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  1. 2nd what Chenner said. $60 definitely seems on the high side. If you are sewing it on yourself? Go to a fabric store and tell them what you are trying to do. I want to say it's a twill fabric you are looking for.
  2. What about if you just played "follow the leader"? Pick an end, unknot it and as you pull it out, follow it with the skate lace. It seems to take a little more time and you have strings hanging out all over the place, but I did my first glove that way and it made it way less daunting.
  3. Here are some more little ones playing on a lake this year. Oldest one has played goalie for a few years and wants to play out now. Younger one wants to play goalie as he is moving up to Novice next season (I have been slowly acquiring items on the cheap for him for times like this). In mahgs I have to constantly remind him that he needs to be skating and not standing just in front of the net. This was his first time being completely suited up on the ice in his gear. Usually it is just him messing around in the house with his pads and gloves. Littler one's first time on the ice with skates. She had more fun running on the ice that was covered with snow than skating.
  4. I don't know where exactly you are at, but I can tell you despite the name, Hockey Experts in Sherbrooke, QC is NOT the place I would take a custom project.
  5. I know this one is a little old but I am right there with you on gear mods/repair, I've done a little bit but want to keep doing more. Personally I'd start with something relatively simple like toe ties, then try something else that involves a little more skill. Keep progressing with projects in intensity/skill to build up that solid foundation of knowledge.
  6. His instagram: mypadskvak
  7. 9" from tab to tab or 9" from the midpoint?
  8. Well if it came from VT wrapped in a yellow Tim Hortons Youth jersey, then yes. Glad it went to a good home. I couldn't justify wearing it myself and yet couldn't justify letting it sit on a shelf either.
  9. Yeah it would have been a 20 minute job then. Stitching them backup while still on the pad was the most time consuming part.
  10. A few months ago I replaced the foams in a set of CCM R1.5's for around $35 (including shipping) from Sara at PAW. I did 1" LD45 and 1/4" EVA. Don't have the exact number as I bought some other stuff from her at the same time. It probably would have been less if I would have gotten the EVA pre-cut but I wanted some extra material to play around with for other projects. I think it took me around an hour start to finish to rip out seams, trim the foams and sew them back up all while still attached to the pad. I think you could get away with not stitching them back up due to the sandwiching of the stack with the inner and outer knee flaps.
  11. jacksork

    Team Pics

    Humor. I played high school with 3 of those guys in that photo. (RIP St Louis). That looks like Piney Orchard. Are you still playing at Laurel? I liked playing at Dalgren Hall. Real easy to get overheated but it was cool watching games up on the 2nd level as well.
  12. I doubt it. The one mask they show finished has certification stickers on the backplate. Towards the end they show the mask being screwed on, foam glued and backplate being snapped in.
  13. Homemade Professor Strap. My version 1.1 Not much to say, sewed velcro onto some webbing. Originally had the inside double d ring split between the angled and vertical lacing. Not enough velcro to securely bite so replaced with snaps. Outside portion of the strap just uses velcro and holds pretty well. Going to add some snaps to that side as well at some point.
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