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  1. jacksork

    2021 Playoffs

    All statements valid and justifiable, even for minors.
  2. jacksork

    2021 Playoffs

    Need clarification, your family says "Fuck Tampa", "All my homies hate Tampa" or "Homies help homies"?
  3. Some rinks in VT are open again for adults. They got shut down in November due to a bunch of cases getting linked to a mens league at one particular rink in central VT. Kids and high school kept at least being able to practice for the most part during the winter.
  4. jacksork

    Vegas set

    a personal favorite of mine is HalfFast (Half-Assed)
  5. jacksork

    Kids Hockey

    Glad to hear it sounds like it will be working out. Will he end up playing his "old team"?
  6. jacksork

    Kids Hockey

    Another thing to note, how is his patience with the puck? Does he throw it off when he gets pressured? Learning to hold on to the puck a little longer under pressure will help making that jump and hopefully stand out in bantam. He will have a better chance on working on his patience, controlling the play at that lower level.
  7. jacksork

    Kids Hockey

    Don't know if you are still having that conversation with the missus, but if you pull him and he doesn't play this year, he would be that much further behind for the bantam year. Echoing the other comments (from experience as well), playing at that lower level can help him to develop.
  8. Another option to keep an eye on is craigslist (and even stores like goodwill/salvation army/resource/restores as I have actually found usable stuff there as well). If you know your size then sidelineswap isn't a bad place to keep an eye on as well.
  9. Another option if those don't work would be using a dremel cut-off disk and slicing the bolt...assuming you don't care about reusing the bolt/nut.
  10. second this. Use a new blade with no nicks and several passes should help. Try and flex the foam a little (watch your fingers) and it can be a little easier to follow your previous cuts.
  11. jacksork

    I Hate Politics

    What size bullet holes are we talking about? 22LR or 12 gauge slugs?
  12. jacksork

    I Hate Politics

    What about Toyotas? you know, if Trump does get re-elected...maybe it will finally start that revolution I've been hearing about.
  13. jacksork

    I Hate Politics

    Definitely amusing. There's a reason why another forum I'm a member of banned any discussions that even remotely mention politics/political views.
  14. jacksork

    I Hate Politics

    Thats just it though; all we know for "sure" is the actual past and present. Supposing Hilary got elected like "everyone" said she was going to, there could have been a different issue that could have caused way more (or less) chaos then Covid. (or Covid could have just suicided itself in a Washington DC park...who knows....). On a better and way more fun note, I was able to replace some of my eflex500 gear with warrior R/GT pads and a G4 catcher and got to use them last night in a pickup (haven't played since March). Holy smokes my hip joints but those pads and catcher were such an upgrade it was ridiculous. Gonna have to keep a look out for a blocker on the cheap to round it out.
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