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  1. Dero

    Brians gNETIK IV opinions

    yea the tgn spec i believe is the signle (anchor T) plus one inch. youre saying this is a good alternative to the double T? im just worried about pop outs thats all. in a perfect world i owuld order and anchor T +1 with skate lace which is tgn spec but if theres gonna be pop outs then id just go with the standard double T
  2. Dero

    Brians gNETIK IV opinions

    right now i have a double T and tbh i don't even notice that much of a difference between that and the single T i had on my reactor set before the brians. I was only thinking about single T partly because of aesthetics, but if i have more of an advantage with the double T ill go with that.
  3. Dero

    Demo Days

    i live about 30 mins outside of Boston and see guys like Trav4 and other people on YouTube going to rinks and being able to play/test all types of gear on ice to see what they like. how would i find things like this because it would really be nice to try on the gear on ice before buying it.
  4. Dero

    Brians gNETIK IV opinions

    i personally like softer pads so i dont think them i would mind them softing up too much. do you mean pucks are hard because the glove itself is small or because of the closure. since as of now i have my mind set on a tgn spec, that would mean id be going with and extra inch on the pocket along with a single T and skate lace. and yeah, the graphics are insane, ive spent the last week on the customizer 24/7 and still havent decided what i like most to order!
  5. Dero

    Brians gNETIK IV opinions

    im mostly worried about their seal to the ice because ive seen some reviews where they name that as their biggest negative. also since i would be getting tgn spec gloves, i saw how you moded the blocker quite a bit and i like a blocker that fires pucks out so whether it shoots out pucks or not would be good to know. other than the sliding, i guess the really only last debate i would have is whether to go with the boa strapping or not.
  6. currently have my eyes set on ordering a TGN spec set of 34 + 1.5 brians gnetik IVs looking to hear people's personal experinces with the pads/gloves and what people like/do not like about them *also want to point out that the Bs absolutely shmacked the habs last night*
  7. U say that but if u were to talk to me last week I would’ve been dead set on warrior G4’s 😂 I think the main reason is because I haven’t personally felt or tried Vaughn’s yet. And although I like ccm the main concern for me are the gloves as I’ve never tried those, just the Eflex 4 pads. And the Brian’s I’m just not really a fan of but that’s just personal. i think once I get my hands on ccms and Vaughn’s I’d be able to make a better decision. i don’t need pads until next season so I definitely have the time I just love talking equipment with other goalies
  8. I know nothing about Vaughn and I just have an idea in my mind that they’re super heavy even tho they probably aren’t. is the weight heavier than other pads or is that just stuck in my head i think the reason I think that is bc I have a really really old set from like 2009 of all black 34” + 2 Vaughn’s all straps in my basement collecting dust😂
  9. Thanks. I’ve started to lean the way of the vapors but I’m gonna take a new look at Eflexs. only thing that scares me with the ccms is people keep switching from them to Vaughn, and most recently Crawford change gloves to Bauer. ill take a look tho, thank you
  10. I’ve actually seen some debate on the boot strap on the 2x because it doesn’t come attached. Was there just not enough security for you down low or a lot of tension at the ankle
  11. Brian’s does like their own things with gloves but to me it felt really close to maybe a 590 and before that I don’t even remember what I had with my reactor set so I can’t really say what I like and don’t like. however, for the Brian’s, if it were more broken in I would like it more it’s just so stiff. And the reason I’m so skeptical about the warrior glove is because all I’ve heard is that you close it with all four fingers instead of really closing it with your thumb and index. i must say though that the 2s glove I tried on at the retailer was very very nice but I wouldn’t really compare that to a 590 just because it felt different than my Brian’s assuming that the Brian’s is trying to resemble a 590. I’d say the 2s is more of a 600 and the 2x was kind of close to my Brian’s but way more game ready.
  12. And btw ur black gold and white Brian’s along with your black warrior G4’s are by far the sickest set out of the ones out of those u just sent, they’re fire
  13. I’ve just Been hearing s lot on the warrior glove and I do think I’ll like ppbut I’ve just never worn one so I’m just going off of what others say. But then again I tried a Bauer on the other day and it was insane. and to be completely honest I didn’t really like the optik 2 glove as I didn’t see much of a difference between that and my current gnetik glove which I found to be very weird. I think it will just come down to the closure and what feels most comfortable. since both warrior and Bauer are both super light I don’t see weight being much of a problem, just the closure and how they hold on the stick when shooting I skate anywhere from 3-5 times a week so that’s why all the warrior malfunctions worry me
  14. So do u personally like the way either of them play?
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