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  1. litt

    Optik 2

    Comparing to the 2x v 2s comparison up there I'd say between the two, but the boot (on mine at least) is far stiffer than those... So privileged! I'll go cry into my brick pads. πŸ˜‚
  2. So how does a Warrior CR1/V1.. compare to the CCM's in size then? Say a 26" Warrior is comparable to what CCM size? I've seen it's a difference of about a 1" (So a 25" is comparable, is that true?) Edit: Nevermind / Found someone noted earlier in this thread that a CCM is about 1-1.5" smaller than the Warrior so my above comparison 25" CCM is closely = to 26" Warrior
  3. litt

    Optik 2

    How would you say a 2S Pro or Optik 2 would compare to something older like the original Premier Pro? The Premier Pro feels like a 2x4 to me.
  4. Saw the end of the game against the Phantoms, looked like a pretty wild ending. Your gear looked good!
  5. The gradient shows maybe the versatility of the color zones but clearly on the white pads next to it the sections are full color blocks. I do think they look like street hockey pads at first glance but I think that's the colors on this specific pad giving that perception.
  6. Never makes a post... Makes a post and it’s a clear as day picture of the new CCM Axis line. 🀣
  7. What size waist are you in normal pants? This is Vaughns size chart from GM, add 8-10" for your real "goalie pant size". The CCM size chart doesnt have the same disclaimer so maybe CCM measures directly for your waist and Vaughn expects you to add the 8-10". SR XS 32" - 34" SR S 36" - 38" SR M 40" - 42" SR L 44" - 46" SR XL 48" - 50" SR XXL 52" - 54"
  8. Do Vaughn pants really run that much differently than CCM? I'm seeing a XSmall is equivalent to a CCM Small & maybe even Medium?
  9. Past: Present: Future: Only the M4 is able to hold all of my goalie equipment πŸ˜…
  10. Do you have any pictures of this? Can this work with any "replaceable" boot straps like on CCM's?
  11. I had the Shield II's and got the wrong size, per size chart I fit the Mediums but the Smalls would of made so much more sense for not tucking. I've recently switched to the Premier Pro's which I've tucked & worn out. Very little issues with wearing it out, been fighting with some things when wearing it tucked but I think I just need to find the right tie-down/suspender combo. I loved the freedom of wearing my C/A out but hated how it popped up in my face when against the post, one leg down/one leg up it pushes into my mask - any suggestions?
  12. I've heard this a lot and considering the new EF4's are stock without a boot strap I'm more encouraged to try this, but why? How does it make things that much better? Side note, how do you carry your pads into the rink without straps πŸ˜…
  13. Definitely, that's usually my "go-to move" to stop that attempt, which if I fail, puts me in a worse position. I think luck helped a little more here than skill haha!
  14. litt

    Brand loyalty

    I agree particularly with this that marketing plays a HUGE factor in gear selection, from there it's access to it (to try it on, etc.), cost / durability. As a kid, I mix-matched a lot, until I started getting full sets. The mix match phase I felt like was my really young years of playing because I was always growing out of equipment. I wore everything from Heaton/CCM to Brian's, Vaughn, Koho, etc. After I got a full set of Vaughn, I stayed pretty true until I got out of hockey a while ago. Just getting back into it I'm finding CCM gear pretty accessible and affordable/durable for the price. I'm currently fully outfitted in CCM except stick, and under gear stuff. I'll compare my list of what I used to wear 11years ago too below. I have a set of EF4's on order but following that, I look forward to trying out a set of Brian's Optik 2's. I think I'll keep my c/a, pants the same for some time. The only thing I'll consider changing is helmet (seems to be a lot of new options) and skates between Bauer/CCM's - miss Graf's personally. Head: CCM Pro / 11yrs ago: Reidic C/A: CCM Extreme Flex Shield II / 11yrs ago: Koho 590 Pants: CCM Premier Pro. Got rid of the Shield II's, didn't like the tapered top. / 11yrs ago: Tackla Blocker: CCM Premier Pro II / 11yrs ago: Vaughn V2 Glove: CCM Premier Pro II / 11yrs ago: Vaughn V2 Leg Pads: CCM Premier Pro I / 11yrs ago: Vaughn V2 Skates: CCM Tacks / 11yrs ago: Graf's Jock/Knee Pads: Bauer / 11yrs ago: Bauer Stick: Warrior CR1 / 11yrs ago: Sher-wood
  15. The excitement of adult league! Thanks! Now to get over there quicker! Thanks!
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