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    Awesome! Minus the knee fraying only after four uses...
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    Having a hard time catching pucks so far.
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    It blocks.
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    Surprised they are still going
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    I need a new one
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    Still not used to them
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    Still works!
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    Protects the twig and berries

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  1. breaklouis35

    Goalie Camps

    Hey, thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I am located in South Central Pennsylvania, so about 7 hours away. I am also unavailable that weekend due to work stuff. Thanks for thinking about me, I appreciate it.
  2. Does anyone here have advice for dealing with pressure in the playoffs? I have never been in an adult league playoff before and my team isn't exactly the best. I'm hoping to just get through the first game and see where it goes from there. I have no idea what to expect.
  3. There were goalies of all ages, mites-adult league players. I am of adult league player age.
  4. I reached out to the "hockey manager" at the rink I play at for goalie clinics and he told me that the goalie coach of the Erie Otters (OHL), comes to the rink for goalie clinics and would put me in the loop. Last week, my team had a game and guess who is on the ice before our game? A bunch of goalies doing goalie drills. I was pretty bummed and e-mailed the "hockey manager" about it and he still never responded. I would love to go to one though.
  5. He looked offside. Great saves!
  6. I have the GT2 Senior model and I like it a lot. I also came from a Simmons pancake style glove (forget the name of the model) and felt the difference right away. It took me awhile to close it effectively. I sat on the couch with it for a week opening and closing it. Once I figured out the strapping and getting it to fit my hand properly, I've liked it a lot. At first, I hated it, but I've gotten used to it. This might be me, but a lot of the time I end up trying to catch the puck in my palm. I mean it will pop out pretty far, but I would rather catch it and keep it caught. I still like the glove though.
  7. Hello, My team has had two games in the past five days and we have another tomorrow night. The last two games we lost, 6-3 and 5-4. I also missed the game before that due to being at a wedding out of the country. I think I played pretty well in the 6-3 game, considering we only had 8 skaters and were playing the first place team. I had 59 saves and had a lot of fun. I should've have saved the first goal, guy shot to my right pad and I played it with my glove instead of letting it hit my pad and basically gave it straight to one of their wingers coming down (uncovered by my defenseman) and he blew it right past me. I'm still getting used to this glove too. Last night's game was an okay effort. My team dislikes playing this team because the guys are a bunch of turds and sell penalties, clappers from anywhere and everywhere, most of the time missing the net, and crash the net super hard, which is not fun for me. They also slash constantly, which somehow goes undetected by the refs. My team was not trying at all in the first period, no jump. I figured they would want to get revenge for the last time we played this team. First goal was weird. Guy took a shot from the slot, I butterfly, puck is blocked by my someone, goes to my left and I'm getting up and then they shoot immediately and I missed it by a very small margin. Second and third goals were top corner snipes, right over my shoulder. I decided to be more patient throughout the game and ended up making 10 saves without ever leaving my feet. Fourth goal...sheesh. Clean shot from the right circle to the five hole, use my stick to direct it into the left corner, so my arm is moving in that direction, except, the puck somehow stuck to the toe of my blade and finally unstuck itself and rolled into the net. The strangest thing. The next goal was a 2-on-1. My d-man went to the guy who had possession of the puck, he passed it, went into the guy's skate and I was already sliding across in my butterfly, he got it to his stick and instead of shooting, he passed it back, because my d-man went to go cover the second passer, and I slide back and felt the puck tip my glove, but it still ended up in the net. Miraculously, my team decided to step up in the end of the 2nd and 3rd period and got the game within 1 goal. I stopped three different breakaways in the last period to try and keep my team in the game. Almost tied it up with a minute left, but we hit the post. I had 38 saves when all was said and done. I was pretty upset with how our team played as a whole. I know this is beer league, but I would like to end the season with a winning record, even if it's 10-8-0. I've been on one winning team in my life and want to try my best and get my team as far as we can in the playoffs. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Do I take it too seriously and should I just chill out? Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I'm playing much better this year, out of the 13 games I've played 8 of them I left with a 90+ save percentage, where as last year, I think I had 1 or 2 games with a 90+ save percentage. Also, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but when I play certain teams I always end up thinking we aren't going to win and 90% of the time, we don't win. No matter how well I play. But there are other teams who are much better than us and I feel so confident in myself and I end up stealing the game for our team. My confidence has been all over the place this season and I wish it was more consistent. I've gone from saying to myself, "Don't let this guy score/I'm not going to let them score" to "I believe that I'm going to make the next save/Keep making saves" which has helped a lot. Any help is appreciated and thanks for reading my super long and boring post about a beer league hockey goalie who plays for fun.
  8. Thank you to @Teezle for finding the clips for me! Moderators, feel free to delete the topic.
  9. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a livebarn account that could find two clips for me. Feel free to DM me. Thanks.
  10. Oh, right. I should've thought about that.
  11. Did anybody else think it was weird that Jordan Binnington didn't keep the save streak thing going? I thought they were supposed to keep going until a player scored after the divisional captain was stopped.
  12. Does anyone know if this is available in the USA? Can't seem to find any information. Thanks.
  13. I do Maria's off-ice dynamic warm-up at home, drive to the rink, get suited up, skate 1-2 laps, do a short 45 second stretch, then take 2-3 rounds of shots and then just wait on the side for the game to start. After I get home, I use a foam roller and lacrosse ball for about 20-25 minutes to cool down. I think it helps me post-game, because 1, it takes me a while to fall asleep after a game, and 2, I was sick of waking up sore.
  14. I actually did find the off-ice warm-up. I do it before every game at home. But I wonder if it works, because it takes me about 10 minutes and then I sit in the car for 15 minutes and then get dressed at the rink and on the ice I go.
  15. Thanks. I will keep that in mind tonight during my game. I always used to flick my stick up, which tended to back fire on me more than I'd like to admit when I was in high school. Now I just try to keep it on the ice and direct the puck into the corners, if I can. I don't really get a chance to practice my skating. But I'll make an effort tonight during my warm ups. Thank you for the tips, I appreciate it.
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