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  1. https://unsplash.com/s/photos/hot-bikini
  2. Felt sick hearing of Tony's passing. He was such a big influence in my life growing up too. My brother loved Phil and I loved Tony. I memorized there book We Can Teach You To Play Hockey.. all the pictures of Tony putting on his equipment and the dream of playing are priceless memories. Then it all came full circle when we got to see Tony play in person at the LA Forum vs the Kings. I was 11 or 12 yo at the time and actually got to pat him as he walked by out of the dressing room I was in awe.. I even made a sign that said "We Love Tony" and held it out. Will never forget that moment. we'll miss you Tony rip
  3. This is something I've decided to do. Yesterday really sucked at a pick up session. I've noticed I haven't had fun the last few times I've gone out there and may just take the rest of the summer off. Never really liked summer hockey as much as fall and winter anyway tbh. Pickup really sucks too when people decide they don't even want to try. I stand there and can't help but shake my head.
  4. MAF a Blackhawk .. 👡
  5. Are dangles a thing of the past?
  6. i loved my KOHO 580's and now my current CCM Tacks 6092's are my all time favorite, so if those 2 were ever morphed into 1 i think I'd be pretty happy with that creation but more towards the 6092.. really like the comfort, smaller cowling and good steel
  7. I had ordered this Blue Jackets jersey back in May to kind of color match the rest of my stuff. I hadn't used it until this month after the 4th of July holiday. This was the second time wearing it in these pictures. It's kind of bittersweet after the Matiss Kivlenieks tragedy .. but a nice tribute too.
  8. I went out Wednesday last week and last night to take some shots.. I suck.. a lot of it is age but a lot of it is lack of coaching.. i never had any. I can say it doesn't bother me but someplace inside it does when I miss easy shots.. ☹ I sometimes question why I still do it.. I guess I'm better than no goalie showing up 🙂 I know about 10 things I could do right now to be better but to be honest I'm just not that motivated anymore to do them.
  9. Pretty sure Kaz is playing in Sweden now.
  10. Hope they put some lights inside it.. It'd look doubly cool lit up.
  11. Bummed I lost one of my favorite hats on a camping trip ☹ last week.. my camouflage O'Reilly auto parts hat I left on top of the truck. Looked around the next morning hoping someone hung it up someplace but no luck it was gone 🙄.
  12. Scythe

    2021 Playoffs

    Every time they showed Vasilevskiy with his mask off he looked like Richard Kiel
  13. Scythe

    2021 Playoffs

  14. Scythe

    2021 Playoffs

    Sweeps are ok in semi finals but not in a SCF. Lets go Canadiens. Seems like a few non calls to me what are the refs looking at? The hand eye coordination by pretty much all of TB's players is incredible while Montreal players look like they're tripping over themselves
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