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  1. Agreed, I think that you would want the elastic to be somewhat stretched to get the benefit from it. If it were laying slack between the length of lace and the skate, You would only get slight snap-back after it is stretched, before it would render itself useless being slack again. No first-hand experience using it connected as you mentioned, but it seems inefficient, IMO.
  2. TDS-MN

    Best cup out there?

    I have the Warrior one mentioned above. Not because I did a lot of research, but it was available at my local shop. I can say that I have made a cup save one game, and honestly, I did not feel it, but knew it went in there. I wear that as the only level of protection there, no secondary cup or any of that, and that game I was so impressed with how it took care of me. I couldn't tell ya if it hit the padding above or direct on the cup itself, but I guess that is kind of the point.
  3. So you are still looking to take this project on? Do you feel that you need to replace all of it, or would just the pieces where you make contact? I left the ear-area pieces alone but replaced the forehead and top of head and cheek pieces. Maybe my fit is different enough that allowed that, because I don't believe that my head really touches those side panels much. Like you could leave the layer attached to the mask, yet replace the next layer you added? Id' bet there is enough in the 'stock' Eco Foam kit to do that. Comes with an assortment of stuff like 1/4" thick and some at 1/8" thick. And thanks for the answer on the skate lace. I hung my dangler off the rear corner of my cage, and that seems to put it where I wanted it to be, but seeing a picture now it makes sense.
  4. To the OP, that is a lot of foam you have in there. I recently replaced my old foam with the Eco Pro stuff and I really like how it turned out. But with that said, I do not think that the replacement kit will have the same amount of material that you currently have in your helmet. The kit I got via Goalieparts, does come with as assortment of thicker and thinner pieces, mostly rectangular in shape aside from the forehead and backplate pieces. If you need that much material to get a comfortable fit, you may want to inquire about getting additional padding somehow. Somewhat unrelated question, as I am kinda new to this goalie thing. What is the purpose of the skate lace in the mask earhole? Mask I bought used from a guy had similar piece there and I cannot figure out what it is meant to be doing. Just curious. Oops, did not realize that this post was from quite some time ago originally.
  5. Wow, this thread has some interesting numbers, for sure. I have an older Eddy GT II, with cheater cage and Bauer plastic dangler attached, I get 3.2 pounds. I did re-pad the inside with the EcoPro foam. Includes chin cup, too.
  6. Heh, I donned the glove and blocker, grabbed my backup stick and had the kid take some shots at me in the driveway with the tennis ball. I really miss suiting up in all the gear, but I wasn't going to take it that far just for that little exercise. Glove hand reaction is still there, at least. Did notice that my blocker could use a little re-furb work, I may have to hit my local repair guy up after the 'lockdown' restrictions are loosened, see about a replacement glove palm maybe. Still look at my recently refurbished helmet and new cage, and dream about the days I get to get back on the ice with that.
  7. I will be watching this topic for responses, as well. I just swapped on a Cheater cage in place of the original straight-bar style on my helmet, but have not had opportunity to hit the ice with this setup yet. My original cage had suffered s few significant impacts prior to me obtaining the helmet, and I was finally getting tired of looking thru the slightly wonky bent bars. I shopped both Cheater and Cat Eye styles, but ultimately landed on the Cheater, it felt to me that it would provide a bit better protection from stray objects coming around my head. As mentioned, I haven't used it in a game situation yet, but just walking around the house I have noticed that I feel like I have better sight lines than I did before at least.
  8. Did just get set up to work from home. Will do that for a while. Hoping to eventually get back to the office. Architectural designer, so I can do some of my work remote, but so far finding it cumbersome to collaborate with co-workers when needed, it was always so easy to just walk over and ask a question or whatever, now it is at mercy of e-mail and response time is so much longer. Did take some time to refurbish my helmet, cleaned and polished the shell, added new padding and a new cage to replace the old one that was all bent from a few puck impacts. Now I am really looking forward to my next net session, switching from that messed up "straight" bar cage, to a Cheater cage. Wearing it around home seems to offer quite a different view. Really missing being out on the ice. I was supposed to start up a skating session tonight, for a few months with a group of friends, but with rink closure, not entirely sure if/when we will get together for that. I don't usually get to play net for that group, which is maybe better for my ego, as I fear they would put a lot past me.
  9. Interesting, I just did this same job over the weekend. I have an older Eddy GT, and it had what I would imagine was the original foam. Getting that out of the helmet was slightly challenging, for a couple of the pieces. But overall, not too difficult of a task. I actually had ordered the same foam kit from the same source. I went with the blue color instead of the black. I had similar issue fitting the backplate piece to my helmet, the configuration of straps was just a little different, not as much as the O.P had to deal with. I would definitely recommend taking some pictures of the previous foam layout before removing, so you can have some idea of where you might want to place the thicker vs thinner pieces of the new material. One nice thing about this task, is that you can arrange the new foam pieces to minimize how many of the screw posts are buried behind it. That should help with access to those in the future if I need to swap cages for any reason, I'm thinking. Most all of the screw posts were behind the old foam, I found while dis-assembling my helmet. Test fitting after getting the new foam in place definitely feels like I made an improvement. I am in process of putting in a new cage also, as I had a straight bar, that due to some impacts the previous owner took, bars were not so straight anymore. I won't get to try this in a game situation until I get that cage replacement finished up. But as of now, I would also not hesitate to recommend that foam kit if someone is interested in updating their own mask also. Feels like very good material. I have had a couple helmet shots prior to this update, and even with the original foam, I felt very little of the impact. I can only imagine that this should perform even better after this change.
  10. A reply to an old thread, but with a different slant. I acquired my gear used, and like others, found it to be very smelly. ☣️ I went to a local shop that offers Ozone cleaning, and was able to have everything thrown in the machine. 'Bout an hour later, stuff came out, and the stink was gone. I would say that my gloves smelled like leather again, definitely nothing awful anymore. I've played net probably a couple times a month for a bit over a year, and they still smell decent. I do spray them with a odor reduction product I got at Pure Hockey, and have been putting them on the Peet air dryer after use. They will feel a little 'crunchy' after drying, but they soften up nice after a couple minutes back on my hand. I would say that I was very satisfied with the ozone cleaning method, and have never felt the need to soak them. They charged me $25 to put helmet, chest, breezers, gloves, pads, skates and bag in the machine. Super easy.
  11. Thanks for the responses. I have a set of older TPS Xceed pads, that are sized appropriately for my height (34") according to online sizing guides. They have a y-shaped lower calf strap system that was apparently supposed to lend itself to good pad rotation (in their day). But the rest of their strapping is typical of most every pad set as far as I can tell, at the knee and thigh. I would say that I do still have to work on the driving downward, I feel that I do still push outward toward oncoming shot instead. Nice to hear that working on that one aspect might in turn have effect on this issue also. Next time out, I will try and go with my heel strap looser, and pay some attention to ensuring that both sides are buckled in equally. I do feel that my right leg, being dominant, does what I want it to with less thought about it. Agree, I have had conversations with my friends that skate, and they just can't imagine the appeal of pucks coming at you all the time, but it has been incredibly fun so far. I let in some soft stuff occasionally, but I find that the scrambles when play is in close, is just a total adrenaline rush. Thanks again, I really do appreciate the input and advice.
  12. Hey All, I have taken up goaltending within this past year, after years of skating out. Have had some successful outings at pick-up games, and have really enjoyed being on the other side of the game. Back-story, I'm 51, and just got back on my skates within the last 3 years, after not really spending much time on them for 20-some years. Back when I was a young kid, we used to spend afternoons at the rink sending tennis balls at each other in net. We were always so thrilled when someone would bring goalie pads, or even just a glove and blocker combo. Would all take turns trying to stop shots. So I have a decent understanding of concept and not really much fear of getting hit with pucks. After one pick-up game I skated, and seeing the level of play of one of the goalies, I thought "I can probably do that better". So I started acquiring gear via craigslist mostly. It was early 2019 when I first got on the ice with full goalie gear. It was an eye opening experience. I have played against lower level skaters so far. Have played like 8 games so far, and love it. I do seem to struggle with one thing however, and am hoping that someone more experienced might be able to offer some advice. If I need to drop into butterfly, I land well on my right knee stack, but seem to almost always end up with my face of my left pad facing the ice, not forward. Not sure what it is that I might be doing with that leg, but I am guessing that maybe I don't flare out my toe as much as I do on the right side. Would that make a difference? My pad setup: I wear my leg pads fairly loose from top to bottom. I am using the Toe Hook elastic cord system rather than tying skate laces from the toe bridge. I have been wearing hockey socks with knee/thigh pads over them. I usually do the skate straps a little tighter, thru the rear-most hole in my blade holder. I would say that both of my pads are equally tight, so I'm guessing that it must be something I am doing rather than an equipment issue. Any suggestions? Am I on the right track trying to diagnose my issue? Would love to hear your thoughts. I have been thinking of signing on for a beginner training session thru one of the local organizations that run leagues, but could use some guidance ahead of that if possible. Thanks for reading!
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