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  1. Not sure on the Official rules, but are you allowed to use one in-game (in other pro leagues)? I thought this was a practice protection piece only.
  2. Oh for sure, it's probably PLA plastic which flexes at room temp (you can see the lines/resolution of the print job), but I don't know how it would react to cold temps/hard impact but I mean obv. they must have tested it, just unsure how well it wears.
  3. The wedge looks really poorly printed in a 3D machine, even in the product pictures. It'd be nice if they could clean it up a bit, but also if it is 3D printed, I hope it's been impact tested.
  4. This would honestly be good for my ODR/coaching skates. I'm thinking about getting a pair. I'll wait your review.
  5. I was lucky enough to find a gently used one of SLS. They feel really comfy when going down, but I find it kinda goes square just above my knee and interferes with my pad rotation. I wear large socks over it to kinda help it slip over and keep it in place on my knee, but yeah sometimes my pads don't rotate back fully. I may try another type soon, I hear good things about the Bauer 1X Vapor ones. Are you guys wearing a knee sleeve _and_ a guard? I have G-form knee sleeves that I use for coaching, but not worn it under my PAWs yet.
  6. Has anyone tried using a sous vide machine for their skates?
  7. Shame, I have a Passau large, and I'm finding it just slightly big. Arms fit well though. I'm 6', 180lbs. I might try on a Medium at a store the next time I'm out.
  8. johncho


    love that glass
  9. Hm, it's a long shot but do you know if they fit a bit smaller than a Passau Large?
  10. As you say the rolls really messes things up, but from afar or in action, they don't look half bad if you stay a bit conservative with it.
  11. johncho

    NHL 2021 Season

    Also what's curious is that it's a change in terms of organization. Might be good for future Habs Goalies to have a department setup like that, and would also attract coaching talents. That toe-tie thing was curious, it was super timely. I was concerned a bit when it wasn't Price himself putting it on, as I'm sure he's pretty particular about how his gear feels, but I guess it'd be impossible to do it himself with all his gear on.
  12. Ah I misunderstood what I heard. "...there will be off the shelf Goalie skate like the TF7/9" I took that to mean that there would be both, but yeah makes sense that it's just one off the shelf.
  13. Hello! I'm from Orleans Ontario, originally from Montreal (Go Habs Go). My age places me back when Roy was at his prime and made me want to play nets as a kid. My family at the time could barely put me in Hockey let alone get me goalie equipment so I played backup with borrowed gear and Defence growing up. Now that I've gotten back into playing, and my oldest has gotten into playing goalie, I've gotten the itch to play nets again so here I am learning the position. @Lucky Pucker has helped me quite a bit with information and suggestions, and turns out we are living paral
  14. Yeah in Orleans. B-Sharp. I guess it's a bit of a stretch to call them local, but he takes great care of my player skates and I want to help him out if I can. I'll prob get the TF7 goalie skates when that becomes available. So yeah if my kid who seems to be enjoying playing goalie, continues on next year, and if pads come at a comparable price point to other brands, why not I say.
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