapezoid area, would or could it help the shooter or the goalie more or neither, (doesn't matter)?
  5. Thanks guys... I enjoy reading and seeing everybody's equipment here. I envy all you guys that play competitively on teams and stuff. I strapped them on and like what I see in mirror. The thinner size really looks good. I'll try to tell how they feel and will probably have some questions about what to try if they feel off in any specific area. thanks
  6. Ok guys they got here today. My new old stock pads. I got these because up until now I've never had 11" wide pads. Mainly because i don't play in any leagues or anything i just play pick up games. The player turnout is always good .. full benches and they're usually pretty fast paced which makes it more fun. Other reasons ... it's a good pro pad made in Canada and last but not least ... a crazy deal. At least I thought so. Unboxing of Itech 12.8 Xwing Pro pads in stock white/silver/navy colors
  7. I don't remember seeing a cage fitted on the one in the episode. Wasn't the guy in yhe beginning in a grid cage? Don't have time to watch right now
  8. Scythe

    My bag

    Hey Jonathon... they're out there. This one i got off of GM a few years ago but I've seen the identical bag listed as a coaches bag... so weather goalie specific or not is up in the air. It is big though. All my stuff fits in fine minus leg pads. The 2 pockeys inside could be used for skates i suppose but they look kind of small.. i just use them for storage. Good stiching all around.
  9. Man .. that's cool. Does anybody think they should be used at this point?
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