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  1. GoalieNut

    Mckenney Gear

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!
  2. GoalieNut

    Mckenney Gear

    Just wondering how the McKenney C/A compares to the other off the shelf Pro units available. Has anyone on here used both and are they comparable in terms of protection and quality? Thanks.
  3. I've done it and did not like it. Only squishy/soft pads for me!
  4. I've used all sorts of brands - currently in Brians. Might go back to Vaughn or a one of the smaller brands and full custom.
  5. I play more of a hybrid style and like the pad tight on the leg.
  6. Thanks for the feedback folks! I'm thinking of getting my next set of pads done with a similar strapping.
  7. Looking for some info on the strapping setup used by Jonathan quick. In particular the reason the calf straps are inset and sit on the inside of the pads versus the outside. Has anyone used that setup before and how was it?
  8. Cool thanks. That will be fun to play around with. Having said that if I were buy new I would be more than happy to pay the up charge for the Lefevre made in Canada pro gear.
  9. Link for customizer? I don't see a live one yet...
  10. I somehow missed this. Thank you!
  11. Just wanted to check in on my fellow goalies. How's everyone doing during the Pandemic? Be safe.
  12. Wear compression pants over, you won't go back and you'll be wondering why you never did in the first place.
  13. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! All good points I need to think about.
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