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  1. Scott

    TGN Spec

    I honestly love what you’re doing with them and your idea behind it all, but like some of the others I can’t say I’m a fan of the graphic, I like the simplicity of it but I think that the graphic on the boot and shin is too simple/geometric. Just my two cents
  2. Scott

    Bauer Gear

    I’ve got some and they’re incredible. It took minimal break in to get them to the mobility I wanted for games and the streamlined legs honestly make me less clunky and quicker. Now I understand why some NHL guys like vasilevskiy started useinf them before they were mandatory and fell in love with them.
  3. Scott

    Bauer Gear

    All skates have just the plastic toe cap...maybe you just sweat a ton like me?
  4. Thanks, the set is actually black and silver but I used white padskinz over the silver to match my jerseys, and the white with coloured outer roll just looks amazing in my opinion
  5. Yes actually, in the summer. Lol when I posted the pictures I knew you’d be all over the little backplate gap?
  6. Scott

    CCM Gear

    I do too??I did that with my Vaughn’s, I think I’m the only person to ever use white padskinz to cancel a graphic?
  7. Scott

    Aegis Neck Gaurd

    You could definitely add more or put different padding in it, the d30 fits in a sleeve so it is removable for washing, you could maybe push the d30 material all the way up close to the neck portion and find a way to hold it up there to minimize the gap in protection, or you could add a little piece of padding
  8. Aren’t the Bauer concept masks supposed to have this to some effect?
  9. has anyone thought of or tried an impact absorbing chin cup strap? like the strap that loops through the chin cup could be a rubber elastic type material (but stronger so it doesn't stretch that easily) this could allow the chin cup/stram to take not only some impact strain on to the chin but also some side to side impacts as well...It would also be a good idea for mask makers to look into incorporating the MIPS system that is used in cycling and motocross helmets to absorb some of the rotational impacts in crashes or in this case pucks of players hitting your head at an angle and not straight on. I highly recommend watching a video on how the MIPS system works... this may be it, because most mask shots aren't strait on...
  10. Since they’re pro return they may be even beefier that mine and you may not even have the occasion stinger that I get...
  11. It should be great for you, I haven’t noticed any wear on mine other than discolouration of the nylon on the backhand, the blocker is the best I’ve ever used, it’s just something about. By the way If its the pavalec pro return glove set on SidelineSwap it looks like a great deal
  12. Would anyone be interested in seeing how I put an internal belt into mine? I have a 32 inch waist and went with the fit 2 +2 Calgary flames pants(I’m skinny but I have long ass Dutch legs). The pants were a big at the waist and I planned on using an internal belt in them anyways as I tuck. It was pretty strait forward and I did it in an evening. I used the internal belt out of my 20k pants.
  13. The protection is pretty good, I get the occasional stinger. I love the break. The only negative thing I have to say about the glove is that it doesn’t have a perfect seal near the t, I’m not sure if this is something I did wrong or if this is a common issue. I’d definitely recommend this glove 42C00A96-1549-4B92-BF84-B135F801D957.MOV
  14. Scott

    Aegis Neck Gaurd

    I have to wear one because I’m in minor hockey, but I just use a d&r bulletproof neck/clavicle protector and haven’t switched because the neck portion is way shorter and less hot than the newer models from Bauer, Vaughn etc...I doubt that my d&r unit would stack up to newer certification tests, but it’s got the bnq logo and that’s all they care about?
  15. Scott

    Nut shot

    I had that same problem with a Bauer reactor cup that I had modified to have a double cup, finally I switched to a bigger warrior ritual cup and I noticed a huge increase in protection with no loss of mobility. I highly recommend the warrior ritual cup
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