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  1. thanks all for the suggesions, should I just go with the goalie fit?
  2. I am about to receive a custom optik 2 chest protector and Im looking to buy a nice tight fitted practice jersey to wear instead of the baggy goalie camp shirt I wear now. I was just wondering if anyone here maybe had a good shirt recommendations lol
  3. so Lefevre has four lines of pads... and we are seeing a few pros move from bauer/ccm moving to leferve. mostly on their instagram, most guys have opted for the L20.1. is this a stiff or soft pad. and also what are the other three????? like idk if its just me but im not a fan how all the lines are "L (##) . (#)" like i dont get it. does anyone know the specifics of all four lines and the differences? on another note, warrior does this too, R/m1, R/F1, R/G4, R/G5, R/GT2. Like why do they not just name the line something. like Optik / gnetik or supreme/vapor
  4. robin lehners new VGK setup and Aaron Dells all black with blue shark pads
  5. I'm a hybrid style as well but my next set will be the max core. love the gloves when i tried them, and the pads strapping is exactly the same as gnetik iv. they also have an optional prof strap that you could attach, i don't know if i will need it tho. also the pad shape has a very unique look as they have a huge curve from the knee up and doesn't really look like the traditional "s" curve look. something ive been doing is watching goalies like raanta, dell, or seshtyorkin. they all use optik 2 so i like to see the way they play in the pad to see if they resemble me at all. I'm not basing my decision off of what pro uses them and I'm not saying you should, but it helps to see how the pads play in game and what better to watch than the NHL
  6. Dero

    Warrior G5

    That’s gotta suck for guys who wanna use it tho. Like what ur saying makes sense but if I weren’t told I can’t wear the gear that helps me perform my best, I’d be rattled.
  7. Dero

    Warrior G5

    are you guys eligible to be used in the nhl now? i know u guys were not paying the fee because you believed you didn't need it but like what if a guy overseas uses ur gear and gets called to the nhl. im also confused how if u guys havent paid the fee, why guys are allowed to use warrior sticks.
  8. And dirty. He should’ve been put in jail for what he did to holtby
  9. Dero

    Warrior G5

    also its kinda odd they decided to come back with the huge outer roll as most companies are doing the opposite now going smaller and smaller. like that thing is huge
  10. Dero

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    thats also something ive wondered about, like what if i just got optik 2 FLX. like what would that do? and would it even be worth it? like normally im a "gnetik IV" style goalie but i want a hard pad and if i don't go max core would there really be a point in going the optik 2 route when i could just go with a hard gnetik pad in like a 4:2:1 configuration or maybe a 4:3:1 who knows
  11. Dero

    Warrior G5

    well there has to be some difference to some extent. i've never had a set with speed skin, but it seems that its split 50/50. some people say they stick to the ice while other say its great. The primo on Brian's optik and gnetik lines is great, but there are only 5 color options, then again some people order their custom Brian's set even without the primo to keep the color theme of their pads. Vaughn offers like something almost identical to primo but have it in a lot more color options. warrior basically just makes indents. like its def mostly just marketing but i mean it works. haha
  12. Dero

    Warrior G5

    @Kirk3190 What is like the main difference between these and G4’s. I keep seeing how 2020 is gonna be a “HUGE” year for warrior but like why
  13. Dero

    Warrior G5

    how are u customizing G%s already?
  14. Dero

    Warrior G5

    i just measured myself for fun, and i have a floor to knee of 20.5 and im only 5'10" not 6' like the chart says. from Brian's measure chart im somewhere around a 34 + 1 or 34 + 1.5 depending on what I want. it would be so much easier if all companies came out and agreed on one chart and based their pads off that specific shared chart
  15. Dero

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    thats good to hear. im talking to a guy right now that works with pure goalie. his name is wack and is the one who does the reviews (the one with the shorter beard) and he says he would recommend the gnetik IVs to anyone who doesn't play a slide drop block style of play. i personally would normally go for a pad like the gnetik IV is but i really want a pad that gives off hard rebounds. That's why i was thinking to go with the @TheGoalNet spec on the extra hard foams on the face of the pads to get it like the Optik 2s. idk how much the foams affect the pad or if they get the rebounds anywhere near as lively as the Optik 2s but its worth a shot. also if you dont mind me asking how much did it cost extra to get custom graphic Brian's in your profile pic (im only asking because i like minimalist design on pads and am curious)
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