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  1. My new mask from Michel. Such a pleasure to work with. Giguere mould Extended chin Roy vent pattern Roy backplate Roy cage Lefebvre style clips
  2. Thanks for the kind words Rich. And props to you for reaching out in the first place. Glad your buddy could make use of it... or will soon I guess. Let me know what he thinks. And yep... its an Eddy GT L
  3. Thats paint. The clear coat is just spray bomb. Which has yellowed and cracked a bit. I'm assuming a 65 year old guy playing pickup in Gatineau isn't a huge Flyers fan, so we should at least throw a fresh coat of white paint on it. You pick up a Nash harness at your LHS and we'll call it a community effort 😉 Don't worry about money. If this guy is really in need I'm more than happy to donate the mask and my time. T'is the season after all
  4. Its off an early 90's Eddy Mask I had when I was a kid. The small adult shell. From when Eddy first came out and they had both the Eddy Mask and Goaltec brands. Funny enough it bolted right up.
  5. How about this? Eddy GT Large. I had this old RBK cage on it. I also have a chrome Eddy cert cage. I could do a quick refoam and respray. Just needs a harness
  6. Hey Rich. I might have something. I'll have a look when I get home.
  7. Makes sense. And his return was right in this no-logo era.
  8. I could be wrong, but I think in Making Coco it said he wore the white Harrison mask when coming back from his suspension. Could the pictured gear be from that timeframe? Maybe D&R didn't want their name tied to all of that and asked him to cover it. Or maybe his endorsement was dropped and he was legally required. EDIT: wow, i missed a bunch of posts when I was on lunch. MTHs explanation makes more sense
  9. I was at the HHOF a few weeks ago and didn't see any Fuhr masks. Not in the mask exhibit anyways. Maybe they pulled it out to do promotion for the movie??? Of course I am getting old and blind so who knows... I did spend a solid 40 minutes drooling at that exhibit and getting in everyones way. The only Oilers mask I saw was Dave Drydens early cage combo he collaborated with Harrison on.
  10. No clue. This is the only one I've ever seen. I never actually saw OTNY offer these on their website. I remember there being talk of doing a group buy back in the GSBB days. Way back. I also contacted OTNY about many years ago and didn't get a response. I doubt they'd even do a run of them now unless the numbers were really high. Olympia Composites offers a few variants of this cage, but their prices are a little steep... especially for us north of the border.
  11. Thanks. I created a plug from an existing 282. To do this I fused the helmet at the adjustment points and blended the seams. I also removed the logo and the trim around the ears. Once all the openings were closed off and blended I made a two piece mould off of the plug in traditional fashion. I chose to keep all of the vent holes except for the ones at the very top/back. I also drilled holes for the two common cage mount positions. The helmet I posted was the first pull from the mould. Its a fibreglass/epoxy lay-up. A little on the thick side, but not bad for a first pull. I u
  12. Heres a project I recently completed. I put it on my Instagram but I might as well post it here too. I've been picking at it for the past few years. I love wearing old Jofas, but having a young family I worry about wearing 30 year old plastic on my 30+ year old head. Composite Jofa 282 replica (yep...a clone). Tried to stay as true to the original design as possible while removing anything I thought wasn't needed (logo, rivet holes, adjustment points) before creating the mold. Did the chin cup in black vinyl with a vertical stitch pattern. Cage is by OTNY I believ
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