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  1. Hills

    CCM Gear

    Believe that is that same knee pad Niemi uses, which would be a Vaughn that isn't offered at retail.
  2. I haven't been on the forum a lot lately. I would just like to say I am sorry to hear about your colon issues but am very glad you are back to posting! I hope it all works out for you. Does this whole thing mean there was a hidden meaning behind the pooper pads haha?
  3. Hills

    Bauer Gear

    Interesting, I am a 35 Warrior and CCM. and 36 fits me perfect for Bauer and Brians.
  4. Hills

    CCM Premier 2

    Give me a few weeks and I'll be able to comment on this!
  5. Hills

    Bauer Gear

    One of the common complaints about Bauer masks since switching to being made in China is how flimsy they have become and how you can easily compress the sides in compared to their Canadian made counterparts of the past. While I agree China made products can be good, I don't think the disappointment of China made Bauer goalie masks is all that unwarranted.
  6. Hills

    Bauer Gear

    This relates to this thread, here are some differences I found between the Bauer 1X demo set and the 1X retail set.
  7. Hills

    CCM Gear

    I'm guessing you haven't seen any of my videos on my super stiff/like a board Warrior G2s? haha
  8. Hills

    CCM Gear

    Ah, I went with the precurve and single inner... but looking at those I almost wish I went straight like that.
  9. Hills

    CCM Gear

    That is a very interesting design. What core is that on those pads? they look super straight.
  10. Finally adding a bit of colour. Hard to do when trying to match different teams.
  11. Anyone who got Lutch, what was the best way to contact them?
  12. Hills

    CCM Gear

    It isn't a gimmick. The colours are really close to standard jenpro colours if not identical so it shouldn't look that weird from far. Below is my review of the Eflex 3 pads, I could easily tell the difference of the speed skin. https://hockeyreviews.ca/2017/07/19/ccm-eflex-3-pad-review/
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