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  1. Is the ergo spine outlawed in the NHL? Curious why more guys aren't using it. Most of the Bauer sticks are skinned as 2S Pro.
  2. Watching the Isles vs Panthers. Noticed Varlamov wears his dangler high. Almost to the point where it serves no purpose. You'd think he'd want it lower or not wear at all...
  3. I thought this would be a topic many would be interested in, since we often don’t see what pros are wearing under their socks. Guys (like Rittich or Hart) who wear their pads exposed, we know. But what about Mike Smith? Here’s an older pic from his time with Coyotes. Looks like the old grey Reeboks: Here is Crow with what also looks like to be the same style. I think he wears the CCM KP 1.9 with the plastic knee cap: Holtby wears his exposed, but actually cuts out the plastic knee cap (anyone who has worn these knows why):
  4. I wonder why he left the one piece True skate?
  5. A few weeks ago, I was at Pure Hockey and tried on a retail pro CCM Axis catcher. The quality was laughable. Was labeled "game ready" and didn't close. You could tell the break wasn't even really lined up. I use a Lefevre built glove from CCM and the quality is insanely better. The sales associate said it was because you have to put it in the oven first. The retail level pro gear these days is often terrible compared to what it used to be.
  6. Anyone else think it's interesting that guys are testing new gear when they are supposed to be going directly into the playoffs? I would think they would wait until next season/summer to try it out.
  7. I'm interested to see how the 90 degree integrated knee landing holds up from durability standpoint. If it breaks, it seems you are screwed.
  8. Just picked up some pro return CCM Extreme Flex 4 sticks. Currently using the Premier II. I've heard a lot about how much easier it is to shoot the puck/ stick handle with the soft flex paddle on the Eflex 4. Is it really that noticeable? Will also be interesting to see how the durability holds up.
  9. I currently use 590 and have also used 600 break. Would be interesting to see how the 580 affects Turco grip and regular grip when stick handling. I think Price switched from 600 to 590 because he thought it was a better hold on the stick.
  10. I am considering the Bauer S18 pros. Sounds like those don't move a lot and don't require tape.
  11. Because they slide down/ don't stay in place as well. Also get caught on elastic. i tape at the bottom of the knee pads and they don't move.
  12. I wear my knee pads (modified old grey Reeboks) under Under Armour compression pants. After a few skates, I start to get holes in the pants due to pucks, friction, and the thin material. I am looking for recommendations for a more durable option to wear. Not looking to use socks if possible. Thanks!
  13. For sure! Lots of people buy into the hype though. To me, it seems like these new pads are becoming cheaper (both in materials and looks). Yet the price tag is super high. The companies and gear influencers argue "the cost of R&D, etc." The reality is, these companies have found a way to manufacture a super inexpensive pad and market it as high end/ quality.
  14. One of the sets of 1S pads I had were pro returns from an NHL goaltender who I am in contact with. I informed him of the smaller sized pad and he eventually made a switch to CCM. Not sure if that had anything to do with it, but at the pro level, I am sure they would be VERY concerned about losing a total of 1 inch of coverage! Beer leaguers, not so much, but to me it's more of the principle. Marketing your pads as super light weight, but not being the full legal size doesn't seem right...
  15. Owners of 2S Pro and 2X Pro goalie pads- Is the width of the pad actually 11 inches? I've have two sets of the 1S version, and both measured closer to 10-10.5 in width. Dennis from Factory Mad also confirmed this with sets he had modded. He also mentioned how the front of the pad to the back of the knee stack (from side view) is shorter as well. Guessing this was done to decrease overall weight. I am just surprised this has never been more popular a topic of discussion. As goalies, we want to have the most coverage allowed to us, so I would think this would concern some of you.
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