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  1. For sure, I've spoken to a skate guy who says that every year he gets parents who want "Whatever McDavid wears" or "Crosby skates" for their kid.
  2. They do get freebies from time to time that can't really be reported in quantifiable earnings, but yeah nothing comparable to other sports.
  3. Not OP, but I got a Poron universal kit from Resilient Goalie (resilientgoalie.com) just recently, and it seems really good. I supplemented a few places with a leftover Maltese foam that I had. The mask fits me much tighter than before, but somehow much comfier and seems to let more air in as well. I can't wait to try it out in an actual game.
  4. Sorry for being ignorant, but why did they decide to do this? What advantage would one have by having the block integrated into the core and how would that make the feel of the pad any different? Is it that the foam and the block are one solid piece so the structural integrity of the foam shape is what keeps it close to the knee?
  5. I haul stuff around in my 2018 Nissan Leaf, it's surprisingly roomy. Most of my games are 30~45 mins away, and with the frequency that I play, it saves a ton in what I would have spent for gas money.
  6. I've got to do the same. OBC is also delivering, Braumeister is going to follow as well.
  7. This is a good point, I've seen a couple of awkward backward falls causing some injury that could have been avoided with such a design. Not to mention once a guy getting pushed back and hitting the crossbar pretty hard.
  8. I was able to purchase an NME8 that needed some love, so I decided to order a replacement foam. But as I was disassembling it to prep the mask, I noticed that the screw used by Bauer is an unusual one that I'd not encountered before. They are similar to https://hockeysupremacy.com/en/bauer-helmet-square-post.html they have a square middle that seems to lock itself on the mask's square holes (the ones in the link are unfortunately sold out and are too short). I could try to salvage the ones that are integrated into the old foam, but they are in bad shape and rusted. Is it safe to use the regular round posts to replace the old hardware? Or does anyone have a lead on where to find some that fit? I've looked at https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Bauer-Goalie-Hockey-Helmet-NME-Long-Square-Post-Kit-24-Pack-Helmet-Hardware-/264604623232 which are similar but have a square top which will not allow the washers to fit over either. Attached is the photo of the best shaped one that's on the mask currently.
  9. It's a OneZee mask, the creator just got approved for his patent I think.
  10. johncho

    Warrior G5

    Black and Tan looks amazing
  11. Comparably, my buddy used to complain about CCM's stock steel rusting up quick, and we diagnosed the issue with where he was storing them in his garage (not even his fault, it was just somewhat near where he kept the road salt for de-icing). But before we figured it out, he swore to anyone who would listen on how bad CCM's steel was.
  12. It's the product between Pro and SR basically, so for masks, it has carbon Minimus Carbon G1000 where as the Pro has the G1200 (finer weave), and the SR does not have any. EDIT: Oh I'm sorry you were referring to the pads exclusively. I misread that.
  13. Which way were you slipping off? I'm just starting out, and I fear that I'm slipping off the bottom towards the calf a bit and I'm wondering if adding a Kenesky strap would help.
  14. johncho


    Yeah it's the trouble with being a success, you are happy for them to succeed, but it's hard to have them become unreachable. If you have the time to travel, I highly suggest Tuque de Broue http://www.tuquedebroue.ca/fr/ Nicolas the owner is an amazing guy, really personable, with great beer.
  15. johncho


    Dominion City Brewery is amazing, I have their Buck-A-Beer can on my desk as a memento.
  16. There must be some difference no? I guess it's all improvements and they've had closer contact and communication leading up to the departure, so that they could hit the ground running.
  17. It's really surprising that they would field test it out so close to the end of the season, I would have thought that it would have happened over the summer.
  18. How do you like the current McKenney pants btw? I have a lead on an older GPT 855 model but had no reviews to go on.
  19. It feels like the Habs are always treading the middle ground, we don't go full out on a proper rebuild, we don't go full out on a run. Doesn't help that we don't draft that well either, we need a shakeup at the top. Too many sycophants hanging on to the organization.
  20. That looks really nice, love the placement of the foam
  21. I just wish there was a physical store near me to try them on physically once it comes out. The only place near me that's supposed to be a Graf retailer told me that they can order Graf skates no problem, but I'm on the hook for the full price afterwards when I was looking at the DM line. They only have a handful of limited sizes of 703s and 709s so I'm not sure how they will fit. I think they also had Peakspeeds though, so I could try that if it's equivalent.
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