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  1. The Nash was raised by the padding under it.. had nothing to do with the Nash itself. The new model does not have that extra padded layer. Again I would stop concerning yourself with the Nash, as it was the internals causing your issues. Palm position was same between 2 and 3. Just wait for the new one to hit stores and put one on... will feel much improved in all aspects.
  2. You can't lose with either of those designs, both look sharp and will really pop in person. We eliminated the 5 flex because it was so close to a 4, it really made no sense... the HyperFlex 5 was called out on previous model because the flex of the boot was overall softer than previous models, this continues and the 4 will give you that feel without adding another number option. Really at the boot the numbers mean how big of a radius the cut in the boot is.. once it gets to 4 or 5 its so negligible. Stock flex at thigh is a 1, not 3.. 1 means no break internally or external (will
  3. What did you like from the Pro 2 that you didnt on the Pro 3? They were very close in construction minus better finger protection on the latter. The IV is completely new.. it's much lighter, has redesigned sidewall, has the palm and finger protection from Optik, has new balance/feel, and has a fantastic BOA setup. It has been all the pro's fav blocker by far. The G-NETik 1 had a "pro palm" laid around the break of the palm and interfered with closure a bit, it had nothing to do with the Nash. The G-NETik IV is polar opposite in terms of closure/snap/seal of the original, it closes better
  4. Yeah that was just them speculating but good find. If anyone has any questions I will be checking this thread periodically, I would be happy to help. I am obviously very biased but I will give you my true and honest insight on anything
  5. First off, I don't know who said the Optik FLX replaced the G-NETik line, because that was never the intention. The Optik replaced the SubZero Pro 3, and the FLX gave a double break-like option for the Optik since the outer roll is so thin and streamlined that making exterior breaks in it was pointless, hence the core options. There is a distinct difference in feel between Optik (FLX or FLY) vs. G-NETIK IV. The IV has much more playability/torsional flex in the core which doesn't confine you to a boxy feel. I could never personally play well in a SubZero or Optik pad because its not my sty
  6. Sweet mask.. and second one
  7. Not for this season. Unfortunately with Ben Ward our former glove designer, getting out of the hockey industry, it took us the full amount of time to produce the Optik pro domestic line and did not have time to get an import version going. Still finishing a pro chest/ etc for this year as well.. It is quite taxing for our small team to get everything done and unfortunately we couldnt have an import line to coincide with the pro release this year and didnt wanna rush it. So the Heritage import line, Alite is what will be offered this year for mid-level price point. But I must admit, Reo - our l
  8. Also - not trying to really 'promote' but we do have some products now on our website in terms of apparel/hats that can be purchased. This is not a money maker for us by any means, but more just to fulfill the demand we receive from customers wanting to support and wear the brand. In a perfect world, we would sell in stores and make money on it but retailers have no interest in carrying Brian's apparel with everything else they have to carry from player brands/lifestyle brands/etc. We will continue to add new designs and offerings.. http://www.goalies-only.com/page-shop.php
  9. The Optik blocker palm is more form fitting and fits the regular sized hand much better. The issue was, the old designer of our glove/blocker Ben Ward, had big bear mitts, and no matter what, everything felt too small to him. I mentioned a couple years that many online and in person were complaining about palm size in the stock blockers, but unfortunately we had a 4 year supply of them. Now with Reo at the helm for gloves & blockers as well, we have made the change and seems like it has worked well. It is also a more premium palm in terms of materials/design than the previous.
  10. The air pillow in there is really only for someone that wants something THICC.. i think the general population would just use without the pillow as its really not necessary, just another option out of the box for fitment/feel/protection
  11. I was thinking the air pillow looked large when @thegoalnet was showing it, but also think its emphasized due to being white and rest is red, like he mentioned its very soft and does not impede movement, but is also easily removable since its attached by velcro. (like I did, I don't feel the need to have anything extra on my blocker)
  12. My two cents is.. for any goalie playing anywhere from Pee Wee - Men's league, only need a Game-ready palm (especially from Brian's, I have no experience with other brands) I recommend some college/pro guys to use a Pro palm or Pro beefed palm for practices. College goalies generally only get 2 gloves per season, so having one have a pro palm will ensure it lasts through 4 days a week of practices all season limiting the stingers. Pro guys get many gloves, but in practices they are facing the hardest shots possible and they need to stay protected as their job is on the line. In my
  13. No the pad cannot be made with external breaks, due to the design/process/streamlined outer roll, an outer break is not needed nor is it possible. We designed this pad to give the feel of external breaks (on FLX model particularly) without having the aesthetic look of breaks. I understand if you are trying to go for the traditional 'single break pad w/ knee rolls' look but honestly that would be better suited for a Heritage pad purchase.
  14. Not big rounded knee rolls like the Heritage, but thinned out low profile ones (like G-NETIK 1) or small squared ones (see Dylan St Cyr Notre Dame Optik's) are possible. The knee rolls can not go above the depth of the streamlined outer roll.
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