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  1. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! All good points I need to think about.
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Regarding your point about ice/board landmarks for angles - is there a good youtube video or online resources on this? Thanks again.
  3. Coming down the wing and sniping far side.
  4. Have a technique question for the Beer league goalies. Been going through a bit of a "funk" where I'm giving up goals or scoring chances on far side goals/scoring chances. Does anyone have any tip or tricks on this play? First time in a while that I've struggled with this and need to reset or look at it differently. Any feedback is appreciated! EDIT - just to elaborate I'm hugging the post a bit too much and therefore giving up far side goals
  5. GoalieNut


    Hello, Goalnet community. I am thinking of trading a pair of pads with anyone in my area who might be interested. I'm located in the Durham region which is just outside the Toronto area. I have a pair of Brian's Subzero 1 pads size 35 +1 in very good condition. They are white with red. I'm looking for a Vaughn pad or eflex in 34 + 2 and white if possible. Please let me know if interested. Thank you!
  6. Keep it going Wonder! I'm 43 and have started thinking about how much time I have in this game I love. Seeing posts by the "older" guys are important for all of us I think.
  7. I wonder what happened with whoever was behind Litespeed? I know they went under or closed but did they go on to one of the other companies?
  8. Been following this thread as I use the Bauer base layer with a Brian's kneed pad. Decided to switch to the CCM KPPRO (not using the Bauer base layer) and will give them a try this weekend.
  9. I think the floating T makes it illegal though. Maybe I'm wrong?
  10. I laugh every time I see these comments about Bauer and durability. They're now 3x stronger then before! New and improved!
  11. I often wonder how these gloves play versus how they feel in the store. Every time I try any of the Warrior gloves on in store they don't fit right or feel very good and I've heard this a lot by other goalies. But the same people who bought them say they play very well... This is the only company I know that I hear and see this with.
  12. Are we talking Bauer 1S, 1X concerns? :P
  13. Just curious - which Boddam's did you switch to?
  14. 36" Boddam pads Vaughn Epic 8800 (pro palm) catcher. Vaughn V4 blocker. $400 (Canadian) firm. Buyer pays shipping if applicable
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