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  1. Hi there, What is your best practice to protect 5 hole? I realized after yesterday's game that my pads are not straight (it looks like) and it leaves a 5 hole open (slightly a b it), even when I do my best to close the 5 hole. Perhaps my muscles aren't that strong to keep 5 hole closed? Or perhaps my pads are the problem. How do you close your 5 hole, and other tips? Regards
  2. I have tried ccm 1.9 today at the shop, unfortunately it was size S. Waiting for bigger size to try..
  3. Thank you for having a time to take a picture! Now it makes sense. I will see how my knee pads can be used in this way. What is your goalie jock? I guess double protection as you do (compression shorts with a regular cup + goalie jock) is better than my 'rbk sr pro jock' (random link from google - https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/rbk-reebok-pro-goalie-cup-jock-136756571 and a picture
  4. Thanks for the tip! Does sock tape won't hurt your legs if you use to tight? or you have found the 'middle way'? Also is your jock still or it moves slightly?
  5. Garter belt is over the jock waist band. Just wondering how to put garter belt under the jock..
  6. Basically you wear your knee pads then socks over your knee pads? Or you wear two socks, one for skates and one over knee pads? 'the bottom half of which I tuck up underneath the bottom-most strap of my kneepads.' I am trying to image how do you tuck up.. if you would have a pic I would appreciate so much.
  7. Do you have a picture how did you tied with the skatelace? (found pic on google) but I got Reebok Sr knee pads like this: Basically every time you use tape to make the jock tighter? How exactly you do that?
  8. Hi goalies! Looking for help, otherwise, I don't feel safe protecting nets. I am just wondering how do you deal with the 'goalie jock' thus it is not falling down? For me, it is falling down, even though it's tight enough. Maybe it's been used for a quite long time and straps are loose now. Same for the knee pads they fall down. They are attached to a garter belt. To be precise garter belt is on the same level as goalie jock and I believe garter belt pulls down both itself and goalie jock. My question is, what is your setup, thus everything stays in place?
  9. I am trying to decide now between following.. and if I am correct about the size then.. (my head circumference is 58 cm) 1. https://www.monkeysports.eu/hockey-goalie/goalie-masks/sr-masks/ccm-1-9-cce-sr-goalie-mask (size medium) 2. https://www.monkeysports.eu/hockey-goalie/goalie-masks/sr-masks/bauer-profile-950x-sr-cat-eye-goalie-mask (size M/L) 3. https://www.monkeysports.eu/hockey-goalie/goalie-masks/sr-masks/bauer-nme-ix-cat-eye-sr-goalie-mask (not so sure either FIT2 or FIT3) Really confusing which one should I buy and size as well...
  10. How do you correctly decide helmet size? My head circumference is 58cm (22.8346")
  11. It makes sense to get a helmet I could afford. However I am not sure still which one...
  12. Thank you for links. Where are you based personally? How long was the delivery for you, any additional charges apart from what is been told in the checkout?
  13. Do you have a link? If EU customs wouldn't charge high taxes it would be great to import though..
  14. Currently I own, ITECH 1200 if I am right, but it looks like this -> https://bit.ly/2me5Pyz Current helmet condition, the cage is rusty. Not sure if new cage can be found for this helmet? Thus I decided that I should get a new helmet. I would definitely need a senior helmet with a decent protection. I live in a small European country and most of the good ones are sold out, thus I am looking to order from the shop that is based in Europe, any ideas for the reliable store? Also helmet wise, I tried 960XPM and WALL W7H but they had only display helmets left, so didn't buy one. Interesting about the sizing, for the Bauer helmet size 'M' was fine but for the WALL 'L' was fine as well. Apart from above mentioned helmets, what helmet would you suggest up to €600 / $660 price ? As well as anyone from Europe could suggest a reliable shop in Europe? Regards
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