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  1. In general I tend to be pretty easy on my equipment in terms of wear/durability, but recognize one can't really control the shooter's shot power/impact from pucks. That said I'm going to guess that durability isn't the #1 concern. It looks like a 24" Vapor 2X Pro is $40 USD more than a 24" EF4 (and assuming 24" CCM is the same paddle size as 24" Bauer Vapor), so between the CCM and the Bauer price is probably a factor, but not #1. To be honest I'm not really skilled enough to know what kind of flex I like. I would say that I'm not a strong stickhandler and don't shoot the puck well (literally kind of a weakling and avoid handling the puck when possible), but I have been practicing off-ice this summer with both my composite and my foam core to try to improve so I can add passing/shooting to my game. Subjectively my composite seems to be a tad stiffer than the foam core, but I don't seem to notice much of a difference in shot power between the two. I think that unless the Vapor might offer some advantage for someone with my shortcomings I'll try the EF4, based on familiarity with the blade pattern. Thanks, everyone, for your insights.
  2. Just a low level beer-leaguer, but decided to splurge on a new stick. Switched last year from older foam core to Premier 1.5 (was inexpensive on sale). Like it well enough, but weighs the same as my foam core. Thinking of upgrading to either the Vapor 2X Pro or the Eflex 4. Appear to have similar specs, pretty close in price, and similar concept - composite with foam core feel. The limited reviews I could find are favorable for both. I know they're both new to market, but does anyone have any insights as to how they might differ? Perhaps different flex, or expected durability based upon construction or manufacturer reputation? If they're pretty similar in all ways I'll probably go with the Eflex, since I can get the same blade pattern I'm using now (Crawford). Any information is appreciated.
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