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  1. What’s the store you work at? From what I’ve heard most stores will actually take these skates back after sharpening/baking. Not sure if that’s because of the 90 day guarantee, I assume so? @coopaloop1234 do you know when the Axis skates are coming out? in April?
  2. Thanks! This is my version of the Iron Man War Machine - I designed and wrapped it. First attempt at wrapping a design. I plan on refining my template a little more next time. (Just added the white cage too)
  3. I recently picked up a pair of FT2's online (no one in store had them). I tried the traditional metal measuring scale to size skates, my feet were sized at 8D. Then did the 3D scan, came up as a 7.5EE recommendation, tried the method online on Pure Goalie (trace foot and then do the length divided by width to decide width) and it came out to a 8.5D. So since my current Tacks are a 8D, I assumed the FT2's would be close to similar and went with 8D. I'm noticing some immediate annoyance in my right arch/inside foot. My toes aren't squished and have enough room to go up and down, and when tied my heel does not move and I can not get a finger behind the heel to try touching the bottom of the skate. I know I should bake the skates for full evaluation but I'm unsure of the return rules (bake/no bake, sharpen/no sharped) and have to confirm tomorrow but I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or came across a similar transition and what size you went with? Also, what hollow did you have on your previous skates and what did you change it to on the FT2? When I searched it looks like you should go with a less sharp option, so right now I do 7/16 -should I go down to 1/2? Thanks in advance!
  4. I reached out to daredevil because I couldn’t find what material they used and their response was, “DuPont Kevlar, and protect the femoral arteries, upper thighs, and the hamstring all the way down to the ankles.”
  5. The title says it all. Sticks, like all other pieces of equipment are personal preference but I'm about to purchase custom sticks and curious what YOUR favorite setup is, Steep or Standard Shoulders? Round or Square toe? Why am I asking? I've always used standard shoulders but hear the steep is a lot easier to hold onto. I've also always used square toes until I switched to Mrazek Warriors in my CR1, now looking at Price curve and between round and square toe. What are your thoughts?
  6. litt

    Optik 2

    Comparing to the 2x v 2s comparison up there I'd say between the two, but the boot (on mine at least) is far stiffer than those... So privileged! I'll go cry into my brick pads. 😂
  7. So how does a Warrior CR1/V1.. compare to the CCM's in size then? Say a 26" Warrior is comparable to what CCM size? I've seen it's a difference of about a 1" (So a 25" is comparable, is that true?) Edit: Nevermind / Found someone noted earlier in this thread that a CCM is about 1-1.5" smaller than the Warrior so my above comparison 25" CCM is closely = to 26" Warrior
  8. litt

    Optik 2

    How would you say a 2S Pro or Optik 2 would compare to something older like the original Premier Pro? The Premier Pro feels like a 2x4 to me.
  9. Saw the end of the game against the Phantoms, looked like a pretty wild ending. Your gear looked good!
  10. The gradient shows maybe the versatility of the color zones but clearly on the white pads next to it the sections are full color blocks. I do think they look like street hockey pads at first glance but I think that's the colors on this specific pad giving that perception.
  11. Never makes a post... Makes a post and it’s a clear as day picture of the new CCM Axis line. 🤣
  12. What size waist are you in normal pants? This is Vaughns size chart from GM, add 8-10" for your real "goalie pant size". The CCM size chart doesnt have the same disclaimer so maybe CCM measures directly for your waist and Vaughn expects you to add the 8-10". SR XS 32" - 34" SR S 36" - 38" SR M 40" - 42" SR L 44" - 46" SR XL 48" - 50" SR XXL 52" - 54"
  13. Do Vaughn pants really run that much differently than CCM? I'm seeing a XSmall is equivalent to a CCM Small & maybe even Medium?
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