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  1. Ah-ha. Today's gear does maybe not exactly describe what I'm wearing. So that might be something. I've got CCM C500 pants, of unknown vintage. but your post does give me something to check. I know there are some extra pads on the inner thigh are of the pants, maybe it's those that are hanging up on something. I have yet to be able to re-create the condition when trying gear on off ice, but I will give these a look and see if I can figure anything more out after narrowing down to these maybe. Thanks.
  2. I played some pick up public games back in the fall, in net. End of October was my last game. I was also skating out in a 'league' up until Thanksgiving, when our state Gov put a lockdown on sports. Since then I did put the pads on one evening over the winter and my took some shots from my kid, down at the local outdoor rink. Actually got a pretty good workout that day. Our local organizations did start their adult hockey programs back up, but I chose not to start back up, when the policies were that all players had to mask even while playing, and no locker rooms so players had
  3. There is a Play it Again Sports locally to me in the Minneapolis area that has a significant Eddy selection on their website. I have been tempted to swing over and see what they have in person, I love the old Eddy that I have but I know it won't last forever, it's probably technically expired already, but it's still taking hits and deflecting like nothing happened when puck does meet helmet. If interested, google their West St Paul, MN location.
  4. Watching this topic, I think I am having the same problem, but it always happens at a time when I can't really take time to diagnose just what is hanging up on what, just feel the resistance and have to work thru it. Hoping to at least get some ideas on what or how to check off-ice. . .
  5. These all happened thru the C/A protection?!?!?!?! I must be playing with skaters that are far too soft, as I cannot imagine anything hitting me with the force to bruise thru the padding. I've got a pretty nice Vaughn ventus that saw some USHL play before me, so I think it was a nice piece in it's day. I have felt virtually indestructible while wearing that thing. But maybe I am not facing the shooters that can outmatch its level of protection. . .
  6. That looks pretty dang good IMO. Nice work, and congrats on the addition to your skillset.
  7. I will echo other responses, I don't think their intent is cushion as much as it is to provide protection for helmet paint and contact directly by the metal of cage clips. I acquired a used Eddy in pretty good shape, but cosmetically had some rust marks on the helmet shell at the screw holes. I added the washers when I swapped cages, just to stop that from happening further, as they were a little unsightly on the white helmet shell. I think personally if I had invested any $$ in a nice paint job, I would find a way to get washers in there.
  8. Agree with the advice to see if there is a way to make it work with modified clips. I had a similar issue when I swapped a Cheater cage for my old dented straight bar on my Eddy. Thought I was SOL, but supplier of cage came up with modified clips to make it work just fine. Have taken a couple pucks to the cage since installing this cage, and Zero issues with the mounting, or cage denting for that matter.
  9. I just wrapped up a skating session, 4 teams, we played 11 weeks. Had to wear a mask to enter the arena, and suggested they were kept on in locker rooms. But nothing required on-ice. There were actually a couple skaters that chose to wear a mask under the cage. We all joked about the covid 'symptoms, being short of breath and muscle aches, heck that's every week at our old person out of shape hockey games. . . . We made it thru without any players having tested positive during the 'season'.
  10. I think you could easily spend $30 on materials to prep and paint it yourself, and end up with a less-durable finish. I would suggest the powder coating and just be done with it.
  11. I had luck using a knife, but taking the cut in several passes rather than trying to get greedy and do it in one pass. It seemed to get a cleaner cut as long as I followed the first pass closely. Stray from the previous score and it got a messy edge like you describe. I have only done the job once, so I am not an expert by any means, but just sharing what worked for me. I actually used a small scissors to clean up the edges in any place where my knife work left it uneven. I was working on the Eco Pro foam or whatever they called it.
  12. Agreed, I think that you would want the elastic to be somewhat stretched to get the benefit from it. If it were laying slack between the length of lace and the skate, You would only get slight snap-back after it is stretched, before it would render itself useless being slack again. No first-hand experience using it connected as you mentioned, but it seems inefficient, IMO.
  13. I have the Warrior one mentioned above. Not because I did a lot of research, but it was available at my local shop. I can say that I have made a cup save one game, and honestly, I did not feel it, but knew it went in there. I wear that as the only level of protection there, no secondary cup or any of that, and that game I was so impressed with how it took care of me. I couldn't tell ya if it hit the padding above or direct on the cup itself, but I guess that is kind of the point.
  14. So you are still looking to take this project on? Do you feel that you need to replace all of it, or would just the pieces where you make contact? I left the ear-area pieces alone but replaced the forehead and top of head and cheek pieces. Maybe my fit is different enough that allowed that, because I don't believe that my head really touches those side panels much. Like you could leave the layer attached to the mask, yet replace the next layer you added? Id' bet there is enough in the 'stock' Eco Foam kit to do that. Comes with an assortment of stuff like 1/4" thick and some at 1/8" thic
  15. To the OP, that is a lot of foam you have in there. I recently replaced my old foam with the Eco Pro stuff and I really like how it turned out. But with that said, I do not think that the replacement kit will have the same amount of material that you currently have in your helmet. The kit I got via Goalieparts, does come with as assortment of thicker and thinner pieces, mostly rectangular in shape aside from the forehead and backplate pieces. If you need that much material to get a comfortable fit, you may want to inquire about getting additional padding somehow. Somewhat unrelated qu
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