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  1. Cool thanks. That will be fun to play around with. Having said that if I were buy new I would be more than happy to pay the up charge for the Lefevre made in Canada pro gear.
  2. Link for customizer? I don't see a live one yet...
  3. I somehow missed this. Thank you!
  4. GoalieNut

    Checking in.

    Just wanted to check in on my fellow goalies. How's everyone doing during the Pandemic? Be safe.
  5. Wear compression pants over, you won't go back and you'll be wondering why you never did in the first place.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! All good points I need to think about.
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Regarding your point about ice/board landmarks for angles - is there a good youtube video or online resources on this? Thanks again.
  8. Coming down the wing and sniping far side.
  9. Have a technique question for the Beer league goalies. Been going through a bit of a "funk" where I'm giving up goals or scoring chances on far side goals/scoring chances. Does anyone have any tip or tricks on this play? First time in a while that I've struggled with this and need to reset or look at it differently. Any feedback is appreciated! EDIT - just to elaborate I'm hugging the post a bit too much and therefore giving up far side goals
  10. GoalieNut


    Hello, Goalnet community. I am thinking of trading a pair of pads with anyone in my area who might be interested. I'm located in the Durham region which is just outside the Toronto area. I have a pair of Brian's Subzero 1 pads size 35 +1 in very good condition. They are white with red. I'm looking for a Vaughn pad or eflex in 34 + 2 and white if possible. Please let me know if interested. Thank you!
  11. Keep it going Wonder! I'm 43 and have started thinking about how much time I have in this game I love. Seeing posts by the "older" guys are important for all of us I think.
  12. I wonder what happened with whoever was behind Litespeed? I know they went under or closed but did they go on to one of the other companies?
  13. Been following this thread as I use the Bauer base layer with a Brian's kneed pad. Decided to switch to the CCM KPPRO (not using the Bauer base layer) and will give them a try this weekend.
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