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  1. I have a full right V7 XR glove for sale. $140, and it has the Factory Mod T mod done to it. It has no wear and the back of the glove is slightly dirty but it doesn't affect the performance of the glove. The glove closes great and the pocket eats pucks. If you're interested email me at guycool24@verizon.net.
  2. I have a full right double T 1S glove and a full right 1S blocker for sale. $290 for both and they are Trav4Oilers old gloves that he used. The glove is in very good condition, there's no wear just puck marks, it closes great, still has great protection, and has a double T skate lace pocket. The blocker does has some wear, the thumb hole has a hole but it still has good protection. There is adhesive residue on the blocker from when Trav4Oiler used pad skinz on it. Email me at guycool24@verizon.net if you're interested.
  3. Adults can still use them if they have a small knee like me. Theyre only a bit smaller than the senior size knee pads. The protection is still the same as the senior knee pads, the intermediate knee pad is just slightly smaller.
  4. TGN community, I'm selling a bunch of goalie gear. Email me at guycool24@verizon.net if you're interested. Almost all gear is used with very minor wear-Factory Mad knee pads Intermediate $115 -CCM "NHL Legal" senior knee pads straps not included used once $55 -Bauer Pro Skates size 10D Skate guards included $80 Skate guards included -Full right Vaughn 1100 Senior blocker $80 -Full right CCM Retroflex 450 2 piece glove $55 -Euro 300 Player pants $
  5. I'll take it for $50 MTH. Shoot me an email at guycool24@verizon.net
  6. I'm sure the pay is nice at the post office too lol. Here email me at guycool24@verizon.net , and we can talk details. Unfortunately I don't think we live near each other hahaha.
  7. Hey MTH, the glove looks awesome! How much are you selling it for?
  8. Hey MTH, thats awesome you have a full right Vaughn glove. If you could send pics of it on here that'd be great
  9. I just got 1S knee pads today and I got a Bauer garter belt with it. Because of the weird clips the Bauer garter belt has, they don't attach to my knee pads. I saw a Vaughn garter belt that used slick clips on goalie monkey and I thought I could mod my Bauer garter belt with slick clips instead of getting the Vaughn one and waiting. Does anyone know what stores I can get slick clips? Any hardware stores or a place like that? I included a pic of what a slick clip is. Thanks
  10. Hello, I'm looking for a T5500. I'm full right and they're hard to come by. Goalie Monkey and Total Hockey don't have any in stock. Anyone have a suggestion on where to find one without going custom? Thanks
  11. Did you get the regular tongue or the stiffer tongue?
  12. Just wanted to let you know the 1 piece skates are $980 base price, but the 2 piece skates are $840 base price.
  13. Hello Fellow TGN subscribers! Its time to upgrade from my Bauer Pros and I'm in a dilemma about what skate to buy. I've narrowed down my options to the Bauer 1S skates, Bauer 1X skates, and the VH two pieces with the 1S vertexx cowling. I'm going to try out the 1S and 1X skates today. I currently have 10.5 D Bauer pro skates. The problem I found with the Bauer pros is that the boot is too wide, and I have narrow feet. I feel that because of that I'm not getting the most out of my movements. That's why I'm reluctant to get the 1S or 1X skates because the boot may be too wide and I don't wa
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