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  1. That last part about the knee stacks and the 5 hole is interesting and i wondered if i would experience that same thing. I am currently using a set of sub zeros and will hopefully be going to the optik 2s next. Keep it up with the updates. Im looking forward to hear about the break in process. What pads are you coming from?
  2. @Max27 Got in contact with 'Wack' over at pure. He told me that they haven't yet received their demo sets yet but to contact him in a month and hopefully they will be in by then. Thank you to everyone for their reply's. They helped me out a lot. @TheGoalNet I will be giving the goalie crease a call hopefully tomorrow and will post what they had to say.
  3. @TheGoalNet I will give them a call. Thank you.
  4. Honestly never thought about it. The only store that is close to me is in Anaheim so I was hoping they would be able to help me out. Unfortunately it’s one of those cases where you end up knowing more about the product than they do and it also seemed like they didn’t know much about goalie gear in general. I really should look into dealing with the goalie crease. @Max27 I did get in contact with pure goalie and am about to send an email off to someone to try to get a demo set of optik 2s. Thank you for that advise. I really appreciate it.
  5. How was the plus 2 from the sub zero to the plus 2 in the optik? Is it a noticeable difference? Does it feel too big? Could you have gotten away with just having the stock plus 1 or are you happy you got the plus 2?
  6. Thank you for the advise. I couldnt figure out where i was able to DM them on instagram but I did send them a message through FB messenger. Hopefully they get back to me.
  7. Looking to buy a set of Brian’s optik 2s in max core. Currently I am in an older set of custom Brian’s subzeros in a 34+1.5. Problem is I am considering going down a size to 33s or maybe 32s but am unsure how the overall size difference and overall feel will be. My fear is spending $1,800 to be stuck with pads that don’t work for me. I am 5’7 and my atk is about 17. I wish I could try before I buy but monkeysports in Cali no longer does their pad rental program and I live in Vegas where there is no hockey store. Any advise? Should I bite the bullet and order 33+1 or order a custom set? Thanks
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