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  1. I understand that but at the same time Toyota doesn't try to make us believe that the Camry that runs in the Nascar is the exact same one sitting at your local dealership. On another note, I'm also looking forward to the smaller chestys and even pants. I still think goalie equipment is too big and I wouldn't mind if the legal pad width went down to 10"
  2. I completely understand that we're not Pros and we don't need the same kind of attention, but what rubs me the wrong way is the fact that they market it the same way, using the Pros to get to us. Vaughn shouldn't try to convince me that Lundy wears the exact same chesty as the one hanging at the LHS.
  3. I agree with C/A's being due for a downsize and a revolution but my guess is that the next step is a change in materials like block foams and plastics being replaced with some more advanced foams and gels for example. Though it leaves me to think how much more expensive those units will be with all those highly engineered materials if regular foam and plastic units go for ~$600 As for this thread, I really liked the idea until I read that even the NHL C/A's have nothing to do with the off the shelf Pro units. It kind of sucks seeing a guy in say a V7 unit, knowing it's something we can't get anyway
  4. Datsyuk92

    Bauer Gear

    Can't believe Pete had to make those
  5. Datsyuk92

    Graf DM1080

    Thank you for the review! I wonder how much different they are from the DM1050's...
  6. That honestly looks like the best catcher out there, for me anyways. What were some of the prototype features you decided to try after all?
  7. Datsyuk92

    G4 Thread

    @TGC-Rance Omg that set is a thing of beauty. I love the big stripe in the middle that cuts the pad in half. You can tell Warrior really puts a lot of thought into grpahic design unlike some brands who just seem to throw shapes in a blender
  8. No disrespect but I'm pretty sure Coop wanted some feedback from guys around his age who play his level. If he was looking for a C/A for his son, then I'd understand
  9. I don't understand how people can leave feedback about their kid's equipment
  10. Wouldn't your VHs be more comfortable since they're made specifically for you?
  11. Sounds like a nice upgrade from my regular StepSteel blades. Thanks for the info guys
  12. What's the main difference between regular and black? I thought it was strictly cosmetic It's not the height I'm concerned with but the length of the blade. Having them slightly higher than older Grafs is probably a good thing seeing I'm in Bauers now
  13. That's exactly my dilemma since I have Bauers but I'm due for an upgrade. I feel like the shorter blades would feel more agile. Would love to take a pair for a spin
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