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  1. I'm 178 with some daddy belly too and got myself 2xpro medium because large had too long arms. It's been great and haven't had a single bruise so far in 7 months of use facing varying level of shooters some ex/current pro skaters included.
  2. I only tape about 15 cm from the tip for my composite sticks, never had anything chip from the heel. My foamcores always did that tho, even with couple layers of tape over it..
  3. Most likely yes, but I'm still amazed how OHL level goalie doesn't wear kneepads, taking pucks to knees hurts like hell too 🤔 Also imo modern pads are more comfortable when wearing kneepads.
  4. More like wearing kneepads should be mandatory. Everyone is talking how they need cut resistant stuff when it does nothing against that kind of high force trauma. Kneepads are hard plastic and they are cutproof if you wear a pair you wont get cut above knee.
  5. Henkkath

    Tucker Tydan injury

    Afaik he didn't wear any kneepads. Seems so weird that kid in OHL doesnt wear a pair.
  6. Someone on ggsu was selling those Bernier pads and said they were just eflex4's without kneerolls.
  7. Wonder if thats just some padskins thrown over or did he get new set just for those small green and white accents..
  8. I don't have a picture at the moment, I'll try to remember to take one later today. Also I'm not taping my jock, I've seen someone do it. They just tape it around their waist.
  9. I have tied my kneepads to my pants with skatelace and I tape them lightly just below my knee. Which kneepads you are using? For jock I've seen some goalies taping it even tighter but I'd prolly just go for a new one if you can afford it. It's one of the most important pieces of gear you wear!
  10. It's Georgiev standing behind him afaik
  11. Rey masks (link to their website) are also an option, they are in your price range and what I've heard of them they are pretty solid. I know couple finnish retailers, but I'm pretty sure the big places dont have it. Wall is also very good quality product and they are handmade in Finland.
  12. Wall is still in business atleast in Europe. Still probably most used mask brand in Finnish Liiga
  13. Supreme line is about blocking, vapor line is more hybrid. I bought vapor 2x pro pants and they are incredibly lightweight and mobile straight out of the box. I had supreme line pants couple seasons ago and their fit was a bit looser than the vapors. Haven't tried 2S pants so can't really compare the feel of the current generation.
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