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  1. I doubt it. The one mask they show finished has certification stickers on the backplate. Towards the end they show the mask being screwed on, foam glued and backplate being snapped in.
  2. Homemade Professor Strap. My version 1.1 Not much to say, sewed velcro onto some webbing. Originally had the inside double d ring split between the angled and vertical lacing. Not enough velcro to securely bite so replaced with snaps. Outside portion of the strap just uses velcro and holds pretty well. Going to add some snaps to that side as well at some point.
  3. Per request. '06 Eddy Molson Commissioned Mask Also included a pic of an olie & the jofa (mid-90's) I used way back when
  4. Can do, can also throw in the Jofa that I used when I was a kid. (I still have it)
  5. Came across an Eddy Molson mask. Pretty decent shape, a tiny bit of rust on the cage, and a few light scratches on the left side. No stains on the inside, some dents in the foam from the backplate resting against it. All I have found so far is that most were a bar promotion item and was mentioned on a how-its-made episode. Supposedly some were made for the ice, I dont know if those were certified or what. If this one was a bar promotion, why bother installing a chin strap on it? Anybody have any information on it? Part of me wants to use it because it fits my head so nicely. The other part wants to keep it nice and shiny because it is nice and shiny (minus defects mentioned above). Another part wants to sell it and fund a project.
  6. Been playing hockey for ~25 years. Played a little goalie here and there when I was in peewee/bantam. Fast forward to last year and I have picked up an interest in playing goal. Anyways I have been collecting equipment since then. Waiting for deals and the like. Ended up with CCM pads/catch/blocker, simmons pants, bauer chest and skates. Olie helmet along with an Eddy that I will be asking questions about. I enjoy messing around with pretty much everything so here are some mods. If interest is shown I can post pics elsewhere: -Relaced the catch glove into a floating T with skate lace because I had to redo my son's glove so why not do mine too and experiment a little. -Made a removable velcro/nylon professor strap.
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