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  1. Does anyone know if this is available in the USA? Can't seem to find any information. Thanks.
  2. I do Maria's off-ice dynamic warm-up at home, drive to the rink, get suited up, skate 1-2 laps, do a short 45 second stretch, then take 2-3 rounds of shots and then just wait on the side for the game to start. After I get home, I use a foam roller and lacrosse ball for about 20-25 minutes to cool down. I think it helps me post-game, because 1, it takes me a while to fall asleep after a game, and 2, I was sick of waking up sore.
  3. I actually did find the off-ice warm-up. I do it before every game at home. But I wonder if it works, because it takes me about 10 minutes and then I sit in the car for 15 minutes and then get dressed at the rink and on the ice I go.
  4. Thanks. I will keep that in mind tonight during my game. I always used to flick my stick up, which tended to back fire on me more than I'd like to admit when I was in high school. Now I just try to keep it on the ice and direct the puck into the corners, if I can. I don't really get a chance to practice my skating. But I'll make an effort tonight during my warm ups. Thank you for the tips, I appreciate it.
  5. It was definitely a rough ride. At least I was on the ice, right? Hahaha, I like that. Never heard that before. This is my second season in Beer League, so, I'm getting used that mantra!
  6. In all honesty, the skill level compared is ridiculous. In the B league, there are some shooters I face that I think would do pretty well in the A league. Then after I play in the A league, I realize those B league shooters are at best, 4th liners (not that beer league has that many guys show up, ever) and that is not a knock on them. The A league players are just that much better, skill-wise. So, let me tell you about last night. I decided to play more aggressive to take away the shots, because the team I played against could really pick corners. Unfortunately, with being more aggressive, if there was a rebound it went straight to one of their guys who was not being covered and bang, right in the net. So, I thought to myself after a few goals like that, okay I'll play less aggressive. Which turned out to be a bad decision. Eventually, they just started picking corners. So I went back and forth between playing aggressive and deeper in my net. I felt embarrassed because I couldn't figure out this team, at all. So, we'll see if I get a call to play in that league again. I did feel good about my play, because I didn't give up, I just kept battling and trying my best to compete. A lot of the guys on the team I played with kept telling me not to blame it all on myself, but I'm a goalie, so. I totally agree with you about "the consistency of the game at the higher level" helps. I think if I played a few more games at the higher level I would adjust to it and feel more comfortable about my play and just feel confident. Unfortunately, I've been bouncing back and forth between leagues all season. For my regular team in the B League, I was in a pretty good rhythm from the beginning of the season, up until I called up to play in the higher league. I thought to myself by playing in the higher level, I'll be able to shut down the "best" team in my current league. Turns out, they are much slower than I originally thought and I was off by a millisecond. Meaning, I was reacting quicker than the shot that was coming. "if the person looking high blocker and aiming high blocker is actually going to mess up his shot and hit it five-hole instead." I know this feeling all to well. I usually just laugh those off.
  7. I got a "call-up" to the A league tonight. It'll be my second time playing for these guys. Hopefully I do alright. Our rink management is weird. I haven't played a game since the 22nd of December. Curious, anyone have experience with playing in a higher league one night and then playing in a lower league the following night? Because after tonight, I'm playing for my normal team in the B league, and not to knock my guys, but they are not the most defensively gifted. The A league team seems to take it a bit more serious. I kinda feel like I fell into the B league team, but feel like I could play the next level.
  8. The first few days I felt very uncomfortable doing the program, but after that it's been feeling better and better. She also has a YouTube video for game day warm ups that has some of the exercises or stretches from the program included. I felt pretty loose by the time I got to the rink. Wish I had time to do it before I got dressed at the rink.
  9. Yeah, my thumb loop feels close to end of my thumb instead of the middle of my thumb. I guess I'll have to mess with it. This is my first new glove in over 15 years and I'm 6 games into the season and it still feels off to me. Keep saving pucks in the palm and below (cuff, I'm guessing is the right term), instead of catching them in the webbing. It's driving me nuts. Thanks for providing these. I didn't realize I could have that elastic strap so loose. Wish I would've seen it before my game last night, oh well. I am not sure if my glove came with the practice palm that you mentioned. I have the senior version of the glove. Thanks for your help!
  10. I should have clarified, the type of cycling I do is called flatland bmx. Which consists of rolling balancing tricks on one wheel (no ramps). I did notice last night at my game, my butterfly flare felt a little wider. I've been doing this program since last Sunday. We unfortunately lost (I got hung out to dry) but my butterfly flare felt wider and I was stopping shots that I don't think I would've stopped two weeks ago.
  11. I wonder if I have the same problem. But when I play and do a butterfly on the ice, my knees don't hurt. Strange. I do ride my bike quite a bit, so I wonder if that could be the issue, as well.
  12. For anyone who has tried this, did you find your knees hurting after the first few times? Specifically for me when I do that 50/50 stretch, where you have both legs 90* or looking like a z, when I go to stretch the back leg, I feel this crazy pain in my knee. I feel the stretch, where she says you're supposed to, but dang, my knee felt it too. I brought my back leg up a few inches on the ground and that lessened that pain, but it was still there. Thanks for any input.
  13. Thanks, I'd appreciate the picture.
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