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  1. Close. I'm in Las Vegas itself.
  2. Looks like it could be a home business as I'm not aware of any public facing shops in or around Vegas with that name. We only have 3 main gear shops I know of that are all at different rinks. Sorry to hear that dude tried to screw you over but glad you got your money back. Paypal is really good about that stuff.
  3. About the only time I get upset at a player is if they continue to hack at me after the puck is covered and the whistle has blown 2 or 3 times and the idiot is still trying to poke the puck under me....🙄 Fortunately it's only happened a couple times. As for fighting another goalie, only once since hotshot decided he needed to skate across center ice when I and one of his skaters took offsetting penalties for roughing behind my net. The puck comes in, I went into the trapezoid to play the puck, positioned myself between the opposing player and the puck, so he moves to my opposite side so I position between him and the puck again. At this point, their hero decides to give me a cross check. He moved back around to the previous side which I blocked him once more and dumped the puck behind my net and up the boards. By reflex I gave dude a shot with my blocker. Somewhere in there the refs blew the whistle. Then I skated after him to give him an ass chewing. Had no desire to fight, somewhere in there I'm not sure if I took a hit to the mask (chin was a little sore after) and the refs separated us which without objection I returned to my crease. I look up and their goalie is almost to our blue line. Talk about overly aggressive. Dude should've been kicked out of the game for the stunt and the move alone got me quite heated especially after the other guy chose to play dirty. At the end of the day we smoked them 11-2 which helped.
  4. Hey, I recently made a few adjustments to help with this for myself. I believe a few simple changes helped a lot. 1. I got taller pads. I wanted more pad going higher to seal up better in the butterfly, but having stiffer pads that didn't curve much, it helped some but not a whole lot since it didn't seal up as well as I'd initially hoped. So I added a strap at the top connection point of the pads on the inner part of each leg pad that runs down and across my thigh/knee and clips just on the outer part of the pad just below my knee. This helps keep them in tight and curve some, the strap doesn't get in the way, and has helped seal it up a fair amount. 2. I have been working on getting my stick out in front of myself more when I go down. Being a newer goalie (Been playing beginner league for about a year now) it's part of proper form that I've had some bad habits on. This helps me be able to get more poke checks in as well as to stop the puck. 3. Keep skating and work on dropping and getting back up, a lot. Butterfly slides are a good way to help strengthen the legs as well. I found that as my legs and core got stronger, it was easier and felt more natural to close up the pads as much as I could. Not everyone is able to perfectly seal it from what I've observed. If you have a wider butterfly or depending on any range of motion issues in your knees or legs, there is usually some gap. At that point I do my best to cover the gap with my stick.
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