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  1. If you are ok with losing the nut/bolt, I would suggest using a Dremel to either cut a bigger notch or to grind away the nut/bolt enough to separate the nut and pull out the bolt. If you wish to keep the bolt intact, you should try to cut a new notch in the nut.
  2. Also, I'm not sure how feasible it would be financially, but if I was playing/practicing every day, I would maybe get a couple of masks and cycle them (and skates). It's like how cycling between two shoes last you longer than buying the second after the first wears out. It helps things like foam dry out and give it a chance to recover back to the normal state a bit longer. I'm not 100% sure on if it would help on a mask, but it seems to work for my skates at least.
  3. It's crazy to think so, but yeah. I only know of the car world, but some cheap adhesives for body work can mess with the paint on the steel, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or plastic trims. Especially on things like an unvented sticker where it can hold and trap onto the whatever chemical that's affecting it. Either way, I hope you find some resolution and that you can get back to playing.
  4. I'm not defending OTNY, but it seems like you put a wrap on, was it a safe wrap to use on the mask's material? I would imagine that some types of adhesives found on the wrap/stickers could potentially react with the mask negatively.
  5. Seeing how you simply made it accept Warrior palm inserts is really interesting to me, and then I guess afterwards you have the luxury of replacing the palm/washing the palm more easily. I have an CCM blocker with a completely destroyed palm that smells like the devil and I'm very tempted to try this. But I'm uncertain of its difficulty, and I don't have access to a sewing machine nor do I know how to use one (only a speedy stitcher).
  6. Haha my wife always wonder if I do these euphemisms on purpose. My ice time is at 9:30, there'll be one goalie and 7-ish skaters, with you we are still under the 10 limit, I'll DM you the BenchApp code.
  7. I run a private practice at Minto on Fridays for 10$~15$ (just to cover costs), mostly for beginner skaters. I'm sure you could find something similar, or if you're ok with light fluffy muffin shots let me know, we could maybe fit you in.
  8. I mean sell to anyone who's got money. Procter & Gamble has deep deeeeeep pockets
  9. For sure, I've spoken to a skate guy who says that every year he gets parents who want "Whatever McDavid wears" or "Crosby skates" for their kid.
  10. They do get freebies from time to time that can't really be reported in quantifiable earnings, but yeah nothing comparable to other sports.
  11. Not OP, but I got a Poron universal kit from Resilient Goalie (resilientgoalie.com) just recently, and it seems really good. I supplemented a few places with a leftover Maltese foam that I had. The mask fits me much tighter than before, but somehow much comfier and seems to let more air in as well. I can't wait to try it out in an actual game.
  12. Sorry for being ignorant, but why did they decide to do this? What advantage would one have by having the block integrated into the core and how would that make the feel of the pad any different? Is it that the foam and the block are one solid piece so the structural integrity of the foam shape is what keeps it close to the knee?
  13. I haul stuff around in my 2018 Nissan Leaf, it's surprisingly roomy. Most of my games are 30~45 mins away, and with the frequency that I play, it saves a ton in what I would have spent for gas money.
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