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  1. Silence

    Lefevre going solo

    keep in mind the pro factory for CCM only had white speed skin as an option for the pros.
  2. Silence

    Lefevre going solo

    It seems maybe things are leaning to the solo side of things for right now. Personally I would be looking forward to a solo project from them. I currently have a P2 set from that factory and its one of the best sets I have worn.
  3. Silence

    Lefevre going solo

    Watch it be “premier” by lefevre
  4. Silence

    Lefevre factory

    So I was wondering a few things with Lefevre and CCM parting ways in a few weeks. If I remember correctly Lefevre owns the building they currently run out of in Montreal. Will CCM be setting up a facility for the pro gear or would that all be moved to the off shore? The other part I was thinking of is would this be a possibility for the Lefevre factory to open up to orders again, depending upon the direction they take moving forward?
  5. no but we did talk about that if you are referring to durability. well have to see how it plays out. He said they are aware the Premier line is popular and its discontinuation will not be well received. He also brought up that they had concern with moving away from Lefevre. (I spoke with the local rep and he confirmed at the end of the calendar year the relationship between CCM and Lefevre will end). The biggest part of it was the are expecting a poor or slow launch for the Axis line with hopes that it will pick up afterward. Another point mentioned was the reception of the graphic was not the best but he feels once people see how customizable it actually is people might come around with it. I think its fair to say they understand the risk involved with the direction they are moving.
  6. I was at my local shop and after speaking with the guy who handles the goalie equipment he seemed to indicate that CCM is worried. He said the reps came in earlier to go over the Axis line and they do have some concerns.
  7. Silence

    CCM custom changes

    So recently I noticed some changes have been made for the color options for the materials. A few weeks ago when I first started to build ideas for my new set everything was how it was. A few days ago noticed that the solid jenpro colors were cut down to only 5 options. It looks as if they are trying to force the speedskin option. I also noticed that the Lefevre embroidery has been removed from all of the lines. I find it kinda odd that it has been removed as I am wondering if something has happened between CCM and Lefevre. Just some thoughts and changes that bought some concern forward.
  8. @TheGoalNet I have a question regarding color ways for single T. I believe the front goes off the palm color, does the back side also go off the palm making it a solid color or is it different?
  9. Silence

    CCM materials

    I have noticed similar effects where the speed skin does not slide as well. It’s also horrible to use on synthetic ice. It doesn’t wear down it just doesn’t slide. My last training session I used a set of P2 with jenpro and it was like night and day on synthetic. I would rather have a more consistent material as the USA warriors tournaments do not clean the ice. has anyone used the weave on synthetic?
  10. are there any plans offer a custom V1pro or pro+ in full right?
  11. Silence

    CCM materials

    Hey guys, I am currently looking to do my next set up in the next few months or so. My current set is a P2 which I used all speed skin. My previous set was all Jenpro. They seem to be wearing down at the same level as each other. I was looking into the emboss to get some thoughts on this material as i have no experience with it. How does it hold up and how does it slide compared to the speed skin?
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