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    New leg pads

    Hello, I'm looking into getting new pads and was curious to hear some opinions. Currently I have a set of CCM Eflex 2 860s, 34+2. They have pretty stock strapping with 2 velcro, 2 leather calf straps, 1 leather strap below the knee and a boot strap. I've had these pads for close to 4 years and I'm looking at upgrading. The velcro for the strapping has worn down and doesn't stick or hold in certain spots (i.e. I can't have the calf strap as tight as I want, as the velcro will just won't hold and the strap will come off). I have also been landing in the lower portion of the landing pad, and sometimes even half off the pad. This is probably due to overall wear of the pad. I'm also considering if maybe I should scale down to a 33+2 pad. I'm 5' 11" with my floor to knee height being around 19.5" Right now I'm looking at either buying new or used (from sideline swap) Eflex 3 (pro or 3.9). Or I buy new Eflex 4.9 (I haven't seen much as far as used 4's on sale). In any case I'm pretty dead set on sticking with the CCM Eflex line of pads. EFlex 4 look appealing, but the stock strapping is drastically different and stripped (couple of velcro straps, bootstrap, and bungee lace) than what I've been playing with my whole career. Without the budget to order custom gear, what would you say to someone who's been in a pretty standard strapping setup for so long wanting to move to the simplified quick motion strapping of a stock Eflex 4? And should I buy a slightly smaller pad to better fit my legs? Thanks
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